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Arados AR.jpg
Arados (Rouad, Syria) - tetrobol (Vth - IVth C BC)45 viewsM A (in Phoenician) , marine deity swimming right, holding two dolphins by their tails
Galley right, hippocamp right below.

SNG Cop. 4
1 commentsGinolerhino
Athènes 1.jpg
Athens - tetradrachm (Vth - IVth C. BC)29 viewsObv.: head of Athena right, wearing helmet and wreath.
Rev.: AΘE , owl right.
Athènes 2.jpg
Athens - tetradrachm (IVth C. BC)32 viewsObv.: head of Athena right weraing helmet and wreath. Phoenician countermark on her cheek.
Rev.: AΘE , owl right.
?67 viewsObv.: male mature/young janiform head
rev.: goat walking right

Same obv. die :

Well... Actually, it's a fake ! Too bad.
3 commentsGinolerhino
micro 1.jpg
Sidon (Saida, Lebanon) - 1/8 shekel (Vth C. BC)12 viewsObv.: galley sailing left before the walls of Sidon
Rev.: bearded deity standing right, shooting with bow.
8 mm
micro 2.jpg
Sidon (Saida, Lebanon) - 1/8 shekel (Vth C. BC)19 viewsObv.: galley sailing left bfore the walls of Sidon, beneath lion (?) left.
Rev.: bearded deity standing right shooting with bow ; countermark
8 mm
micro 3.jpg
Alexander the Great - hemiobol (?) minted in Phoenicia15 viewsObv.: head of young Heracles right
Rev.: AΛEΞANΔPOY , Zeus enthroned left holding sceptre and eagle ; to the left, monogram AP
9 mm
micro 4.jpg
Byblos (Jebail, Lebanon) - 1/8 shekel of Adramelek (IVth C. BC)26 viewsObv.:galley sailing left with two hoplites on board, beneath hippocamp left
Rev.: legend that should be "Adramelek king of Jebal", bull kneeling left attacked by lion on his back.
8-10 mm
micro 5.jpg
Sidon (Saida, Lebanon) - 1/8 shekel of Abdashtart (Strato I, 370-358 BC)23 viewsObv.: galley sailing left above waves
Rev.: bearded deity about to slay lion, between them lettres O O
9 mm
micro 6.jpg
Sidon (Saida, Lebanon) - 1/8 shekel of Abdashtart (Strato I, 370-358 BC)26 viewsObv.: galley sailing left upon waves
Rev.: bearded deity about to slay lion, between them an altar, and letter O.
9 mm
micro 7.jpg
Gaza - hemiobol (IVth C. BC)36 viewsObv.: head of helmeted Athena right
Rev.: AΘ[E] , owl and olive-branch
7-9 mm
Sicle AR.jpg
Achaemenid siglos (c. 420 - 375 BC)26 viewsObv.: Persian king (or hero) kneeling or running right, holding spear and bow
rev.: irregular punches
Tyre (Sour, Lebanon) - Stater (c. 400 - 332 BC)40 viewsMelqart holding bow riding hippocamp right, over two lines of waves, dolphin (out of flan) below.
Egyptian-style owl right, head facing, crook and flail over shoulder. To the right : IIII (year 4 ?).
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