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Claude II 4.jpg
Claudius II - antoninianus69 viewsIMP. CLAVDIVS AVG.
VIRTVS AVG. , Virtus standing left holding spear and leaning on shield, to the right : B

RIC 111
Claude II 3.jpg
Claudius II - antoninianus24 viewsIMP. C. CLAVDIVS AVG.
GENIVS EXERCI. , Genius standing left holding patera and cornucopiae

RIC 48
Claude II 2.jpg
Claudius II - antoninianus13 viewsIMP. C. CLAVDIVS AVG.
IOVI STATORI , Jupiter Stator standing facing, head right, holding long sceptre and thunderbolt

RIC 52
Claude II 1.jpg
Claudius II - antoninianus10 viewsIMP. CLAVDIVS AVG.
VICTORIA AVG. , Victoria standing left golding wreath and palm
Gallien 5.jpg
Gallienus - antoninianus12 views[GAL]LIENVS AVG.
IOVI CO[NS. AVG.] , goat walking left (no exergue ?)
Gallien 4.jpg
Gallienus - antoninianus32 viewsGALLIENVS AVG.
SOLI CONS. AVG. , Pegasus jumping right, N in exergue

RIC 283
Gallien 3.jpg
Gallienus - antoninianus11 viewsGALLIENVS AVG.
AEQVITAS AVG. , Aequitas standing left holding scales and cornucopiae, to the right : VI

RIC 553
Gallien 2.jpg
Gallienus - antoninianus15 viewsGALLIENVS AVG.
PROVID. AVG. , Providentia standing left holding wand and cornucopiae, a globe at her feet. To the right : X

Cohen 862
Gallien 1.jpg
Gallienus - antoninianus13 viewsGALLIENVS AVG.
PAX AVG. , Peace standing left holding branch and transverse sceptre, to the left : T.
Postumus 2.jpg
Postumus - antoninianus12 viewsIMP. C. POSTVMVS P.F. AVG
MONETA AVG. , Moneta standing left holding scales and cornucopiae
RIC 315
Postumus 1.jpg
Postumus - antoninianus11 viewsIMP. C. POSTVMVS P.F. AVG.
COS. IIII , Victory standing right holding wreath and palm.

Minted in Cologne.
RIC 287
Salonine 2.jpg
Salonina - antoninianus9 viewsCOR. SALONINA AVG.
FECVNDITAS AVG. , Fecunditas standing left holding cornucopiae, with right hand over child
Salonine 1.jpg
Salonina - antoninianus12 viewsCOR. SALONINA AVG.
PVDICITIA , Pudicitia standing left, raising veil and holding transverse sceptre.
Tetricus I 1.jpg
Tetricus - antoninianus12 viewsIMP. C. TETRICVS P.F. AVG.
[VICTOR]IA A[VG.] , Victory advancing left holding wreath and palm

RIC 141 ?
Tetricus I 2.jpg
Tetricus - antoninianus (imitation)18 viewsMP C TITRICVS [...] (sic) , radiate and cuirassed bust right
FIDE MILITVM (sic) , Fides standing left holding two standards
Tetricus II 3.jpg
Tetricus junior - antoninianus29 viewsC. PIV. ESV. TETRICVS CAES.
PIETAS AVGVSTOR. , sacrificial implements

RIC 258
1 commentsGinolerhino
Tetricus II 2.jpg
Tetricus junior - antoninianus8 views[C. PIV. ESV. TETR]ICVS CAES.
PIE[TAS AVGVSTOR.] , sacrificial implements.

RIC 259
Tetricus II 1.jpg
Tetricus junior - antoninianus67 viewsC. PIV. ESV. TETRICVS CAES.
SPES AVGG. , Spes walking left

RIC 270
Victorin 1.jpg
Victorinus - antoninianus67 views[IMP. C. VI]CTORINVS P.F. AVG
[IN]VICTVS , Sol Invictus advancing left with whip. Star to the left.
RIC 114
Victorin 2.jpg
Victorinus - antoninianus53 viewsIMP. C. VICTORINVS P.F. AVG.
SALVS AVG. , Salus standing right feeding serpent in arms

RIC 67
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