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1028-1034 Anon B S 1823 2.jpg
1028-1034 - follis (Anonymous class B)62 views+ EMMANOVHΛ , bust of Christ facing, holding Gospels ; in field IC / XC (icon of the "Pantocrator")
Cross on three steps dividing IS / XC // bAS / ILE // bAS / ILE (Jesus Christ, King of Kings)

Sear 1823
1028-1034 Anon B S 1823.jpg
1028-1034 - follis (Anonymous class B)33 views+ EMMANOVHΛ , bust of Christ facing, holding Gospels ; in field IC / XC (icon of the "Pantocrator")
Cross on three steps dividing IZ / XC // IAZ / ILE // IAZ / ILE (a blundered version of the previous coin's reverse)

Sear 1823
1034-1041 Anon C S 1825.jpg
1034-1041 - follis (Anonymous class C)73 views+ EMMANOVHΛ , 3/4 length figure of Christ standing (icon of the "Antiphonetes") , in field IC / XC
Jewelled cross dividing IC / XC / NI / KA ("Jesus Christ conquers").

Sear 1825
1042-1055 Anon D S1836.jpg
1042-1055 - follis (anonymous class D)41 viewsChrist facing seated on throne, holding gospels ; in field IC / XC
- + - / IS XC / bASILE / bASIL

Sear 1836
1059-1067 Constantin IX S 1853.jpg
1059-1067 Constantin IX - follis from Constantinople54 views+EMMANOVHΛ , Christ standing facing, in field IC / XC
+ KωN T ΔK EVΔK AVΓO , Eudocia and Constantine IX standing facing holding labarum (Constantine IX and Eudocia are depicted like the icon of Constantine the Great and his mother Helena holding the True Cross).

Sear 1853
1068-1071 Anon G.jpg
1068-1071 - follis (Anonymous class G)40 viewsBust of Christ facing, holding scroll ; in field IC / XC
Bust of the Virgin Mary facing, raising both hands (praying, it's why this icon is called in Latin Virgo orans) ; in field MTP / ΘV ("Mother of God")

Sear 1867
498-518 Anastasius - follis from Constantinople72 viewsGinolerhino
Justin I 2.jpg
518-527 Justin I - follis from Nicomedia53 viewsMinted in Nicomedia (Izmit, Turkey), in 518-527.
518-578 Justin Justinien Justin II.jpg
518-578 Justin I to Justin II - 12 nummia from Alexandria51 viewsd.m. IVS[...]
I+B , exergue AΛEξ

Difficult to tell wether this coin is of Justin I, Justinian or Justin II.
582-602 Maurice Tibčre S534 an4.jpg
582-602 Maurice Tiberius - half-follis from Antioch26 viewsBlundered legend (?) , bust facing wearing consular robe, holding mappa and scepter xith eagle
ANNO / IIII , Large XX ; exergue R

Sear 534
610 Heraclius as Consul - follis from Alexandretta (Iskenderun, Turkey)90 viewsMinted in Alexandretta (Iskenderun, Turkey) in 610.
641-668 Constans II S1013-14.jpg
641-668 Constans II - follis from Constantinole37 viewsBust of Constans II facing, holding cross on globe
Busts of Constantine IV, Heraclius and Tiberius around M

Sear 1013-1014
1 commentsGinolerhino
constans II 3.jpg
641-668 Constans II - follis from Constantinople53 viewsMinted in Constantinople in 641-2. Obverse legend should read "EN TOYTO NIKA" but appears blundered. Ginolerhino
Constans II.jpg
641-668 Constans II - follis from Constantinople37 viewsProbably minted in Constantinople. Circular countermark with christogram on reverse.Ginolerhino
641-668 Constans II S1023-25.jpg
641-668 Constans II - follis from Thessalonica23 viewsBust of Constans II facing, holding cross on globe
Busts of Constantine IV, Heraclius and Tiberius around M , exergue : Θ

Sear 1023-1025
Constans II 665.jpg
665-666 Constans II - follis from Constantinople33 viewsMinted in Constantinople in 665-6.
Obverse : Left : Constans II standing in military attire, right : Constantine IV his son wearing crown and chlamys.
Reverse : M between Heraclius and Tiberius, each wearing crown and chlamys and holding a globe cruciger.
According to Sear (1012) this follis was minted only in the year 25.
741-775 Constantin V Copro S1569.jpg
741-775 Constantine V Copronymos - follis from Syracuse23 viewsBusts of Constantine V and Leo IV facing, to the left K, to he right ΛEON
[ΛEON] / ΔEC[Π] , bust of Leo III facing, holding cross potent.

Sear 1569
829-842 Theophilus S1667.jpg
829-842 Theophilus - follis fromConstantinople54 viewsΘEOFIL' bASIL' , 3/4 length emperor facing holding cross on globe and labarum

Sear 1667
976-1025 Anon A2 S1813.jpg
976-1025 - follis (Anonymous class A2)60 views+ EMMANOVHΛ , bust of Christ facing, holding gospels ; in field IC / XC

Sear 1813
Arab Byz 3.jpg
Arab-Byzantine fals - Emesa (Homs, Syria)70 viewsKAΛON / b-Homs (in Arabic) , bust of a Byzantine emperor holding globe with cross.
EMI CHC around large m ; tayyib (= "good", like καλον in Greek) in exergue.
Arab Byz 2.jpg
Arab-Byzantine fals of Damascus (Syria)62 views[D]MSh[Q] (?) , Byzantine emperor standing facing holding long cross and globe with cross
ANO / X-II , large M, cross-shaped monogram above, ΔAM in exergue
Constans II 2.jpg
Follis of Heraclius ? or Constans II ?32 viewsMinted in Constantinople or Thessalonica (Thessaloniki, Greece) ?
Justin II 575.jpg
Follis of Justin II and Sophia38 viewsMinted in Nicomedia (Izmit, Turkey) in 575-6.
Justin II 573.jpg
Follis of Justin II and Sophia31 viewsMinted in Theoupolis (Antioch) in 573-4.
Justinien 3.jpg
Follis of Justinian42 viewsMinted in Theoupolis (Antioch).
Justinien 539.jpg
Follis of Justinian42 viewsMinted in Nicomedia (Izmit, Turkey) in 539-40.
Justinien 538.jpg
Follis of Justinian41 viewsMinted in Constantinople in 538-9.
Maurice Tibčre 3.jpg
Follis of Maurice Tiberius39 viewsMinted in Constantinople, in 594-5. Ginolerhino
Maurice Tibčre 4.jpg
Follis of Maurice Tiberius36 viewsMinted in Constantinople, in 585-6. Ginolerhino
Maurice Tibčre 2.jpg
Follis of Maurice Tiberius44 viewsMinted in Theoupolis (Antioch), in 589-90. The emperor is wearing the consular robe, holding the mappa and the eagle-sceptre.
Maurice Tibčre.jpg
Follis of Maurice Tiberius44 viewsMinted in Theoupolis (Antioch) in 595-6. The emperor is wearing the consular robe.
Justin I.jpg
Half-follis of Justin I32 viewsMinted in Constantinople, in 518-527.
Justinien 1.jpg
Half-follis of Justinian49 viewsMinted in Theoupolis (Antioch)
1 commentsGinolerhino
Justinien 2.jpg
Half-follis of Justinian31 viewsMinted in Theoupolis (Antioch) in 550-1.
croix 1.jpg
Hilderic (523-530) - AE435 views[...] P.F. [AVG.] ?
Cross in wreath

Vandalic coin minted in Carthage
518-527 Justin I.jpg
Justinian - quarter-follis from Constantine in Numidia41 viewsIllegible legend, diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right
+I+ , exergue : CON (Constantine)

Sear 286 (thank you, Dirk)
1 commentsGinolerhino
Justin II pentanummium.jpg
Pentanummium of Justin II94 viewsMinted in Antioch. The monogram is listed nr.9 by Sear.
2 commentsGinolerhino
Alexis Comnčne 1081 1092.jpg
Tetarteron of Alexius Comnenus (1081-1092)75 viewsObverse : + A , bust of Alexius.
Reverse : C - Φ / AΛ - Δ , jeweled cross.
Tibčre II.jpg
Three-quarter follis of Tiberius II67 viewsMinted in Constantinople in 578-582.
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