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Asia Minor


Ancient Greek coinage of Asia Minor: Black Sea Area (Bosporos, Kolchis, Pontos, Paphlagonia, & Bithynia), Western Asia Minor (Mysia, Troas, Aiolis, Lesbos, Ionia, Lydia, & Caria), & Central & Southern Asia Minor (Phrygia, Lycia, Pamphylia, Pisidia, Lycanonia, Cilicia, Galata, Cappadocia).
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Alexander the Great's empire split into rival Hellenistic kingdoms ruled by his generals. The most far-flung part was Baktria. Greek settlers ruled over a much larger indigenous population. As centuries went by, this isolated outpost of Greek culture combined elements of both Greek and native traditions, oftentimes reflected in their bilingual coins.

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Founded by the Phoenicians in 814 BC, Carthage and its empire endured from the 7th to 3rd c. BC. Its far-flung trading empire included coastal north-west Africa, parts of Iberia, and many Mediterranean islands. Conflicts with the Greeks in Sicily continued into the 3rd c. BC, when Carthage also became embroiled in conflict with the new power in the region, Rome. Three major wars eventually led to destruction of Carthage in 146 BC.

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Continental Celts & Tribes of Britannia Gaul NW: Aulerci Eburovices, Carnutes, Coriosolites, Redones, Senones, Veneti. NE: Ambiani, Remi, Suessiones, Treveri. Central: Aediu, Arverni. Sequani. Southern: Massalia, Tolostates, Volcae-Arecomici. ?: Volcae Tectosages, Leuci, Senones. Britain: Atrebates & Regni, Cantii, Cantuvellauni, Corieltauvi, Cunobelin, Dobunni, Durotriges, Epaticcus, Iceni, Trinovantes, Cantuvellauni & Trinovantes. Central Europe & Danube (or Carpathian): Boii, Geto-Dacians, Hercuniates, and many unknown. This collection has been consigned for sale.

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Eastern Cultures


Empires or kingdoms located in the east, from the Greek and Roman perspective. The contraction of the Seleukid empire from its height of power in the 3rd c. BC led to a host of successor states, notably Baktria, Persis, Parthia, Indo-Parthians, Elymaians and Sasanians, Scythians, and Kushan (Yueh Chi). Many sub-kingdoms' histories remain unclear and much of the historical evidence is dependent on the numismatic record.

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Ancient Greek coinage of central Greece (including Thessaly, Illyria, Akarnania, Boeotia, Euboia, Attica, Aegina, Corinthia, & Sikyonia), the Peloponnesos (including Achaea, Argolis, Elis, Phokaia, Arkadia, & Lokri Opuntii), as well as Crete & the Cyclades.

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Greek Italy


Ancient Greek coinage of Magna Grecia in Italy: Bruttium, Calabria, Campania, Lucania, & Samnium. 

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Illyria, Thrace, and Skythia


Thrace & Skythia (including Dacia, Moesia, and Paeonia).
Thracian mints: Abdera, Apollonia Pontika, Byzantion, Cherronesos, Koson, Maroneia, Mesembria, Neapolis, Potidaia, Sparadakos, Terone, & Thasos.

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Coins of Macedon, Cities and Kings of Macedon and Paionia. Includes the Hellenistic kings of Macedon and Roman successors.

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Ptolemaic Egypt


Hellenistic coinage of the Ptolemies, after Alexander the Great. Principal mints include Alexandria in Egypt, Paphos and Sidon in Cyprus, and Sidon and Tyre in Phoenicia.

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The Seleukid Empire, including the royal line, usurpers, and the municipal issues of Syrian cities. See discussion board (here).

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Coinage by the city-states often arose amidst conflict among Greek colonies, native Sicilians, and later arrivals, the Carthaginians and Romans. While Greek coin types and denominations predominated, the local litra and its fractions of onkiai survived until the Roman conquest in 212 BC, when local striking withered.

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Roman Republic, 280-49 BC


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Roman Imperators, 49-27 BC


Pompey the Great, Julius Caesar, Brutus and Cassius, Sextus Pompey, Lepidus, Marc Antony, and Octavian.

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The Julio-Claudian Dynasty, 27 BC-68 AD


Emperors Augustus, Tiberius, Caius Caligula, Claudius, and Nero.

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The Civil Wars & Flavian Dynasty, 68-96 AD


Emperors Galba, Otho, Vitellius, Vespasian, Titus, and Domitian.

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The Adoptive Emperors & Antonine Dynasty, 96-192 AD


Emperors Nerva, Trajan, Hadrian, Antoninus Pius, Marcus Aurelius, Lucius Verus, Commodus.

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The Civil Wars & Severan Dynasty, 193-235 AD


Emperors Pertinax, Didius Julianus, Pescennius Niger, Claudius Albinus, Septimius Severus, Caracalla, Geta, Macrinus, Diadumenian, Elagabalus, and Severus Alexander.

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Last additions - Anaximander's Gallery
Entella, Siculo-Punic "The Camp." Tetradrachm.Greek Sicily. Entella, Siculo-Punic "The Camp." 300-289 BC. AR Tetradrachm (16.82 gm, 22mm, 6h) on Attic standard. Head of Herakles right, wearing lionskin headdress. / Horse head left, palm tree behind, astragalos (knuckle bone) before, Punic legend 'MHSBM' (Quaestors, Paymasters) below. EF. Bt. KJC Australia, 2002. Jenkins Punic 4 (SNR 57, 1978) #351 (O112/R286); HGC 2 #295; SNG Lloyd 1653 (same obv. die). cf. Roma Numismatics A4 #1135 (same dies), CNG 121 #103 (Jenkins 350).1 commentsAnaximanderDec 07, 2022
Henry VII. 1485-1509. Sovereign Penny of LondonEngland. Tudor, Henry VII. 1485-1509. AR Penny (0.75 gm, 17mm, 9h). Sovereign type of London. King enthroned facing, holding sceptre & globus cruciger. hⲈȠRICᵜ DIᵜ GRΛᵜ RⲈXᵜ Λ [Henry, by the Grace of God, King of England]. / Shield of arms over long cross fourchée, CIVI-TAS-LOȠ-DOȠ between arms. VF. Davissons E45 #140. Spink SCBC 2228; North 1729. Allen Classification 3i; Potter & Winstanley (BNJ 31) type IIb (closed crown, trefoil stops, no initial mint-mark, scepter lis-topped, reverse cross-end #7) pl. XI #10; SCBI 23 (Ashmolean) #484. cf. CNG EA 468 #736.AnaximanderNov 22, 2022
Feudal France, Toulouse. Raymond V-VII. PAX Obole.France. Feudal, Toulouse. Raymond V-VII. 1148-1194, 1222-1249 AD. AR Obole (0.57 gm, 15mm, 4h). Short cross patée, RAMON COME∽ (ME ligate, horizontal S), S in 2nd quarter. / PΛX monogram in inner circle, a crozier as the P, II as A, and a cross pateé as the X. ✠ TOLO∽Λ CIVI (horizontal S). VF. Davissons E45 #103. Ex Robert W. Hoge Collection. Ex Agora 62 (1 November 2016) lot 288 (part) = CNG EA 358 #479. Duplessy Féodales I #1229; Roberts 4226 (denier); Boudeau 722. cf. Poey d'Avant II (Raimond VII) #3703 (pl.lxxxi #5). These rulers were involved in the Crusades against the Cathars.AnaximanderNov 22, 2022
Calabria, Tarentum. Helmeted Horseman & Dolphin Rider Nomos.Greek Italy. Calabria. c. 272-240 BC. AR Nomos (6.58 gm, 19mm, 3h) of Tarentum. Euph.., Ariston, and Zop…, magistrates. Nude warrior wearing crested helmet riding left, holding reins & ornamented shield; EYΦ to left, API-ΣTΩN below. / Phalanthos astride dolphin left, holding hippocamp and trident; ΤΑΡΑΣ below, 𐊈ΩΠ to right. nEF. Davisson's E45 #29. ex Obolos Auction 14 #23. SNG ANS 1 #1238 (same obv. die); Vlasto 928 (same dies); SNG Cop 1 (Italy) #936; SNG Fitzwilliam 1 #321; Evans pd. VIII, M1 (pl. IX #13); HN Italy 1044; McClean I #666 (pl.26 #2).4 commentsAnaximanderNov 22, 2022
Continental 'Porcupine' type Sceatta of FrisiaAnglo-Saxon. Continental Sceatta 695-740 AD AR Sceatt (0.86 gm, 12mm, 12h) of Frisia, series E. Degenerate 'Porcupine' type r., curve enclosing four bars, triangle r. / VICO type, Square standard w/ VIC (wic, emporium) around central O annulet. I formed by three pellets. Traces of pseudo-inscription to r. EF. Glenn Schinke, FUN show, 2015. Spink SCBC 790A; MEC I #650; North 48; SCBI I 238; SCBI 63 (BMC) 319ff.AnaximanderSep 04, 2022
Archbishop of York, Wigmund Styca.Anglo-Saxon. Archbishop of York, Wigmund 834-854. AE Styca (1.01 gm, 12mm, 9h) of York, 841-843, Phase II Gp Cii. Short cross. ➕VIGMИD. / Short Cross. ➕EDEΓHEΓM (Ethelhelm, moneyer). EF. Alan Cherry, London Coin Fair, 2014. Ex Format 1970. Spink SCBC 870. MEC 1 #1277ff; MEC 8 #880ff; North 196; Pirie Guide 3.27a, #1483.AnaximanderSep 04, 2022
Henry I Beauclerc. Pellets in Quatrefoil Penny of Canturbury. England. Norman, Henry I Beauclerc. 1100-1135. AR Penny (1.34 gm) Pellets in Quatrefoil type. Crowned bust facing, with scepter to l., star to r. [+h]ENRICVS R. / Voided quatrefoil w/ star at center, pellets in limbs, trefoil terminals, & lis in quarters ✠…IL..O…CAN. VF. Bt Silbury Coins 2014. Spink SCBC 1275; North 870; BMC type XIV.1 commentsAnaximanderSep 03, 2022
Achaian League. Zeus Hemidrachm of Sikyon. Greece. Achaian League. 160-146 BC. AR Triobol or Hemidrachm (2.39 gm, 14.5mm, 11h) of Sikyon, Symmachic stdd. Laureate head of Zeus Amarios, r. / AX league monogram. N-I (magistrate) across fields, monogram Λ͓ above (blurred), dove below, all in laurel wreath tied at top. VF. CNG 522 #103. Prof. Charles Schulz Collection. Ex CNG inventory 100004 (Feb. 1999). McClean II #6419 (same dies, pl.222 #17). HGC 5 #283. cf. Benner 18; BCD Peloponnesos 322.1.AnaximanderSep 03, 2022
Henry VIII. Penny of Durham by Bishop Cuthbert Tunstall.England. Tudor, Henry VIII. 1509-1549. AR Penny (0.67 gm, 15mm, 6h) 2nd coinage, sovereign type of Durham, 1530-1534. Bishop Cuthbert Tunstall. King enthroned facing, holding sceptre & globus cruciger. 🟊hˣDˣGˣ ROSΛˣ SiЄˣ SPIΛ (saltire stops). / Long cross fourchée cutting legend. C-D flanking Tudor coat-of-arms. CIVI-TΛS-DVR-RAM. nVF. CNG EA 522 #717. Spink SCBC 2354; North 1813; Allen Durham 211; McCammon SHRT p.75; Stewartby English Coins p.474, Spink Auction 17011 #1626-1627; Whitton Henry’s Name. Durham type (vii).1 commentsAnaximanderSep 03, 2022
Eukratides II. Apollo Tetradrachm.Baktria. Eukratides II Soter. 145-140 BC. AR Tetradrachm (16.26 gm, 31mm, 12h). Diademed and draped bust r. in bead-and-reel border. / Apollo standingg l., holding arrow, resting on grounded bow. ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ - ΕΥΚΡΤΙΔΟΥ. HΛ monogram to inner l. gVF. CNG EA 522 #206. Ex-CNG EA 511 #212. Bopearachchi Série 1H; HGC 12 #161; Mitchener MIG Type 164m (Eukratides I), MACW 1697 (same); SNG ANS 9 #619-622.AnaximanderSep 03, 2022
Valois, Louis XI le Prudent. Blanc au Soleil of Rouen.France. Valois, Louis XI le Prudent. 1461-1483 AD. AR Blanc au Soleil (2.97 gm, 27mm, 6h) of Rouen, 1475. Three lis in trilobe tressure, sun above. ♔LVDOVICVS: FRAȠC̣OꙄρ: RЄX. / Short cross pattée in quatrilobe tressure. ♔SIT: ȠOᙏЄȠ: DȠI: BЄȠЄ̣DICTVᙏ. gVF. Double annulet stops & pellet at 15th position on both obv. & rev. Pegasi Numismatics Auction 37 #745. Duplessy Féodales I #553; Roberts 2932; Ciani 759-760; Lafaurie 535.AnaximanderAug 09, 2022
Capetians, Charles IV le Bel. Maille Blanche.France. Capetians, Charles IV le Bel. 1322-1328 3rd emission 1326. AR Maille Blanche (1.30 gm, 21mm, 10h) 3eme. July 1326. Short cross pattée. ✠KAROLVS⸰ RE•X• (pelleted L) ✠BHDICTV⁝ SIT⁝ ȠOᙏЄ⁝ DHI⁝ ȠRI. / Châtel Tournois with cross at top, floral border of 10 lis, the topmost flanked by two pellets. ✠FRAИCORVᙏ. VF. Pegasi Numismatics Sale 136 #514. Duplessy Royales I #243D; Roberts 2483; Ciani 257; Lafaurie 247a; Thomsen (Erslev) 2981.AnaximanderAug 09, 2022

Random files - Anaximander's Gallery
Alexander I Balas. Tetradrachm of Sidon.Seleukids. Alexander I Balas. 150-145 BC. AR Tetradrachm (13.12 gm) on Phoenician standard of Sidon, 147/6 BC. Diademed head of Alexander I r. / Eagle stdg l., palm branch over shoulder & below l., ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ | ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΥ. СΞΡ (SE 166) to l., ΣΙΔΩ above asplaston to r. aVF/VF. SC 1830.5; HGC 9 #882; BnF: Babelon Rois #899, de Clercq #133; DCA 122; Houghton CSE I #715 (same obv. die); Rouvier JIAN 5 (Sidon) #1232; SNG Spaer 1521 (same dies).Anaximander
Elagabalus. Antoninianus. Victor Antonini.Roman Empire. Elagabalus. 218-222 AD. AR Antoninianus (4.47 gm, 21mm, 6h) of Rome, 219 AD. Radiate and draped bust r., IMP CAES M AVR ANTONINVS AVG. / Victory advancing r., holding wreath and palm frond, VICTOR ANTONINI AVG. EF. RIC IV.2 p.38 #155; BMCRE 35; Cohen 291; RSC 291a; M.Thirion 86; SRCV II #7500.Anaximander
Calabria, Tarentum. Helmeted Horseman and Dolphin Rider Didrachm.Greek Italy. Calabria. 332-302 BC. AR Didrachm (7.78 gm, 20mm, 3h) of Tarentum. Helmeted horseman advancing right with spear, holding shield and two spears; ΦIΛI below (magistrate Phili). / Taras (Phalanthos) on dolphin left, holding distaff and dolphin; ΦI to left, ivy leaf & TAPAΣ to right, waves below. EF. Pegasi 121 #40. Ex M.P. Vlasto collection. SNG ANS 1 #988 (same obverse die); SNG Cop 1 (Italy) #842 corr. (small dolphin not described); SNG France 6.1 #1833 (same obv. die)-1836; Evans pd.V, B4 var. (Taras holding a small dolphin); Fischer-Bossert 1090 (V409); HN Italy 934 (2); HGC 1 #800; Ravel Vlasto 589.3 commentsAnaximander

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