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Roman Imperial


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Roman Provincial


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Late Roman


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Roman Republic


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Other Antiquities


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Metal Antiquities


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Last additions - Canaan's Gallery
Phrygia, Ancyra Philip I (obv.)Philip II (Caesar)obv. Philip II (Caesar)IssueFirst issue, Philip II CaesarObverse inscriptionΜ ΙΟΥΛ ΦΙΛΙΠΠΟϹ ΚObverse designbare-headed, draped and cuirassed bust of Philip II, r., seen from front
Reverse inscriptionΑΓΚΥΡΑΝΩΝReverse designTyche standing l., holding rudder and cornucopia MetalÆ
Average diameter24 mmAverage weight5.53 g
CanaanMay 27, 2022
Aelia Capitolina, Judaea. Antoninus Pius (138 - 161 AD). AE (22 mm, 9.65 gm, 12hObv. Draped bust of Antoninus Pius r., laureate; IMP ANTONINVS AVG PPP
Rev. Dioscuri standing facing, looking at each other, one hand on spear, the other on hip, between them eagle standing facing, looking l.; CO AE CA (colonia Aelia Capitolina).
References: Sofaer pl. 72,24. Rosenberger -. Meshorer (Aelia) 28
CanaanApr 22, 2022
JUDAEA, Aelia Capitolina (Jerusalem). Antoninus Pius. 138-161 CEObv. IMP CA T AEL HAD ANTONI[NO AVG P P], laureate head right.
Rev. CO AE CAP, draped bust of Serapis right, wearing kalathos and taenia.
References: RPC Online 6399; Meshorer, Aelia 28, BMC 15-16.
8.75 g, 23mm
Very Fine.
CanaanApr 16, 2022
SELEUCID KINGDOM. Antiochus II Theos (261-246 BC). AE (16mm, 4 gm, 12h). Sardes. Obv. Laureate head of Apollo right.
Rev. ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ / ΑΝΤΙΟΧΟΥ, tripod, monograms to outer left and right, below, anchor left.
SNG Spaer 360.
CanaanDec 30, 2021
Commodus BI Tetradrachm of Alexandria, Egypt. Dated RY 30 = AD 189/90. Obv. MAKOMANTѠCEBEVCEB, laureate head right.
Rev. Eagle standing right on thunderbolt, with wings spread; L Λ in right field. Emmett 2523; Dattari (Savio) 3905.
1 commentsCanaanOct 21, 2021
Petraea, Petra. Hadrian. Æ , AD 117-138. Laureate and draped bust of Hadrian right. Reverse: Legend in three lines within wreath. Spijkerman 10; Rosenberger 9; RPC 4102. Black patina with earthen green deposits.CanaanOct 11, 2021
Judea, Valerius Gratus, Reign of Tiberius, AE Prutah, 15-26 AD, Year 4, Caesarea Mint ,IOYLIA, Branch with large vine leaf and bunch of grapes Vertical amphora with scroll handles on base, L-D across fields Hendin 643; Meshorer 326aCanaanSep 02, 2021
Syria, Decapolis. Domitian Æ 14mm of Canatha. Dated CY 157 = 94/5 CEΔOMITI KAICAP, laureate head left / KANATA, turreted bust of Tyche left; ZPN (date) to left. RPC II 2092; Sofaer 2; Spijkerman 4; Rosenberger3. 14mm.1 commentsCanaanJul 20, 2021
Augustus, NimesCanaanMay 22, 2021
Antininus Pius PhilippopolisObverse inscriptionΑV Τ ΑΙ ΑΔΡΙ(Α) ΑΝΤΩΝΕΙΝ(ΟϹ) laureate head of Antoninus Pius,
Reverse:ΦΙΛΙΠΠΟΠΟΛΕΙΤ(ΩΝ) nude Dionysus standing, l., holding cantharus (over panther) and long filleted thyrsus.
Reference: Mouchmov, Philip. 66–70 and 75, BMC 9
CanaanApr 23, 2021
Ancient Roman Egypt, 2nd-3rd century AD. Gorgeous bone head of a lady, with elaborate hair-dress. from the end of a hair-pin.18x12mmCanaanApr 07, 2021
TIBERIUS (14-37). Denarius. Lugdunum. "Tribute Penny" type.Obv: TI CAESAR DIVI AVG F AVGVSTVS.
Laureate head right.
Livia (as Pax) seated right, holding sceptre and olive branch.
RIC² 26.
1 commentsCanaanMar 10, 2021

Random files - Canaan's Gallery
Gallienus - Roman Emperor: 253-268 A.D. - Joint Rule with his father Valerian I 253-260 A.D. Obv. GALLIENVSAVG - Radiate head right.
Rev. LAETITIAAVG - Laetitia standing left, holding wreath and rudder.
Reference: RIC 226k, C 426.
Silvered Bronze Antoninianus 19mm (2.23 grams) Struck at the mint of Rome 260-268 A.D.
Time of Maximinus II, 310-313. Follis ‘Persecution’ issue, AntiochObv. GENIO AN-TIOCHENI Tyche of Antiochia seated facing on rocks; river-god Orontes swimming below.
Rev. APOLLONI SANCTO / Є/ Δ / SMA Apollo standing front, head to left, holding patera in his right hand and lyre in his left.
McAlee 170i. Vagi 2954. Van Heesch, Last 3a. Desert patina. Very fine.
Gordian III AR Tetradrachm of Antioch, Syria. Struck AD 242. Obv. AYTOK K M ANT ΓOΡΔΙΑΝΟC CEB, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right.
Rev. ΔΗMAΡX EΞ ΥΠΑΤΟ Β, eagle standing facing, head and tail right, holding wreath in beak; between legs, crescent above ram leaping left.
References: McAlee 872; Prieur 295.
27mm, 11.16grams.
1 commentsCanaan

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