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NGI Roman Republic


Coins of the Roman Republic

157 files, last one added on Mar 27, 2022
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NGI Roman Republic - Provincial


Provincial coins, issued by roman magistrates during the time of the republic.
Including imperatorial coins without entry in Crawford.

2 files, last one added on Sep 18, 2016
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Last additions - Norbert's Gallery
C. Piso L. f. Frugi, DenariusC. Piso L. f. Frugi, Denarius

RRC: 408/1b
67 bc
4,13 gr

AV: Head of Apollo left, hair bound with fillet; behind, I.
RV: Horseman galloping right, holding palm; above, strigil (?); below, C PISO L F FRV.

Artemide LII (26 e 27 ottobre 2019), Auction LII, Lot 248
NorbertMar 27, 2022
C. Hosidius C.f. Geta, DenariusC. Hosidius C.f. Geta, Denarius

RRC: 407/2
68 bc
4,18 gr

AV: III VIR-GETA. Diademed and draped bust of Diana right, with bow and quiver over shoulder.
RV: Boar right, wounded by spear and attacked by hound; in exergue, C. HOSIDI C.F.

Artemide LII (26 e 27 ottobre 2019), Auction LII, Lot 246
NorbertMar 17, 2022
Cn. Lentulus Clodianus, DenariusCn. Lentulus Clodianus, Denarius

RRC: 345/1
88 bc
3,76 gr

AV: Helmeted bust of Mars, seen from behind, head right.
RV: Victory in biga right; in exergue, CN. LENTVL.

Artemide LII (26 e 27 ottobre 2019), Auction LII, Lot 205
NorbertFeb 17, 2022
Sextantes - 6 pc, anonymous Anonymous Sextantes

RRC: 56/6
after211 bc

All coins: Uncertain mint.
Av: Head of Mercury right, wearing winged petasus; • • (mark of value)value) above
Rv: Prow of galley right; • • (mark of value) below.

Foto from the acution house

CNG, e-auction 252, Mi 18.09.2019, Lot: 727.
From the Andrew McCabe Collection.
NorbertFeb 13, 2022
L. Julius, DenariusL. Julius, Denarius

RRC: 224/1
141 bc
3,99 gr

AV: Helmeted head of Roma right; behind, XVI.
RV: The Dioscuri galloping right; below horses, L. IVLI; in exergue, ROMA.

ex Artemide LII (26 e 27 ottobre 2019), Auction LII, Lot 160
NorbertFeb 11, 2022
Anonymous UnciaAnonymous Uncia

RRC: 18/6
275-270 bc
22,10 gr

AV: Barley-grain; pellet to l.
RV: Barley-grain; pellet to r.

Numismatica Ars Classica, Zurich | Auction 114 - Part II | 7 May 2019 | Los 1242
NorbertFeb 05, 2022
L. Sempronius Pitio, DenariusL. Sempronius Pitio, Denarius

RRC: 216/1
148 bc
3,60 gr

AV: Helmeted head of Roma r.; behind, PITIO downwards and below chin, X.
RV: The Dioscuri galloping r.; below, L·SEMP. In exergue, ROMA in linear frame.

Numismatica Ars Classica, Zurich | Auction 114 | 6 - 7 May 2019 | Los 399
NorbertFeb 05, 2022
C. Iulius Caesar, DenariusC. Iulius Caesar, Denarius

RRC: 467/1
46 bc
4,06 gr

AV: COS. TERT - DICT. ITER. Head of Ceres right, wearing wreath of barley.
RV: AVGVR/PONT. MAX. Culullus, aspergillum, jug and lituus; in right field, D (Donativum).

ex Artemide Aste s.r.l. | Auction LI | 27 - 28 April 2019, Los 241
1 commentsNorbertJan 29, 2022
Q. Pomponius Musa, DenariusQ. Pomponius Musa, Denarius

RRC: 410/8
66 bc
3,63 gr

AV: Laureate head of Apollo right; behind, star.
RV: Urania standing left, pointing with wand to a globe on a tripod; on right, Q. POMPONI; on left, MVSA.

ex Artemide Aste s.r.l. | Auction LI | 27 - 28 April 2019
Los 229
NorbertJan 29, 2022
L. Trebanius, QuadransL. Trebanius, Quadrans

RRC: 241/4
135 bc
4,03 gr

AV: Head of Hercules r., wearing lion’s skin; behind, three pellets.
RV: L.TREBANI Prow r.; before, three pellets and in exergue, ROMA.

ex Naville Numismatics, NN Live Auction 48, Lot 340, 07.04.2019
NorbertJan 22, 2022
C. Terentius Lucanus, AsC. Terentius Lucanus, As

RRC: 217/2
147 bc
18,23 gr

AV: Laureate head of Janus; above, mark of value.
RV: C·TER·LVC Prow r.; above, Victory flying r., crowning prow stem. Before, mark of value and below, ROMA.

ex Naville Numismatics, NN Live Auction 48, Lot 335, 07.04.2019
NorbertJan 22, 2022
P. Sula, AsP. Sula, As

RRC: 205/2
151 bc
26,94 gr

AV: Laureate head of Janus; above, mark of value.
RV: Prow r., with female head decorating prow stem; above, [P.]SVLA and before, mark of value. Below, ROMA.

ex Naville Numismatics, NN Live Auction 48, Lot 333, 07.04.2019
NorbertFeb 23, 2020

Random files - Norbert's Gallery
Anonymous QuadrigatusAnonymous Quadrigatus

RRC 31/1
225-214 bc
6.67 gr

Av:Laureate janiform head of Dioscuri, border of dots.
Rv:Jupiter in quadriga driven by Victory r., holding sceptre and thunderbolt; in ex. ROMA in linear frame, line border

for the type compare to the British Museum coin 31.1.1

ex Bertolami Auct 29, Lot 205, 22.03.2017
1 commentsNorbert
C. Servilius M.f., Denarius C. Servilius M.f., Denarius

RRC: 239/1
136 bc
3,94 gr

AV: Helmeted head of Roma right, wreath behind, mark of value and ROMA below
RV: The Dioscuri galloping in opposite directions, looking back at each other; C SERVEILI M F in exergue

ex Gemini, Auct XIV, Lot 353, 18.04.2018
reported as Ex Philip T. Ashton Collection. Ex Berk 164, 21 May 2009, lot 263.
1 commentsNorbert
Anonymus DenariusAnonymous Deanrius

RRC 287/1
115 bc

Av: Helmeted head of Roma r.; behind, X;
Rv: Roma, wearing Corinthian helmet, seated r. on pile of shields, holding spear; at feet, helmet; before, she-wolf suckling twins; on either side, two birds flying.

Surprising to have an anonymous denarius as late as 115. The reverse design portrays the Roman foundation myth in a new manner – showing the goddess Roma watching over the twins Romulus and Remus as they are suckled by the she-wolf, waiting for the day that Rome will be built.

Ex Bertolami Fine arts, Auction 24, Numismatics, London, 23.06.2016, #102

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