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NGI Roman Republic


Coins of the Roman Republic

146 files, last one added on Feb 23, 2020

NGI Roman Republic - Provincial


Provincial coins, issued by roman magistrates during the time of the republic.
Including imperatorial coins without entry in Crawford.

2 files, last one added on Sep 18, 2016

2 albums on 1 page(s)

Last additions - Norbert's Gallery
P. Sula, AsP. Sula, As

RRC: 205/2
151 bc
26,94 gr

AV: Laureate head of Janus; above, mark of value.
RV: Prow r., with female head decorating prow stem; above, [P.]SVLA and before, mark of value. Below, ROMA.

ex Naville Numismatics, NN Live Auction 48, Lot 333, 07.04.2019
NorbertFeb 23, 2020
Anonymous, Qudrans 'star' (first) Anonymous, Qudrans 'star' (first)

RRC: 196/4
206 - 195 bc
3,25 gr

AV: Head of Hercules r., wearing lion's skin; behind, three pellets.
RV: Rev. ROMA Prow r.; before, eight-rayed star and below, three pellets.

ex Naville Numismatics, NN Live Auction 48, Lot 331, 07.04.2019
NorbertNov 23, 2019
Anonymous, Denarius 'crescent'Anonymous, Denarius 'crescent'

RRC: 137/1
194 -190 bc
3,87 gr

AV: Helmeted head of Roma r.; behind, X.
RV: The Dioscuri galloping r.; above, crescent. Below, ROMA in partial tablet.

ex Naville Numismatics, NN Live Auction 48, Lot 329, 07.04.2019
NorbertNov 23, 2019
Anonymous, Quadrans, circa 217-215Anonymous, Quadrans, circa 217-215

RRC: 39/2
217 bc
37,69 gr

AV: Head of Hercules r., wearing boar skin; behind, three pellets.
RV: Bull charging r.; above, three pellets and below snake; in exergue, ROMA.

ex Naville Numismatics, NN Live Auction 48, Lot 324, 07.04.2019

NorbertNov 17, 2019
Anonymous, Quartuncia circa 217-215Anonymous, Quartuncia circa 217-215

RRC: 38/8
217 bc
2,92 gr

AV: Helmeted head of Roma r
RV: ROMA Prow r.

ex Naville Numismatics, NN Live Auction 48, Lot 323, 07.04.2019

NorbertNov 17, 2019
Anonymous, Semuncia circa 217-215Anonymous, Semuncia circa 217-215

RRC: 38/7
217 bc
7,17 gr

AV: Head of Mercury r., wearing winged petasus.
RV: ROMA Prow r

ex Naville Numismatics, NN Live Auction 48, Lot 322, 07.04.2019
NorbertNov 17, 2019
L. Marcius Censorinus, DenarL. Marcius Censorinus, Denar

RRC: 363/1d
82 bc
3,84 gr

AV: laureate head of Apollo, to right.
RV: L. CENSOR the satyr Marsyas, standing left with wineskin on his shoulder, behind him column with statue of minerva

ex Münzzentrum Rheinland, Auktion 188, Lot 150, 20.03.2019
NorbertNov 17, 2019
Anonymous, Victoriatus Anonymous, Victoriatus

RRC: 91/1b
211-208 bc
3,74 gr

AV: Laureate head of Jupiter right.
RV: Victory standing right, crowning trophy; in exergue, ROMA (without Torques in field).

ex Münzzentrum Reinland, Auct 188, Lot 139, 21.03.2019
NorbertNov 17, 2019
Anonymous, AE LitraAnonymous, AE Litra

RRC: 17/1a
270-269 bc
4,84 gr

AV: Head of Minerva wearing corinthian helmet, to left.
RV: ROMANO. Head of bridled horse to right.
NorbertNov 17, 2019
L. Cassius Caeicianus, DenarL. Cassius Caeicianus, Denar

RRC: 321/1
102 bc
3,74 gr

AV: CAEICIAN, Draped bust of Ceres left wearing barley-wreath
RV: L CASS(I), 2 yoked oxen, •N above

ex Künker, Auktion 318, Lot 887, 11.03.2019
Reported as ex Jesus Vico, Madrid 2009, Nr. 235.
1 commentsNorbertOct 13, 2019
L. Postumius Albinus, DenariusL. Postumius Albinus, Denarius

RRC: 252/1
131 bc
3,85 gr

AV: Head of Roma right, helmeted, Apex behind, star before.
RV: L POST ALB (Partially ligated) / ROMA, Mars in quadriga rright, holding spear, shield and reins l. hand and trophy in r.,

ex Gorny & Mosch Giessener Münzhandlung, Auktion 261, Lot 538, 04.03.2019
NorbertOct 13, 2019
L. Piso Frugi, QuinariusL. Piso Frugi, Quinarius

RRC: 340/2e
90 bc
2,02 gr

AV: Laureate head of Apollo r.; behind, dagger.
RV: L·PI – SO Victory standing r., holding wreath in r. hand and palm branch in l.

ex Naville Numismatics, NN Live auction 47, Lot 384, 03.02.2019
NorbertOct 13, 2019

Random files - Norbert's Gallery
A. Postumius Albinus. DenariusRRC 372/2
81 BC

Obverse: HISPAN, Veiled head of Hispania r
Reverse: ·S·N – ALBIN Togate figure standing l., raising hand; to l., legionary eagle and to r., fasces with axe.

Issued when Rome had won the supremacy in Italy but was still fighting the last of the Marians in Spain.

....and so the magistrate has been iddentified as the praetor Lucius Postumius Albinus who had gone to further Spain in 180 and had his term prorogued into 179. He fought two major battles with the Vaccaei, killing a reported 35,000. (....) If the magistrate on the coin is the victorious praetor, his century old triumph over the Lusitanians was especially relevant in 81, for ir was among the Lusitanians where Sertorius found the greatest support. (Harlan)

The moneyer is assumed to be a grandson of the consul of 110 and a son of the moneyer of 96 (Crawford)
Ex Numismatica Ars Classica, Auction 78; Lot 635, 26 - 27 May 2014
3 commentsNorbert
Anonymous. Æ LitraAnonymous. Æ Litra ca. 270-269 BC

RRC 17/1a
270-269 bc
5.31 gr

AV: Minervakopf l., mit korinthischen Helm.
RV: ROMAAN, Pferdekopf mit Zaumzeug.

Ex MA shops Dr. Brand, (Ex Dorotheum auct 524, 16.11.2016, ex Sammlung Haeberlin)
1 commentsNorbert
Denarius, C. Vibius C.f. Cn. Pansa CaetronianusDenarius, C. Vibius C.f. Cn. Pansa Caetronianus

RRC: 449/4
48 bc

AV:LIBERTATIS, laureate head of Libertas to right
RV: Roma seated right on pile of arms, her left foot set on globe, holding scepter with her right hand and sword with her left, in upper right field, Victory flying left to crown her. [C • PA]NSA • C • F • C • N,

ex Savoca, Silver 23, Lot 439, 17.06.2018

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