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Greek and Archaic


2 files, last one added on Jul 28, 2016

Roman Republic


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Roman Imperatorial


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Roman Imperial - The Principate


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Roman Imperial - The Crisis of the Third Century


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Roman Imperial - The Dominate


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Roman Imperial - The Eastern Empire


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Last additions - TenthGen's Gallery
P. Clodius M.F. TurrinusSilver Denarius
Roman Republic

P. Clodius M.F. Turrinus

Rome mint. 42 BC.
Good fine, banker's mark
20.0 mm / 3.57 g / 270°

Obverse: LH of Apollo right, lyre behind.
Reverse: "P CLODIVS" right, "M F" on left. Diana standing facing, with bow and quiver over shoulder, holding lighted torch in each hand.

Ex HNE (2016)

Syd 1117. Cr 494/23. RSC Claudia 15. Sear 492. 42 BC.

MyID: 034B
TenthGenJan 31, 2020
Cn. Lentulus ClodianusSilver Quinarius
Roman Republic

Cn. Lentulus Clodianus

Rome mint. 88 BC.
Graffiti on obverse, 2 bankers marks on reverse.
15.0 mm / 1.76 g / 180°

Obverse: Laureate head of Jupiter right.
Reverse: "CN*LENT", Victory standing right, crowning trophy.

Ex Barry & Darling (2017)

Crawford 345/2, Syd 703. Cornelia 51.

MyID: 044A
TenthGenJan 31, 2020
L. ProciliusSilver Denarius Serratus
Roman Republic

L. Procilius

Rome mint. 80 BC.
3.20 g / 18 mm / 90°

Obverse: Head of Juno Sospita right, SC behind.
Reverse: Juno Sospita in biga right, holding shield and hurling spear, snake below. "L PROCILI F" in ex.

Ex AGB "S-307" (2019)

Procilia-2. Cr379/2. Syd 772.

MyID: 053A
TenthGenJan 31, 2020
Julius CaesarSilver Denarius
Roman Imperatorial

Julius Caesar

Africa Mint. 47-46 BC.
Fine, banker's marks. A bit grainy.
18.5 mm / 3.24 g / 180°

Obverse: Diademed head of Venus right.
Reverse: "CAESAR", Aeneas advancing left, carrying Anchises and Palladium.

Ex Forvm Members Auction 2016

Crawford 458/1, Syd 1013. RSC 12.

MyID: 036A
TenthGenJan 31, 2020
L. Mussidius LongusSilver Denarius
Roman Republic

L. Mussidius Longus

Rome mint. 42 BC.
Good fine, banker's marks. Light golden toning.
20.0 mm / 3.33 g / 90°

Obverse: Diademed, veiled bust of Concordia right, "CONCORDIA".
Reverse: "L MVSSIDIVS LONGVS", Two clasped hands holding caduceus.

Ex Forvm Members Auction 2016

Mussidia 5. Sear 493. Crawford 494/41.

MyID: 035A
TenthGenJan 31, 2020
Augustus and AgrippaBronze cut half dupondius (As)
Roman Imperial - The Principate

Augustus and Agrippa.

Colonia Augusta Nemausus, Gaul. 16-15 BC.
Dark patina, light marks and earthen deposits. aVF.
5.860 g / 25.6 mm / 0°

Obverse: Head of Augustus right, "IMP DIVI F". (Agrippa cut away)
Reverse: "COL NEM", Crocodile right chained to a palm, wreath above, two palm fronds below. (Partially cut away)

Ex Forvm Ancient Coins 2019 (#88233)

cf. RIC I 155, RPC I 523, SNG Cop 698, Cohen I 7, SRCV I 1729

MyID: 054A

Image Credit: Forvm Ancient Coins
2 commentsTenthGenJan 30, 2020
Cn. Cornelius LentulusSilver Denarius
Roman Republic

Cn. Cornelius Lentulus

Rome mint. 88 BC.
Fine, well centered on tight flan. Toned. Light marks.
3.691 g / 17.8 mm / 270°

Obverse: Bust of Mars right in Corinthian helmet.
Reverse: Victory in biga right, wreath in right hand, reins in left. "CN LENTVL" in exergue.

Ex Forvm Ancient Coins 2019 (RR88013 ; 2DL109)
Ex Roma Numismatics.

Crawford 345/1, Sydenham 702, RSC I Cornelia 50, BMCRR I Rome 2440, Russo RBW 1312, SRCV I 254

MyID: 067B

Image Credit: Forvm Ancient Coins
TenthGenJan 30, 2020
Janus, Bronze AsBronze As
Roman Republic

Unofficial? mint. c 157-145 BC.
Fair, Dark patina, red encrustations, porosity
18.37 g / 31.7 mm / 90°

Obverse: Laureate head of bearded Janus. "I" mark of value above.
Reverse: "ROMA" below war galley prow. "I" mark of value right.

Ex Forvm Ancient Coins 2019 (RR88013 ; 2DL109 tag)

cf. RBW Collection 848, Crawford 197 - 198B/b1, Sydenham -. 157-145 BC. Unofficial mint?

MyID: 067A

Image Credit: Forvm Ancient Coins
TenthGenJan 30, 2020
L. Appuleius SaturninusSilver Denarius
Roman Republic

L. Appuleius Saturninus

Rome mint. 104 BC.
Fine. Toned. Banker's marks. Porosity. Edge Crack.
18.5 mm / 3.322 g / 180°

Obverse: Helmeted head of Roma left.
Reverse: "L SATVRN", Saturn in a quadriga galloping right. "K" below.

Ex Forvm Ancient Coins 2017 (RR86461-893)

SRCV I 193. Crawford 317/3b. Sydenham 578a. RSC I Appuleia 1.

MyID: 048A

Image Credit: Forvm Ancient Coins
TenthGenJan 30, 2020
Roman Imperial - The Principate


Rome mint, 177-192 AD.
23.36 g / 29 mm / 180°

Obverse: "M COMMODVS ANTON AVG…" LH Right.
Reverse: "...MT…" "S-C". Salus seated left on ornamented throne holding patera to snake with tree and column supporting figure of Bacchus.

RIC 439 vs 450 vs other?

MyID: 065B
1 commentsTenthGenJan 28, 2020
Antoninus PiusSilver Denarius
Roman Imperial - The Principate

Antoninus Pius

Rome mint, 158-159 AD.
2.43 g / 17.5 mm / 180°

Obverse: "ANTONINVS AVG PIVS P P TR P XXII", Laureate head right.
Reverse: "AED DIVI AVG REST" "COS IIII" below, octostyle temple of Divus Augustus and Livia with statues inside. (Rev text looks more like ADE)

RIC 284.

MyID: 065D
TenthGenJan 28, 2020
Hadrian Silver Denarius
Roman Imperial - The Principate


Rome mint, ~136 A.D.
2.70 g / 18.0 mm / 180°

Obverse: "HADRIANVS AVG COS III PP" BH Right. (Text mostly legible)
Reverse: "[ROMAE AE]TERNAE". Roma seated left on chair, holding palladium and spear. Behind chair, a shield.

RIC 265. Sear 3537.

MyID: 065C
TenthGenJan 28, 2020

Random files - TenthGen's Gallery
Antoninus PiusSilver Denarius
Roman Imperial - The Principate

Antoninus Pius

Rome mint, 157 - 158 A.D.
Fine, obverse text partially off flan
17.0 mm / 2.991 g / 0°

Obverse: "ANTONINVS AVG PIVS P P IMP II", laureate head right.
Reverse: "TR POT XXI COS IIII", Annona standing right with rudder and modius with corn ears, foot on prow to right.

RIC 275. RSC 1039.

MyID: 020B
Marcus AureliusOrichalcum sestertius
Roman Imperial - The Principate

Marcus Aurelius

Rome mint, Dec 169 - Dec 170 A.D.
About Fine.
29.9 mm / 22.186 g / 0°

Obverse: "M ANTONINVS AVG TR P XXIIII", laureate head right.
Reverse: "SALVTI AVG COS III", Salus standing facing, head left, from patera in right hand feeding snake rising from altar at feet on left, long scepter vertical in left hand, S - C flanking low across field.

Ex Forvm Ancient Coins 2015 (72339)

RIC III 979, BMCRE III 1376, MIR 18 182-6/30, Cohen III 547, Hunter III 137, cf. SRCV II 4998 (TR P XXIII)

MyID: 015F

Image Credit: Forvm Ancient Coins
Gordian III, IridescentSilver Antoninianus
Roman Imperial - The Crisis

Gordian III

Rome mint, 240-243 A.D.
Iridescent toning, VF
23.5 mm / 4.414 g / ~180°

Obverse: "IMP GORDIANVS PIVS FEL AVG", radiate, draped, cuirassed bust right.
Reverse: "AETERNITATI AVG", Sol standing left, head left with raised hand and holding globe.

RIC 83. RSC 41.

Ex Frans Diederik (2015/16)

MyID: 018A

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