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England - Danelaw


Coins of the Danelaw

13 files, last one added on May 30, 2023
Album viewed 140 times

England - Early Anglo-Saxon


Coins of the early Anglo-Saxons

93 files, last one added on Jul 01, 2023
Album viewed 384 times

England - Houses of Lancaster and York


Coins of the Lancastrian and Yorkist dynasties

12 files, last one added on Feb 04, 2023
Album viewed 120 times

England - Kent, Mercia, and East Anglia


Coins of the Kingdoms of Kent, Mercia and East Anglia

19 files, last one added on Jun 14, 2023
Album viewed 183 times

England - Norman and Plantagenet


Coins of the Norman and Plantagenet dynasties

35 files, last one added on Dec 16, 2022
Album viewed 187 times

England - Northumbria


Coins of the Kingdom of Northumbria

163 files, last one added on May 30, 2023
Album viewed 243 times

England - Tudor and Stuart


Coins of the Tudors

29 files, last one added on Jan 20, 2023
Album viewed 195 times

England - Wessex and late Anglo-Saxon


Coins of the Kingdom of Wessex and late Anglo-Saxon England

30 files, last one added on Jun 12, 2023
Album viewed 171 times

France - Carolingian


Coins of the Carolingian Kingdom of France

1 files, last one added on Jun 01, 2014
Album viewed 15 times

France - Feudal (including Anglo-Gallic)


Feudal coins of the Kingdom of France

17 files, last one added on Feb 04, 2023
Album viewed 67 times

France - Merovingian


Coins of the Merovingian Frankish Kingdom

5 files, last one added on Mar 17, 2022
Album viewed 44 times

France - Royal


4 files, last one added on Jun 11, 2023
Album viewed 6 times



Coins of Ireland

22 files, last one added on Jun 11, 2023
Album viewed 123 times

Rome - Hadrian's travels


28 files, last one added on Mar 14, 2023
Album viewed 83 times



21 files, last one added on Aug 18, 2023
Album viewed 24 times



Coins of the Kingdom of Scotland

27 files, last one added on Sep 01, 2023
Album viewed 154 times

UK - Hanoverian and Windsor


Later coins of the UK

13 files, last one added on Feb 16, 2023
Album viewed 82 times


17 albums on 1 page(s)

Last additions - St. George Collection's Gallery
S.5563 Charles I12 shillings of Charles I, king of England, Scotland, and Ireland 1625-1649
Mint: Edinburgh
Mintmark: Thistle
Third Coinage
Falconer's second issue

Ex- L.Bennett
St. George CollectionSep 01, 2023
031 Cnut VIPenny of Cnut VI, king of Denmark 1182-1202
Mint: Lund
Hbg. 1
Hbg. auction 1526

Ex- Bruun Rasmussen 2331 (lot 5238)
St. George CollectionAug 18, 2023
027 Valdemar the GreatPenny of Valdemar I, king of Denmark 1154-1182
Mint: Roskilde
Hbg. 15

This coin depicts the king on the obverse, and a clergyman on the reverse. The bishop is presumed to be Absalon, Valdemar's close advisor and the founder of the city of Copenhagen.

Ex- Bruun Rasmussen 2331 (lot 5231)
St. George CollectionAug 18, 2023
100 Haakon VII50 Ore of Haakon VII, king of Norway 1905-1957
R: 50 ORE

Ex- eBay
St. George CollectionAug 18, 2023
106 Olav VKrone of Olav V, king of Norway 1957-1991
Mint: Kongsberg

Ex- eBay
St. George CollectionAug 18, 2023
051 Eric MenvedPenny of Eric Menved, king of Denmark 1286-1319
Mint: Lund
MB 314

Ex- Møntbutikken
St. George CollectionAug 03, 2023
047 Eric KlippingPenny of Eric V Klipping, king of Denmark 1259-1286
Mint: Lund
MB 123

Eric was called Klipping, or Glipping, which refers to the clipping of a coin, a common medieval practice to shave off a little silver from a coin. The nickname was not meant to be a compliment, suggesting he was stealing from his people.

Like most of the kings of the Civil War period, Eric had a troubled reign, with constant feuding with his nobles and his neighbors.

Ex- Møntbutikken
St. George CollectionAug 03, 2023
030 Cnut EricssonBracteate of Cnut Ericsson, king of Sweden 1173-1195
Mint: Sigtuna
SMB 25

The coins of Cnut of Sweden feature a facing bust of Cnut holding a sword, which later degenerates into a simplified pellet portrait.

Ex- R Delzanno
St. George CollectionJul 23, 2023
060 Eric of PomeraniaSterling of Eric of Pomerania, king of Denmark (1396-1439), Norway (1389-1442), and Sweden (1396-1439)
Mint: Lund
Galster 9

Eric of Pomerania, born Bogislaw, but renamed Eric to be more acceptable to the Scandinavians, became king of the three Nordic countries due to the political machinations of his great-aunt, Margaret. Eric was crowned at Kalamar, and the united three countries are known to history as the Kalamar Union. Eric was an active and energetic ruler, but his attempt to control trade in the Baltic Sea led to conflict with the powerful Hanseatic League, as well to discontent with the merchant class of Scandinavia, and this ultimately led to Eric's downfall. He was deposed as king of the three countries, though the union would continue for a while yet.

Popular legend is that Eric became a pirate after his reigns ended.

Ex- eBay
1 commentsSt. George CollectionJul 17, 2023
055 Christopher IIPenny of Christopher II, king of Denmark 1320-1326, 1329-1332
Mint: Jylland
MB 587

Christopher's reign was fairly disastrous, as he was forced to sign a contract on ascension severely limiting his power, which also pretty much took away any revenue. Thus Christopher mortgaged parts of his kingdom to pay for his reign, particularly his wars, which only ended up with the near dissolution of Denmark. It's hard to see much good in Christopher's kingship, although it should be noted that he was a product of his time.

Ex- G Ward
St. George CollectionJul 16, 2023
051 Eric Menved or 055 Christopher IIPenny of Eric Menved, king of Denmark 1286-1319, or of Christopher II, king of Denmark 1320-1326, 1329-1332
Mint: Roskilde
MB 422

Eric was another somewhat forgotten king of Denmark. During his reign the powers of the king were limited and the treasury was drained. Eric had 14 children and had the misfortune to outlive them all.

Recent scholarship has questioned the attribution, as to whether this coin belongs to Eric or Christopher's reign. The presence of the E doesn't really mean much in favor of Eric, as many of these coins have a single letter represented, of uncertain meaning.

Ex- G Ward
St. George CollectionJul 15, 2023
032 Sverre SigurdssonBracteate quarter-penny of Sverre, king of Norway 1184-1202
Mint: Oslo?
Schive VII:21
NM 9
Skaare 129

Sverre, called Sigurdsson, might have been the son of Sigurd Munn, one of the many kings of Norway during the chaotic 12th century. Sverre became leader of the Birkebeiners, a rebel group in Norway that ultimately gained power in the 1170s. However, king Sverre had the opposition of the church, and a group of disaffected nobles called the Baglers, who supported the prior regime and doubted Sverre's paternity. The conflict would continue after Sverre's death.

Sverre is an interesting character from a numismatic perspective, because of the large amount of coins of his that survived. In 1840, a large group of coins was found in Dæli, Norway. A few pennies in Sverre's name were found, but the majority of coins were bracteates. These extremely thin small coins were the main currency of the Birkenbeiner party during these troubled years. Because of the presence of the pennies with Sverre's name, it is possible to attribute these otherwise minimally marked coins.

The bracteates are found with letters, and many letters are represented. These are thought to represent mints, but it is not certain whether that is truly the case. This coin, with the 'A', may be for Asloia (Oslo)

Ex- M.Ringsrud
2 commentsSt. George CollectionJul 13, 2023

Random files - St. George Collection's Gallery
S.872 Osberht (Eardwulf)Irregular styca of Osberht, king of Northumbria 849-867
Moneyer: Eardwulf
Mint: York (presumably)
S. 872
Pirie 2215
Phase II, Group Dii
O: BOSBCRH (retrograde)
Motif: 4/1

Most likely an irregular coin circa 855, which depicts a blundered spelling of Osberht, along with the name of a prolific moneyer (Eardwulf) from the reign of Æthelred II. Die match to Pirie 2215. The obverse is also used to strike stycas in the name of Æthelhelm, Wulfred, and other nonsensical letter combinations.

Ex- eBay, UKDFD 19244
St. George Collection
S.866 Æthelred II (Leofthegn)Styca of Æthelred II, king of Northumbria (first reign) 841-844
Moneyer: Leofthegn
Mint: York (presumably)
S. 866
Pirie unlisted
Leofthegn's "Special" motif: Large 'A' in center of obverse
Motif: Alpha/1b

Pirie's 'Coins of the Kingdom of Northumbria' does not specifically list this die variety, however she does recognize its existence in a footnote, stating that it is a pairing of two depicted dies, the obverse of Pirie 178-181 and the reverse of Pirie 182 and 197. Pirie also lists a styca of the same dies as this coin as being in the Charles Winn collection (and probably dating back to the Bolton Percy Hoard) but this coin does not appear to be the same specimen.

Ex- CNG eAuction 324 (lot 631), Peter Moffat
St. George Collection
Hadrian (Britain)As of Hadrian, emperor of Rome 117-138
"Travel series"
Britannia (Britain)
RIC II.3 241

Ex- CNG eAuction 513 (lot 389)
St. George Collection

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