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As a fairly generalist collector, I decided to attempt to create a comprehensive collection of Elymais coins, with an initial purpose of at least one from each ruler. I find the coins fascinating and quite beautiful, including the ones with degraded reverses and sometimes just dashes. Many are affordable and easy to find. The kingdom is in a geographical region that interests me and is Greek, while having heavy Persian/Parthian/Sassanian influence. Even with a few that will be expensive for my budget, this is a series I feel I will be able to complete at some point. To build the collection, I have bought a few group lots, so I therefore have some duplicates. I find this a fun collecting area and a way to specialize while continuing my overall more general collecting activity.

26 files, last one added on Aug 09, 2022
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Roman Republic


I have very few Roman Republican coins. Will add them as I get them.

1 files, last one added on Jul 18, 2022
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Greek Thessaly


A small collection of bronze coins from Thessaly. Nothing spectacular, but I like the variety of issues.

14 files, last one added on Sep 03, 2022
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Small collection of Byzantine Empire.

5 files, last one added on Sep 07, 2022
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Crusader States


Small collection of Crusader States coins, mainly Principality of Achaea (which combines Crusader and Greek interests in one area), plus my rarest coin in my collection from the Lordship of Tyre. The Crusades has always fascinated me, my "ancestor" who gave me his last name was killed as a Knight Templar at the Battle of Hattin. I say ancestor because he owned the town and that is the origin of both a Scottish Clan and my last name. Real blood ancestor, who knows.

8 files, last one added on Sep 14, 2022
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Afghanistan, Ancient and Medieval


This folder will contain coins from Afghanistan, primarily from the period 500 - 1200 AD. Perhaps I will put Bactrian coins here if and when I get any, but my main interests here are Nezak, Turki, Hindu Shahis, and Ghazanavids as the bridge from ancients through the beginnings of Muslim rule of the area of what is now Afghanistan and Pakistan.

3 files, last one added on Oct 04, 2022
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Greek, Paphlagonia


I spent almost a year in Sinop, Turkey, hence my interest in the coins of Paphlagonia and Pontos, as well as the rest of Turkey. Pontos coins will be in their own folder, although Sinope was variously independent as a Greek city and part of Pontos, not to mention the Roman Empire later on. For a time, Sinope was the capital of Pontos. I came very close to including these under Pontos, but numismatic tradition seems to insist on Paphlagonia and who am I to argue?

4 files, last one added on Sep 21, 2022
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Last additions - Virgil H's Gallery
Nezak Shahis of Kapisa-Gandhara, Anonymous Napki MalikHunnic Tribes, Nezak Huns
Anonymous Napki Malik coinage
circa AD 484/90-500/15
BI Drachm, 26 mm, 3.24 grams, 90 degrees

O: Vondrovec š-group (late style). Bust to right, wearing winged crown surmounted by crescent and bull's head; Pahlavi legend.

R: Fire altar flanked by attendants; wheel above each attendant.

Ref: Vondrovec [Göbl, Hunnen] Type 222 (early style)

Notes: Another reference is from the new book by Waleed Ziad, In the Treasure Room of the Sakra King: Votive Coinage From Gandharan Shrines. This coin would be Zaid 1.1.1 (not sure how to reference this book). Another interesting thing about the bust on the obverse is the depiction of cranial deformation, a characteristic feature of the Alkhan period.

Good Very Fine.

Ex-Roma Numismatics Auction XXV Day 1, Lot 652, Sept 2022; From the JTB Numismatic Collection - collector's ticket included;
Ex Archytas Collection.
2 commentsVirgil HOct 04, 2022
Greek, Paphlagonia, Sinopestruck under Mithradates VI
85-65 BC

Bronze AE 20, weight 7.084 grams. 0 degrees

O: laureate head of Zeus right

R: eagle standing left on thunderbolt, head right, wings open, EA monogram left, ΣINΩΠHΣ below

Ref: SNG Stancomb 801 - 802; SNG BM 1547 ff.; SNGvA 229; BMC Pontus p. 99, 40 - 41

Notes: VF, nice dark patina, light porosity/corrosion, Sinope (Sinop, Turkey) mint

Ex-Forum Ancient Coins, ex-Errett Bishop Collection
Virgil HSep 21, 2022
Greek, Paphlagonia, Sinopestruck under Mithradates VI
105-85 BC

Bronze AE 19, 8.290 grams, 0 degrees

O: head of Ares right in crested helmet

R: sword in sheath with strap, ΣINΩ−ΠHΣ divided across field

Ref: SNG BM Black Sea 1528; SNG Stancomb 795; Rec Gén p. 196, 67; BMC Pontus p. 100, 50; HGC 7 418

Notes: aVF, dark patina, light earthen encrustations, tight flan, Sinope (Sinop, Turkey) mint

Ex-Forum Ancient Coins
Virgil HSep 21, 2022
Greek, Paphlagonia, Sinope105-85 BC

Bronze AE 22, 7.096 grams, 0 degrees

O: aegis with facing head of Medusa (gorgoneion) in center

R: Nike flying right, palm over shoulder in both hands, ΣIN-ΩΠHΣ divided across field, (retrograde ME monogram, control symbol) lower right

Notes: VF, dark patina, earthen deposits, flan adjustment marks, open edge crack, Sinope (Sinop, Turkey) mint, although apparently unpublished, we [Forum] have handled several examples with this retrograde ME monogram control.

Ref: SNG BM 1536 var. (M); BMC Pontus p. 100, 48 var. (ME monogram); SNG Stancomb 800 var. (same); SNG Cop 308 - 9 var. (same); HGC 7 419.

Ex-Forum Ancient Coins, ex-Errett Bishop Collection;
Virgil HSep 21, 2022
Greek, Paphlagonia, Sinope350/30-300 BC
AR Drachm, 17mm, 4.8 grams, 210 degrees

O: Head of nymph left, hair in sakkos; aphlaston to left

R: Sea eagle on dolphin left; ΘEO[TI] above tail feathers

Ref: RG 24; HGC 7, 391; SNG BN 482

Ex-CNG eauction 514, Lot 122
Virgil HSep 21, 2022
Kabul, Local Issues, Shahis of Kabul and Gandhara, Kamaluka “Khudarayaka”Kabul.
Shahis (Shahiyas) of Kabul and Gandhara
Kamaluka “Khudarayaka”.
Circa 895-921 AD
AR Jital, 19mm, 2.97 g, 180°

O: śri khudarayaka in Nagari, recumbent zebu to left with symbol on rump; to left, star above pellet above crescent

R: Horseman right, holding banner; ma in Nagari to left;’adl in Arabic to right.

Ref: Tye 23.

Notes: Toned, areas of flat strike. VF.

EX-CNG eAuction 500 Lot 576, from the Archytas Collection
Virgil HSep 15, 2022
Kabul, Local Issues, Shahis of Kabul and Gandhara, Spalapati DevaKabul
Shahis of Kabul and Gandhara
Spalapati Deva
750 - 850 AD
AR Jital, 20mm, 3.42 g, 180°

O: recumbent zebu left with trident on rump; odd jhul on zebu, legend above

R: King on horse holding lance/banner right. To right, crude cursive legend

Notes: Flat strike. VF. Scarce

Ref: MacDowell 7

Ex-Marc Breitsprecher, ex Bill Spengler collection, with his tag from 1960's.
Virgil HSep 15, 2022
Crusaders, Principality of Achaea, Florent of HainautFlorent of Hainaut
1289 - 1297

Billon denier tournois, 19mm, 0.800g, 180 degrees

O: + :FLORENS: P• Ach• (barred A, R with wedge foot = Corinth mint), cross pattée

R: DE: CLARENCIA* (barred A's, R with wedge foot = Corinth mint), castle tournois, concave gable surmounted by a cross

Ref: Metcalf Crusades type F1; Malloy Crusaders 13b

Notes: VF, toned, Corinth mint,

Ex-Forum Ancient Coins, ex-Louis G Estate
1 commentsVirgil HSep 14, 2022
Crusaders, Principality of Achaea, Mahaut (Maud) of HainautMahaut (Maud) of Hainaut
1316 - 1318

Billon denier tournois, 21mm. 0.935 grams, 225 degrees

O: + MAhAVTA•P Ach, cross pattée within inner border

R: DE CLARENCIA, castle tournois surmounted by cross dividing legend, surmounted by cross, C left

Ref: Malloy Crusaders 43; Metcalf Crusades type MA2

Notes: VF, toned, clashed dies, edge ragged with small splits, Clarentza(?) mint

Ex-Forum Ancient Coins, ex-Louis G estate
Virgil HSep 14, 2022
Crusaders, Principality of Achaea, Philip I of TarantoPhilip I of Taranto
1307 - 1313

Billon denier tournois, 19.5mm, 0.779g, 180 degrees

O: + •Ph'S•P•ACh'•TAR•D R (Philippus princeps Achaie, Taranti, despotus Romanie, S retrograde), cross pattée within inner border

R: D'•CLARENCIA•, castle tournois surmounted by cross dividing legend, surmounted by cross

Ref: Malloy Crusaders 26b, Metcalf Crusades PT2

Notes: VF, toned, unusual letter forms, variable letter sizes, poor workmanship (as Metcalf notes is usual for this type), small edge splits, Clarentza mint

Ex-Forum Ancient Coins, ex-Louis G Estate
Virgil HSep 14, 2022
Crusaders, Principality of Achaea, Philip of SavoyPhilip of Savoy
1301 - 1307

Billon denier tournois, 20mmm, 0.538g, 225 degrees

O: +·Ph's·D'SAB·P·AChE·, cross pattée within inner border

R: XDE CLARENCIA⚜, castle tournois surmounted by cross dividing legend, nothing on each side of castle, five pointed star below castle;

Ref: Wäckerlin 400; Malloy Crusaders 18 - 19 var. (pellets or annulets flanking castle)

Notes: F, slightly rectangular flan, light deposits, light marks, Corinth(?) mint

EX-Forum Ancient Coins, ex-Louis G Estate
Virgil HSep 14, 2022
Crusaders, Principality of Achaea, Isabelle de VillehardouinIsabelle de Villehardouin
BI Denier, 19mm, 0.94 g, 0 degrees

O: Cross pattée

R: Châtel tournois

Ref: Cf. Metcalf, Crusades 967; cf. CCS 16 (both refs for type).

Notes: Find patina, some deposits and die rust. VF. Clarencia (Glarentza) mint.

Ex- CNG eAuction 521 Lot 543 (2022); Ex Classical Numismatic Group Electronic Auction 392 (1 March 2017), lot 661
Virgil HSep 14, 2022

Random files - Virgil H's Gallery
Orodes IIearly-mid 2nd cent AD
AE Drachm, 15 mm, 3.61 grams

O: Bust facing forward wearing tiara, with without crest, with vertical central line and dots at rim, two diadem bands, pellet within crescent above anchor with two crossbars. Crossbar at bottom of anchor.

R: Dashes with regular pattern no border.

Ref: van't Haalf 13.3.2-1A

Notes: It is hard to determine between dashes with regular pattern and irregular. This one could honestly be either.

ex- Ex-CNG eAuction 512 Lot 901 (part of)
Virgil H
Orodes III2nd cent AD
AE 15 mm drachm, 3.61 grams

O: Bust facing left, wearing tiara with anchor and dotted rim, diadem band below tiara with ribbon falling behind bust from dot; to right, pellet in crescent above anchor with one crossbar; with pellet border

R: Bust of Artemis right, wearing calathus, possibly radiate; retrograde legends, ΒΑϹΙΛΕΥΚ on left reading outside-in, ΥpωΔΗϹtus on right, reading inside-out.

Ref: Van't Haalf 16.1.1-3Ab; Sear GIC 5892

ex-CNG eAuction 512 Lot 901 (part of)
Virgil H
C. Antestius146 BC
AR Denarius 19mm, 3.42 grams, 90 degrees

O: Helmeted head of Roma right; X (mark of value) below chin

R: The Dioscuri, each holding spear, on horseback riding right; below, dog running right, both forepaws raised.

Ref: Crawford 219/1e; Sydenham 411; Antestia 1; RBW 939.

Notes: Rome mint, toned, faint marks and deposits. VF.

ex-CNG eAuction 518, Lot 382
2 commentsVirgil H

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