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As a fairly generalist collector, I decided to attempt to create a comprehensive collection of Elymais coins, with an initial purpose of at least one from each ruler. I find the coins fascinating and quite beautiful, including the ones with degraded reverses and sometimes just dashes. Many are affordable and easy to find. The kingdom is in a geographical region that interests me and is Greek, while having heavy Persian/Parthian/Sassanian influence. Even with a few that will be expensive for my budget, this is a series I feel I will be able to complete at some point. To build the collection, I have bought a few group lots, so I therefore have some duplicates. I find this a fun collecting area and a way to specialize while continuing my overall more general collecting activity.

28 files, last one added on Feb 27, 2023
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Roman Republic


My relatively small Roman Republican collection. I am more focused with these on the artistry than most of the other coins I collect.

7 files, last one added on May 26, 2023
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Greek Thessaly


A small collection of bronze coins from Thessaly. Nothing spectacular, but I like the variety of issues.

14 files, last one added on Sep 03, 2022
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Small collection of Byzantine Empire.

5 files, last one added on Sep 07, 2022
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Crusader States


Small collection of Crusader States coins, mainly Principality of Achaea (which combines Crusader and Greek interests in one area), plus my rarest coin in my collection from the Lordship of Tyre. The Crusades has always fascinated me, my "ancestor" who gave me his last name was killed as a Knight Templar at the Battle of Hattin. I say ancestor because he owned the town and that is the origin of both a Scottish Clan and my last name. Real blood ancestor, who knows.

8 files, last one added on Sep 14, 2022
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Afghanistan, Ancient and Medieval


This folder will contain coins from Afghanistan, primarily from the period 500 - 1200 AD. Perhaps I will put Bactrian coins here if and when I get any, but my main interests here are Nezak, Turki, Hindu Shahis, and Ghazanavids as the bridge from ancients through the beginnings of Muslim rule of the area of what is now Afghanistan and Pakistan.

4 files, last one added on Jan 19, 2023
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Greek, Black Sea, Pontos, and Related


I spent almost a year in Sinop, Turkey, hence my interest in the coins of Paphlagonia and Pontos, as well as the rest of Turkey. I have decided to group my Greek Asia Minor coins in logical categories to keep my folder count to a reasonable level. This folder will contain Pontos, Paphlagonia, Bithynia, Galatia, Cappadocia, and perhaps others as they fit, such as Armenia.

26 files, last one added on May 01, 2023
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Misc Coins


This gallery I am using for coins that don't easily fit into my main areas of collecting, but I have acquired because of various reasons according to my wide spread interests. This gallery will be will encompass such coins I have from Judea, Seleucid Empire, Egypt, and other places where I only have a few coins and don't plan on expanding these areas into much larger collections. These are amongst the coins I have purchased because I just like the coins themselves or because of getting a good deal or any number of other reasons. I like them all even if I do not intend to pursue more thorough collections in these areas.

13 files, last one added on May 30, 2023
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Greek, Pisidia


I will probably add areas to this folder as I get more coins photographed. None of these coins are museum pieces, but are part of my wider Turkish mint collecting area and I, of course, enjoy them. My photography still leaves something to be desired.

5 files, last one added on Jan 19, 2023
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Greek, Thrace and Thracian Islands


Small collection of the coins of Thrace and one of the Thracian Islands

8 files, last one added on Mar 01, 2023
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Greek, Western Asia Minor


This will include coins of Western Asia Minor, today's western Turkey. I may have a separate folder for Ephesus, but for now this folder will hold coins from various places.

7 files, last one added on May 30, 2023
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Greek, Macedon


I have a number of Phillip II naked horsemen coins that I am working through and will take a while to get posted. I like this type and am amassing a collections with various symbols beneath the horse. In the meantime, I will post those Macedon coins I have ready, I have a few from Alexander and his successors in Macedon.

2 files, last one added on Mar 01, 2023
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Roman Imperial


This gallery is going to be pretty eclectic and many of the coins are not pristine examples. I have many late Roman bronzes to get through and identify and I buy many for historical reasons rather than for coin aesthetic reasons (as well as budget). So, there are some low quality coins here, yet I love them all as the connection to the empire over its entire history.

3 files, last one added on Feb 23, 2023
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Last additions - Virgil H's Gallery
Greek, Aiolis, Kyme2nd-1st Century BC
AE 16 mm, 3.00 grams, 0 degrees

O: Draped bust of Artemis right, bow and quiver over shoulder

R: ZΩIΛOΣ across fields, one-handed cup between two laurel branches

Ref: SG 4193; SNG Stockholm 2209; SNG von Aulock 1642; SNG Cop 108; Wiczay 4810; SNG Tuebingen 2701

Notes: VF, nice coin in-hand. Has two tags from The Time Machine, St Louis, MO, and one tag from Agora Auctions.

Ex-Forum Ancient Coin Lot (part of), Nov 2022
Virgil HMay 30, 2023
Greek, Messenia, Messene150-130 BC
AE Chalkous, 13 mm, 2.00 grams, 20 degrees

O: Laureate head of Zeus to right

R; Tripod between M E, all within annular wreath

Ref: SNG Cop 525; BCD 727; Grandjean 642-643

Notes: Very rare; Ex BCD collection with his tag, acquired 1999 from Pegasi; ex-Pegasi Numismatics with tag; ex unknown collector tag handwritten who had coin after BCD.

The dates for these rare chalkoi are from Grandjean's observation of a close stylistic link between their obverses and those of a very rare issue of Messenian silver

Ex-Forum Ancient Coins Lot (part of), Nov 2022
Virgil HMay 30, 2023
Greek, Ionia, Miletos250-190 BC
AE 18 mm, 3.34 grams, 180 degrees

O: Laureate head of Apollo right, circle of dots

R: Lion standing right, looking back at star in upper field, all within wreath. Magistrates name under lion

Ref: SG 4519; BMC 103; Deppert Milet 544-548; SNG Cop 991

Notes: Photos do not adequately capture this coin in hand.

Ex-Forum Ancient Coins Lot (part of), Nov 2022
Virgil HMay 30, 2023
Greek, Kaunos, Cariaca. 191/0-166 BC
AE 10.5 mm, 1.17 grams, 300 degrees

O: Diademed head of young male right (Alexander III?)

R: Cornucopia; K and AY monogram flanking

Ref: SG 4823; SNG Keckman 75-76; SNG von Aulock 8100; SNG Copenhagen 184

Notes: Obverse off center, VF

Ex-Forum Ancient Coins Lot (part of), Nov 2022
Virgil HMay 30, 2023
Greek, Birytis, Troasc. 300 BC
AE 11 mm, 1.28 grams. 180 degrees

O: Head of bearded Cabirus (Kabeiros) wearing pileus left; no visible stars either side

R: B-I / P–Y either side of club; all within laurel wreath

Ref: SG 4058 (version with beard and no stars); SNG Turkey 4 345-346; other references listed in SNG Turkey 4: SNG Cop Troas 247 ff; SNG Tubingen Mysienlonien 2573 ff.; SNG Munchen Troas-Lesbos 168 ff;

Note: nice little coin with good detail. I have considered cleaning this one to reveal more detail, but am hesitant to mess up a nice coin.

Ex-Forum Ancient Coins Lot (part of), Nov 2022
2 commentsVirgil HMay 29, 2023
Roman Republic, P. Clodius M.f. TurrinusMoneyer issues of Imperatorial Rome
42 BC
AR Denarius, 17 mm, 3.5 grams, 180 degrees
Rome mint

O: Laureate head of Apollo right; lyre to left

R: Diana Lucifera standing right, bow and quiver over her shoulder, holding torches. P. CLODIVS to right; M.F. to left.

Ref: RSC Claudia 15; Crawford 494/23; CRI 184; Sydenham 1117; RBW 1727

Notes: My first Republican coin, have had this one a few years. I would rate this one as Fine, reverse slightly off center. Pretty nice coin in hand.
2 commentsVirgil HMay 26, 2023
Roman Republic, Lucius Caesius112-111 BC
AR Denarius, 19 mm, 3.72 grams, 180 degrees

O: Bust of Apollo-Vejovis left, seen from behind and with drapery on left shoulder, preparing to hurl thunderbolt; monogram of Roma to right.

R: The two Lares seated right, dog between them, LA on left, R3 on right, (LA and R3 interlace), L. CAESI, in exergue, head of Vulcan and tongs above

Ref: Crawford 298/1; RSC Caesia 1; Sydenham 564

Notes: A worn but lovely in hand coin, there is something about a worn silver coin. The obverse is also often attributed to Apollo, as well as Vejovis. This is also one of my dog collection coins. Graded as Fine-Very Fine by the auction house.

Ex-Jean Elsen & ses Fils Auction 154 lot 305, March 2023
4 commentsVirgil HMay 20, 2023
Kingdom of PaphlagoniaPylaimenes II. / III. Euergetes
Circa 133-103 BC
AE 18mm, 2.90 grams, 0 degrees

O: Head of bull facing

Winged kerykeion (caduceus)

Ref: SNG BM Black Sea 1555-6; HGC 7, 441; SG 3715

Notes: Extremely fine. Unknown mint. This is a beautiful coin in hand, it has the best obverse of any I have seen. It is rated R1 in HGC.

Ex-Numismatik Naumann Auction 127, Lot 230, April 2023
6 commentsVirgil HMay 01, 2023
Neapolis, Campania, Italy270 - 250 BC
AE 21, 5.763 grams, 135 degrees

O: NEOΠOΛITΩN, laureate head of Apollo left, long wavy hair, E behind

R: River-god Acheloios Sebethos, as a man-faced bull, standing right, head turned facing, being crowned by Nike who flies right above, MB monogram below, possibly IΣ in exergue (off flan)

Ref: Potamikon 333, Taliercio IIIa.10, HN Italy 589; BMC Italy p. 115, 219, SNG Cop 505, Sambon 658

Notes: VF, irregular flan shape typical for the type with remnants of casting sprues, nice jade green patina, light corrosion, Campania mint. I will credit Nick Molinari's book, Acheloios, Thales, and The Origin of Philosophy, for me wanting a man-faced bull coin. The book is really good, even if it was over my head at times. Fascinating read and I find his conclusions quite convincing. Knowing what the man faced bull is makes all the difference in understanding these coins. I am thrilled to have an example.

Ex-Forum Ancient Coins, Feb 2023
1 commentsVirgil HMar 01, 2023
Greek, Mysia, Lampsakosca 362 BC
Orontas, Satrap
AE 13.5 mm, 2.02 grams, 180 degrees

O: Laureate head of Zeus right

R: Λ-A-M, OPONTA (almost unreadable). Forepart of Pegasos right.

Ref: SNG Cop 199

Ex-Forum Ancient Coins Lot (part of), Nov 2022
Virgil HMar 01, 2023
Kings of Macedon, Alexander IV or Philip III Arrhidaios323-317 BC
AE half unit, 16 mm, 4.2 grams, 180 degrees

O: Gorgoneion head facing in the centre of a shield surrounded by five double crescents with five dots between them.

R: B-A across fields, Macedonian helmet with cheek pieces. Rose in lower left field.

Ref: Price 2070; HGC 3 958a. This is a difficult one. Alexander IV was not really a king except in name. One source says minted under Asandros, circa 323-319 BC. Another source lists it as Phillip III Arrhidaios. Hard to tell if the image inside the shield is a gorgoneion or Herakles, but I think gorgoneion.

Ex-Forum Ancient Coins Lot (part of, Nov 2022
1 commentsVirgil HMar 01, 2023
Sikyon, Pelopennesos323-251 BC
AE 15 mm, 2.57 grams

O: Dove flying left

R: ΣI within olive wreath

Ref: SNG Cop 80-82; SG 2781

Ex-Forum Ancient Coins Lot (part of), Nov 2022
1 commentsVirgil HMar 01, 2023

Random files - Virgil H's Gallery
Thessaly, LarissaMid 4th century BC
AE Chalkous, 13mm, 1.96 grams, 0 degrees

O: Head of the nymph Larissa r., hair rolled up around and tied above her head, wearing pendant earring and plain necklace; border of dots

R: [Λ]ΑΡΙ[Σ] above, [AΙ]Ω[Ν] below, crouching horse l., about to roll

Ref: HGC 4 535; Rogers 296; BCD Thessaly I 1171.2; BCD Thessaly II 585391.1 & 392.3

Ex-CNG e506, Lot 967 (part of)
Virgil H
Byzantine Empire, Justinian I540/1 AD
AE27, Half Follis, 8.36 grams, 180 degrees

O: Helmeted and cuirassed facing bust, holding globus cruciger and shield with horseman motif; cross to right

R: Large K, cross above, date across fields; Y/Z below

Ref: SB 208, MIB 212

Ex-Forum Ancient Coins Members Auction
Virgil H
Greek, Thasos, Thracian Islands412 - 404 BC
AR Trihemiobol, 13 mm, 0.69 grams, 0 degrees

O: Ithyphallic satyr kneeling left, holding kanthros.

R: Amphora with two handles, θAΣ-IΩN either side.

Ref: Le Rider, Thasos 27; SNG Cop 1029; BMC 53; SG 1755

Notes: F, toned, porus.

Ex-Forum Ancient Coins Members Auction from Moneta, Oct 2021
Virgil H

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