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Hierocaesarea in Lydia

79 files, last one added on Mar 09, 2023
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113 files, last one added on Feb 11, 2023
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Faustina II Denarii


93 files, last one added on Feb 21, 2023
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Faustina II AE


13 files, last one added on Jan 27, 2022
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Faustina II Provincial Coins


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Roman Provincial Coins - Alexandria


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Greek and Pseudo Autonomous Coins

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Greek - Asia Minor


Greek and Pseudo Autonomous Coins from Asia Minor

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Roman Provincial Coins - Asia Minor


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Roman Provincial Coins - Other


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Roman Coins - Republic


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Roman Coins - Denarii - Empresses (except Faustina II)


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Roman Coins - Denarii - Emperors


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Roman Coins- Antoniniani


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Freiburg im Breisgau


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Artemis / Diana Gallery


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Roman Portrait Gallery


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Last additions - shanxi's Gallery
Cr. 408/1a, Republic, 67BC, C Calpurnius Piso L F FrugiC Calpurnius Piso L F Frugi
Denarius, 67 BC, Rome
Obv.: Laureate head of Apollo right, wheel behind
Rev.: [C] PISO L F FRV, Horseman with palm, star above
Ag, 17mm, 3.89g
Ref.: Cr.408/1a, Syd.850f.
(scratches strongly enhanced by photo light)
Ex Numismatik Lanz, Auction 158, Lot 355
Ex Gorny & Mosch, Auction 225, Lot 1947
Ex Pecunem Gitbud&Naumann auction 29, Lot 505
2 commentsshanxiMar 18, 2023
RIC 5a, p.281, 152 - Aurelianus, Sol, FidesAurelianus, 270 - 275
Obv: IMP C AVRELIANVS AVG, Bust radiate, cuirassed r., seen from front
Rev: PRO-VIDEN D-EOR , Fides Militum standing r. holding two standards, facing; Sol standing l., raising r. hand and holding globe in l.; in exergue VXXT
Ae, 3.59g, 21.4mm
Ref.:RIC V.1, p.281,152.

shanxiMar 14, 2023
RIC 4c, p.127, 58b - Herennia Etruscilla, PudicitiaHerennia Etruscilla
AR Antoninianus, AD 249-251
Obv.: HER ETRVSCILLA AVG, diademed and draped bust on crescent right
Rev.: PVDICITIA AVG, Pudicitia veiled standing left, drawing veil and holding sceptre
Ag, 3,06 g, 23mm
Ref.: RIC 58b, C17
shanxiMar 14, 2023
RIC 2, p.427, 678; RIC II, Part 3 (second edition) 828, Hadrian, SalusHadrian
As, Rome
Obv.: HADRIANVS AVGVSTVS, Head of Hadrian, laureate, right
Rev.: SALVS AVGVSTI // COS III (in exergue) // S C (in field), Salus standing left, holding patera and sceptre; to left, snake coiled around altar
AE, 9,68g, 26mm
Ref.: RIC II, Part 3 (second edition) Hadrian 828
shanxiMar 12, 2023
RIC 7, p.690, 71, Constantine I, Camp GateConstantinus I. (306-337)
Obv: : CONSTANTINVS AVG, diademed head of Constantine I
Rev: PROVIDEN-TIAE AVGG, Camp gate, star above, pearl, SMANTE
AE, 3.18g, 17-18mm
Ref.: RIC VII (Antioch) 71
shanxiMar 12, 2023
Moesia Superior, Viminacium, AD 250, HostilianHostilian
Moesia Superior, Viminacium
AD 250
Obv.: C VAL HOST M QVINTVS CAE, draped bust right.
Rev.: PMS COL VIM/ AN XII = year 12, AD 250, Moesia Superior standing between lion and bull
AE, 25.7 mm, 11.44 g
Ref.: Varbanov I 200, Moushmov 52
Ex Gitbud&Naumann
shanxiMar 10, 2023
RIC 7, p.605, 35 - Constantinus II, Jupiter holding VictoryConstantinus II (Reg. 317-340 AD)
Obv: D N FL CL CONSTANTINVS NOB C/ Bust of Constantine II, laureate, draped, left, holding sceptre in right hand and mappa in left hand
Rev: PROVIDEN-TIAE CAESS, Jupiter, nude, chlamys draped across left shoulder, standing left, holding Victory on globe in right hand and leaning on sceptre with left hand Jupiter mit Victoria und Zepter, (palm branch left)/(• on B)//SMN
Ref.: RIC VII, p.605, Nicomedia 35
shanxiMar 10, 2023
RIC 8, p.377, 378 - Julianus II, fallen horsemanJulian II "the Apostate"
February 360 - 26 June 363
Siscia mint,
Obv: D N IVLIAN-VS NOB C, bare-headed, draped and cuirassed bust right
Rev: FEL TEMP REPARATIO, helmeted soldier with shield on his left arm spearing a fallen horseman wearing a pointed cap, M in left field, ΔSIS in exergue
AE, 2.02g, 17.04 mm
Ref.: RIC p.377, VIII 378
shanxiMar 09, 2023
RIC 4a, p.125, 266 - Septimius Severus, Dea CaelestisSeptimius Severus (AD 193-211)
AR Denarius, Rome Mint
Obv.: SEVERVS PIVS AVG, Laureate head right
Rev.: INDVLGENTIA AVGG, Dea Caelestis riding right, on lion, holding thunderbolt and sceptre; below, waters gushing form rock; in ex: IN CARTH.
Ag, 3.19g, 18.3mm
Ref.: RIC 266, C 222
2 commentsshanxiMar 09, 2023
Asia Minor, Lydia, Hierocaesarea, Agrippina Junior, Artemis, two stagsLydia. Hierocaesaraea
Agrippina Junior (Augusta, 50-59)
Bronze, AE 17
Obv.: AΓPIΠΠINAN ΘЄAN CЄBACTHN, draped bust right, hair in long plait down back of neck and looped at end, long loosely curled lock down side of neck;
Rev.: IЄPOKAICAPЄΩN ЄΠI KAΠITΩNOC, Artemis Persica standing facing, wearing long chiton, with right hand
drawing arrow from quiver on right shoulder, left hand on hip, stag on either side
AE, 5.94g, 17mm
Ref.: RPC I 2386
1 commentsshanxiMar 09, 2023
Thrace, Hadrianopolis, Herakles, Two ErotesTHRACE. Hadrianopolis.
Time of Gordian III (238-244)
Obv: TON KTICTHN. Bearded and laureate head of Herakles right.
Rev: AΔPIANOΠOΛЄIT / ΩN, Two Erotes standing facing one another, playing with the club of Herakles.
AE, 2.72g, 19mm.
Ref.: Jurukova 708.

3 commentsshanxiMar 05, 2023
RIC 4b, p.048, 241 - Julia Soaemias, Venus Caelestis standingulia Soaemias
AR Denar
Obv.: IVLIA SOAEMIAS AVG, draped bust right;
Rev.: VENVS CAELESTIS, Venus standing left, holding apple and scepter, star
Ag, 2.5g
Ref.: RIC IVb, p.48, 241
shanxiMar 03, 2023

Random files - shanxi's Gallery
RIC 4a, p.269, 362 - Plautilla, PROPAGO IMPERI Plautilla
AR Denarius. Rome, AD 202
Obv.: Draped bust right, PLAVTILLAE AVGVSTAE
Rev.: Plautilla and Caracalla clasping hands, PROPAGO IMPERI
Ar, 3.58g
Ref.: RIC 362, RSC 21
Ex HJB, Sale 128, CRE 436 [C]
Egypt, Alexandria, AD 157/158, Antoninus Pius, AlexandriaAntoninus Pius
Egypt, Alexandria
Billon Tetradrachm
Year ΚΑ = 21 (AD 157/8)
Obv: ΑΝΤⲰΝΙΝΟ(Ϲ) ϹƐΒ(Α) ƐVϹƐΒ(Η), laureate head of Antoninus Pius with traces of drapery, right
Rev. L KA, draped bust of Alexandria wearing cap in form of elephant's head, r.
Billon, 23 mm., 13,38 g
Ref.: RPC IV.4, 13895-9 (this coin)
Asia Minor, Phrygia, Apameia, Zeus, ArtemisApameia
Asia Minor, Phrygia
AE19, 133-48 BC
Obv.: laureate head of Zeus right
Rev.: AΠAMEΩN HPAKΛEI EΓΛO, cult-statue of Artemis Anaitis seen from front.
AE, 8.14g, 19mm
Ref.: SNG München 123; SNG Tübingen 3967

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