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Alexius I Pb (lead) Issues


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Anonymous Folles


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Byzantine Bronzes


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Mardin Countermarks


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Tyches from Syrian Antioch


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Last additions - Abu Galyon's Gallery
Sear 1813Anonymous Class A2 Follis. Weight 13.82 g., diameter 33mm, type 26 ornamentation. Probably from a provincial mint.Abu GalyonAug 06, 2023
McAlee 0110bCivic Issue (Gaius Cestius Gallus, legate), AE Trichalkon, diameter 16mm, weight 2.76g. Dated year 114 (ΔΙΡ = 114) of Caesarean era = 65/66 CE. Abu GalyonJul 31, 2023
Sear 0689Phocas (602 – 610 CE) Pentanummium, weight 1.67g, diameter 18mm. Mint of Carthage. MIBEC dates this type to the second lustral period of Phocas’s reign beginning in 607 CE. 1 commentsAbu GalyonJul 23, 2023
Sear 1823Imitative Anonymous Class B Follis. Weight 6.39g, diameter 26mm.

An example of a group of 11th century imitations identified by Grierson [DOC Vol 3, part ii, page 680f]. They consistently exhibit several differences from the normal Class B pattern: thinner, smaller flan with correspondingly lighter weight, quincunx as nimbus ornament, no obverse inscription other than the IC XC abbreviations, and also several regularly recurring errors on the reverse. The group is significantly later in date than the original Class B issue and must have been struck during the early part of the reign of Alexius I. This example has been overstruck on a Class H anonymous follis.

Grierson also notes that two of the specimens he illustrates as plate coins in DOC “are clearly the work of a die-sinker of some artistic competence”. I believe this present coin to be the work of the same craftsman.
Abu GalyonJun 23, 2023
Sear 308AJustinian I (527 – 565 CE) Decanummium, weight 3.98g, diameter 17mm. Sear placed this type among Justinian’s Roman issues, but Hahn and Metlich [MIB] write, “These coins are found throughout Italy, but the obverse style of the profile bust is that of the gold fractions attributable to Sicily.” Abu GalyonJun 18, 2023
Sear 2012/3Alexius III Angelus-Comnenus (1195 – 1203 CE) Billon aspron trachy, weight 2.88g, diameter 27mm. Abu GalyonJun 16, 2023
Sear 1818Anonymous Class A3 Follis. Weight 11.80g, diameter 30mm. Type 41 ornamentation.Abu GalyonJun 07, 2023
Caliphate of Mu’awiyaMu’awiya (660 – 680 CE) Bilingual series, mint of Baalbek (Heliopolis). Fals, weight 3.29g, diameter 19mm.

Obverse: No legend. Two standing crowned figures with cross in field between their heads, each figure holding a sceptre, left hand figure also holds globus cruciger.

Reverse: Large M with cross above and ꓵ below; HΛIȢ to left and ΠΟΛЄ to right, in exergue ba’albak (in Arabic).

This is the unusual sub-variety with the design reversed (sceptres leaning to right and with the left-hand figure holding the globus cruciger). There are four examples illustrated in Goodwin’s die study of the Baalbek coinage (Goodwin [2005], chapter 2) all using the same obverse die, which this specimen also shares.
Abu GalyonJun 05, 2023
Sear 1813Anonymous Class A2 follis, weight 14.31g, diameter 31mm. Type 5 ornamentation.Abu GalyonMay 30, 2023
Sear 1207Constantine IV Pogonatus (668 – 685 CE) Follis, weight 4.92g, diameter 30mm. Mint of Syracuse. Overstruck on a Syracusan follis of Constans II [Sear 1109 or 1110].Abu GalyonMay 05, 2023
Sear 0806Heraclius (610 – 641 CE) Follis, weight 9.67g, diameter 28x25mm. Mint of Constantinople, first officina, struck in 616/17 [= regnal year 7].Abu GalyonApr 25, 2023
Sear 0045Anastasius I (491 – 518 CE) Pentanummium, weight 1.61g, diameter 13mm. Mint of Nicomedia.Abu GalyonFeb 22, 2023

Random files - Abu Galyon's Gallery
Sear 0533Maurice Tiberius (582 - 602 CE) Follis, weight 11.85g, diameter 27 mm. Antioch mint, dated 596/7 CE (= regnal year 15). The officina mark is a mystery: the unusual officina letter S (sixth officina) is noted for this type, but only (according to Sear) in regnal years 8, 20 and 21. But officina B is not noted for year 15 either.3 commentsAbu Galyon
Sear 1813Anonymous Class A2 follis, weight 18.0g, diameter 33mm. Type 9 ornamentation. Abu Galyon
Sear 1730Leo VI the Wise (886 – 912 CE). Follis, weight 8.4g, diameter 25mm. Mint of Constantinople.2 commentsAbu Galyon

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