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12 Caesars


15 files, last one added on Feb 11, 2012
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Roman Republic


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Severan Peroid


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The Adoptive Emperors


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Biblical and Judaean coins


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Alexander the Great and his successors


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The Tetrarchy


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3rd Century Roman/ Chrisis and Recovery


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Last additions - Dk0311USMC's Gallery
Potin, Leuci Gaul, 40-60 B.C. Obverse: Head of Gaul facing left.
Reverse: Boar facing left. 3 celtic crescents in pyramid shape below.

Leuci, Gaul was mentioned by Julius Caesar as one of the locations supplying bread, and other supplies to his legions during the conquest of Gaul (present day France) This coin was minted within the period of Julius Caesar's Gaul campaign.
Dk0311USMCJan 13, 2015
Larissa, Thessaly, 400 - 344 B.C.AE 20 4.659g, 18.6mm, Larissa mint

Obverse: Head of nymph Larissa facing slightly left, hair tied with a fillet and floating loosely
Reverse: LARI-[S-NWIA], bridled horse trotting right.
1 commentsDk0311USMCDec 01, 2012
Ptolemy IV Philopator, 221 - 204 B.C.Alexandria mint, 40g, 38.3mm

Obverse: Head of Zeus Ammon right, wearing taenia
Reverse: "PTOLEMAIOU BASILEWS" eagle standing half left on fulmen, wings closed, head right, filleted cornucopia ascending behind from shoulder, EP monogram between legs.
3 commentsDk0311USMCJul 04, 2012
Nabataean Kingdom 9 B.C - 40 A.D.17mm 3.64g Petra mint

Obverse: Aretas IV & Shaquelat right
Reverse: Two cornucopias crossed and filleted, Aramaic inscription
1 commentsDk0311USMCFeb 22, 2012
Ancient Roman ringBronze ring with blue intaglio stone, dating from the Roman Empire.Dk0311USMCFeb 15, 2012
Roman bronze ringAncient bronze ring with design.Dk0311USMCFeb 14, 2012
Ancient Chinese bronze arrowheadDk0311USMCFeb 14, 2012
Ancient Roman RingBronze ring with intaglio stone dating from the Roman Empire.1 commentsDk0311USMCFeb 14, 2012
American Revolution Era musket ball2 commentsDk0311USMCFeb 14, 2012
American Civil war bullets2 American civil war Era rifle bullets.
The American civil war saw the development of these cone shaped bullets and new riffling built inside the rifle barrels for much greater accuracy.
1 commentsDk0311USMCFeb 14, 2012
Lead sling bulletAncient Roman led sling bullet.
These bullets are said to be more lethal at extended ranges than the arrow, due to its weight and ability to sling at greater distances.
1 commentsDk0311USMCFeb 14, 2012
Ancient Roman FibulaFibula with pin. Ancient Roman Empire.1 commentsDk0311USMCFeb 14, 2012

Random files - Dk0311USMC's Gallery
Augustus under TiberiusCopper as Commemorative minted by Tiberius 22 - 30 A.D
Obverse: DIVVS AVGVSTVS PATER, radiate head left
Reverse: PROVIDENT S C, altar with double panelled door, ornaments on top
1 commentsDk0311USMC
Himera, Sicily 420-408 B.C.Bronze hemilitron 4.35g, 16mm Himera mint

Obverse: IME, head of nymph Himera left, wearing sphendone, sex pellets before.
Reverse: six pellets within laurel wreath
Athens Tetradrachm449-413 B.C. Attica Old style Tetradrachm 17g

Obverse: Head of Athena right, almond shaped eye, crested helmet with olive leaves and floral scroll, hair in parallel curves. Test cut and Countermark on cheek.
Reverse: AOE Right, owl standing right, head facing, erect in posture, olive sprig and crescent left, all within incuse square. Test cuts and counter punch in eye.

2 commentsDk0311USMC

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