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HUNGARY: The Earliest Arpads (1000-1095)


11 files, last one added on Feb 26, 2018

HUNGARY: Coloman (1095-1116)


13 files, last one added on Jun 27, 2015

HUNGARY: Twelfth Century Emissions (1116-1205)


36 files, last one added on Oct 02, 2017

HUNGARY: Thirteenth Century Bracteates


5 files, last one added on Dec 30, 2008

HUNGARY: The Last Arpads (1205-1301)


32 files, last one added on Dec 20, 2020

HUNGARY: The rpadin Angevin Interregnum (1301-1307)


Upon the death of Andrew III (1290-1301) and the extinction of the rpadin dynasty, the throne was claimed by Wenceslaus (age 11), son of Wenceslaus II Premyslid, king of Bohemia, and also by Charles Robert (age 13), son of Charles II of Anjou, king of Naples and Sicily. They both had rpadin blood: Wenceslaus' great-grandmother was a daughter of Bla IV (1235-1270) and Charles Robert's grandmother was a daughter of Ladislaus IV (1272-1290). Charles Robert prevailed in the factional warfare that ensued, and Wenceslaus renounced the throne in favor of Otto of Wittelsbach, Duke of Bavaria, whose grandmother was a daughter of Bla IV. Otto was expelled in 1307, leaving Charles Robert the uncontested king.

5 files, last one added on Dec 13, 2020

HUNGARY: The Angevin Dynasty - Kroly Rbert/Charles Robert (1307-1342)


34 files, last one added on Apr 11, 2021

HUNGARY: The Angevin Dynasty - Lajos/Louis I, the Great (1342-1382)


29 files, last one added on Dec 14, 2020

HUNGARY: The Angevin Dynasty - Maria (1382-1387/1395)


Maria was the oldest surviving daughter of King Louis I (1342-1382) and Elizabeth of Bosnia. Her marriage to Sigismund of Luxembourg was arranged before her first birthday. When Louis died in September 1382 without a son, Mary (then age 11-12) was crowned "king." Elizabeth assumed the regency. The majority of Hungary's nobility, however, objected to a female sovereign. viewing Maria's distant Angevin cousin, Charles III of Naples, as the rightful king. To strengthen Maria's position, Elizabeth engaged Maria to Louis, the younger brother of the king of France, who had been engaged to Maria's deceased older sister. Charles invaded Hungary in September 1385. Sigismund followed and persuaded Elizabeth to marry Maria to him. He was not crowned or given a role in government, and was unable to prevent Charles from occupying Buda. Fearing for her life, Maria renounced the throne. Charles was crowned king, but weeks later, in February 1386, was assassinated by Elizabeth. Maria was restored with Elizabeth again as regent. That July, supporters of Charles' son captured Maria and Elizabeth (who was executed). During her captivity, the Hungarian Diet declared Sigismund regent, crowning him in March 1387. Maria was liberated in July. She nominally co-ruled, with Sigismund, until her death in labor, precipitated by a fall from a horse in a hunting accident, in 1395.

24 files, last one added on Feb 06, 2019

HUNGARY: Sigismund of Luxembourg (1387-1437) and Albert (1437-1439)


72 files, last one added on Nov 29, 2020

HUNGARY: The Civil War Years (1437-1457)


40 files, last one added on Jan 15, 2018

HUNGARY: Matthias Corvinus (1458-1490)


51 files, last one added on Jun 14, 2020

HUNGARY: Undated Wladislaus II (1490-1503)


28 files, last one added on Nov 02, 2015

HUNGARY: Dated Jagiellon Coinage (1503-1526)


39 files, last one added on Jan 13, 2019

HUNGARY: John Zapolyai (1526-1540)


3 files, last one added on Jun 13, 2009

HUNGARY: Slavonian Provincial Emissions (1242-1355)


8 files, last one added on Dec 16, 2020



69 files, last one added on Feb 11, 2019



31 files, last one added on Apr 25, 2020

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Last additions - Stkp's Gallery
Hungary. Kroly Rbert/Charles Robert (1307-1342). Huszr 493 var., Pohl 50 var., Unger 390, Rthy II 34, Frynas 24.44, Lengyel 24/9/1, Toth views1 commentsStkpApr 11, 2021
Italian States. Venice. Grosso. Giovanni Soranzo24 views2 commentsStkpFeb 27, 2021
Russia. Ivan IV Vasilyevich, The Terrible (1530-1584) 6 viewsStkpJan 18, 2021
Hungary. Bla IV (1235-1270). Huszr 314; Toth-Kiss; Unger 236; Rthy I 247; Frynas H.18.24; Lengyel 18/51; Adamovszky 37616 views1 commentsStkpDec 20, 2020
Hungary. Bla IV (1235-1270). Huszr 301; Toth-Kiss; Unger 225; Rthy I 237; Frynas H.18.13; Lengyel 18/11; Adamovszky 36418 views1 commentsStkpDec 19, 2020
Hungary. Istvn/Stephen V (1270-1272). Huszr 352; Toth-Kiss; Unger 264 var.; Rthy I 292 var.; Frynas H.19.9; Lengyel 19/10; Adamovsky 438 var.13 viewsStkpDec 17, 2020
Unger Sz. 11, Rengjeo 97-100 var., Mimica 40-43 var., Dimnik & Dubrinik 8.1.115 views1 commentsStkpDec 16, 2020
Huszr 526, Pohl 63-4, Unger 417d, Rthy II 74, Frynas H.25.1512 views1 commentsStkpDec 14, 2020
Hungary. Venzel/Wenceslaus Premyslid (1301-1305). Huszr 434a, Toth-Kiss, Unger 343 var., Rthy I 383A/Zimmermann 56, Frynas H.22.3, Lengyel 22/2A, Adamovszky 53115 views1 commentsStkpDec 13, 2020
Hungary. Venzel/Wenceslaus Premyslid (1301-1305). Huszr 434, Toth-Kiss, Unger 343, Rthy I 383, Frynas H.22.2, Lengyel 22/2, Adamovszky 53216 views1 commentsStkpDec 13, 2020
Italian States. Venice. Soldino. Andrea Contarini3 viewsStkpDec 06, 2020
Italian States. Venice. Grosso. Lorenzo Tiepolo4 viewsStkpDec 06, 2020

Random files - Stkp's Gallery
Marcianapolis (Moesia Inferior/now Devnya, Bulgaria). Diadumenian (Caesar, 217-218 A.D.; Augustus, May-June 218 A.D.) (Marcus Opellius Antoninus Diadumenianus)9 viewsStkp
Schjöth 1421, Hartill 6.32-34 Type D2, KM 312.256 viewsStkp
Italian States. Venice. Republic. 10 viewsStkp

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