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Greek Coins: Italy


Coins from Greek Colonies in Italy.

8 files, last one added on Oct 25, 2010

Greek Coins: Northern Greece - Macedonia and Macedonian Kingdom


Coins from Macedonia and the Macedonian Kingdom of Alexander.

29 files, last one added on May 23, 2013

Greek Coins: Northern Greece - Illyricum, Thessaly, Thrace, and Akarnania


Coins from Illyricum, Thessaly, Thrace and Akarnania.

24 files, last one added on Sep 26, 2011

Greek Coins: Central Greece


Phokis, Euboea and Corinth.

8 files, last one added on Jun 13, 2012

Greek Coins: Attica, Athens


Coins of Athens

8 files, last one added on Oct 24, 2018

Greek Coins: Peloponnesos (excluding Achaean League coins)


The Peloponnesos.

29 files, last one added on Oct 09, 2012

Greek Coins: Achaean League Collection


Coins of the Achaean League.

45 files, last one added on Oct 24, 2018

Greek Coins: Asia Minor, the Middle East and Africa


Ionia, Rhodes, Lydia, Antioch, Judaea, and Carthage.

18 files, last one added on Jun 29, 2012

Roman Coins: General


My Roman Collection.

27 files, last one added on Sep 26, 2011

World Coins


2 files, last one added on May 03, 2011

** ex-Collection


Sold, Given or Traded

12 files, last one added on Sep 12, 2009

Black Cabinet


Modern fakes/reproductions.

1 files, last one added on Jul 25, 2010

To be catalogued


2 files, last one added on Sep 12, 2009


13 albums on 1 page(s)

Last additions - Dino's Gallery
Bronze - ACHAIA, Achaean League, SikyonBronze tetrachalkon, BCD Peloponnesos 323; BMC Peloponnesus p. 13, 147; Clerk 20; Benner 4; HGC 5 285 (S), F, dark patina, tight flan, marks, scrape on reverse, corrosion, 4.581g, 17.9mm, 45o, Sikyon mint, 191 -146 B.C.; obverse Zeus standing left, nude, Nike in extended right hand, long scepter vertical in left hand, DA monogram lower left; reverse AXAIWN SIKYWNIWN, Achaia seated left, wreath in extended right hand, long scepter vertical in left hand; ex J. Cohen Collection, ex BCD Collection (acquired from old German collection in Oct. 1993); rareDinoOct 24, 2018
Bronze - ACHAIA, Achaean League, TegeaBronze tetrachalkon, cf. BCD Peloponnesos 1325, BMC Peloponnesus p. 15, 171 ff., Clerk 89 ff., SNG Cop 347 ff., aF/VF, 4.511g, 18.6mm, 90o, Tegea (Alea, Arcadia, Peloponnese, Greece) mint, 191 -146 B.C.; obverse Zeus Amarios standing left, nude, Nike in right hand, long vertical scepter in left hand, obscure magistrates name downward behind; reverse AXAIWN - TEGEA-TWN, Achaia seated left, wreath in her right hand, long scepter vertical in her left hand; ex Gitbud & Naumann auction 23 (5 Oct 2014), lot 254DinoOct 24, 2018
2. ATTICA, Athens. Circa 454-404 BC. AR Obol (8.5mm, 0.66 g, 11h). Helmeted head of Athena right, with frontal eye / Owl standing right, head facing; olive sprig to left; all within incuse square. Kroll 13; HGC 4, 1665. VF, find patina, minor roughness.

CNG Auction 431, Lot: 178.
DinoOct 24, 2018
KINGS of MACEDON. Philip III Arrhidaios. 323-317 BC. AV StaterKINGS of MACEDON. Philip III Arrhidaios. 323-317 BC. AV Stater
(18mm, 8.61 g, 12h)

Obv: Laureate head of Apollo right
Rev: Charioteer, holding kentron and reins, driving biga right; Ξ and cornucopia below.
In the types of Philip II. Abydos mint. Struck under Leonnatos, Arrhidaios, or Antigonos I Monophthalmos.

Le Rider –; Thompson, Philip 24; ADM II Series V, 86 var. (same obv. die, additional control on rev.); SNG ANS 296. EF.

From the Kelly J. Krizan, M.D. Collection. Ex Classical Numismatic Review XX/1 (Spring 1995), no. SP1005 (part of; this coin illustrated).

CNG 93, Lot: 157.
9 commentsDinoMay 23, 2013
Achaia, Achaean League, Argos. 195-188 BC.AR Triobol or Hemidrachm (15mm, 2.40 g, 6h).

Obv: Laureate head of Zeus left
Rev: AX monogram; TK monogram above; below, wolf’s head right; all within laurel wreath.

Benner 3; Clerk 141/5; BCD Peloponnesos 1130; HGC 5, 714.

From the BCD Collection (not in previous sales).

CNG e-auction 288, Lot: 156.
DinoOct 16, 2012
ELIS. Olympia. 352-348 BC. AR hemidrachm.AR hemidrachm (17mm, 2.52g). 107th-108th Olympiad.
Laureate head of Zeus right / Eagle standing right on Ionic column capital. BCD Olympia 139-42. Ex BCD (private sale). VF toned.

JHE E-Auction #7.
6 commentsDinoOct 09, 2012
Carian Satraps, Pixodaros, ca 341-336/5AR didrachm
Ob: Laureate Apollo, three quarters facing, right, himation fastened with brooch at neck
Rx: ΠIXΩΔAPOY; Zeus of Labraunda standing right, holding spear in left hand & double-bladed axe over right shoulder.
7.02g 21mm

SNG Keckman I, 280, Sammlung Karl 35-40

ex Pegasi Numismatics Auction XXII (20.04.2010) lot 167
5 commentsDinoJun 29, 2012
Corinth, circa 350-338 BCAR Diobol, 0.810g

Obv: Pegasus with pointed wing flying left;
Rx: Pegasus with curled wing, trotting right Darker silver.

References: BMC-238, pl. IX, 15, Babelon-pl. CCXII, 14

ex Harlan J. Berk
DinoJun 13, 2012
Tegea, Arkadia, Peloponessos, circa 400-200 BCBronze 17mm (2.08 grams)
Ob: Head of Athena right, in crested Corinthian helmet.

Rx: TEΓEA - Telephos, son of Hercules and Augue, seated left, suckled by doe standing right;
M in field to left, owl to right.

Reference: Sear 2747; B.M.C. 10.15

DinoJun 13, 2012
Macedonia, Alexander III The Great Tetradrachm, c. 325-320 BCAR Tetradrachm, 17.190g

Obv: Bust of Alexander as Herakles r., wearing lion-skin headdress.

Rx: Zeus seated l. on throne; ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ in exergue, AΛEΧANΔΡOY in r. field; wreath in l. field, ΔΙ beneath throne

References: Price-2949

Mint: Side

ex Harlan J. Berk
7 commentsDinoJun 12, 2012
ACHAIA, ACHAEAN LEAGUE, a, (Anonymous) Mid III Century BC. AR Hemidrachm (2.63 gm).
Obv: Head of Zeus of fine style
Rev: Monogram within wreath.
Toned aVF, some porosity.
BCD.374. ex BCD Collection.
DinoMay 31, 2012
ACHAIA, Achaean League, Megalopolis. Circa 160-150 BC. Bronze dichalkon Bronze dichalkon or fourree core. 14.2mm. 2.27 g.
Obverse: Laureate head of Zeus right
Reverse: Large X with ΞB above, K-A across, M and thunderbolt below, all within wreath

Attribution: cf. BCD Peloponnesos 1551.1 Date: 160-150 BC

Ex BCD with tag. Note from BCD stating that this is a bronze coin struck from an identified offical die for a hemidrachm. This would make it possibly a test strike in bronze or a fouree core from a stolen die.
1 commentsDinoOct 04, 2011

Random files - Dino's Gallery
Bronze - ACHAIA, Achaean League, Sikyon. Circa 191-146 BC.Æ Tetrachalkon (19mm, 5.0 g).
obv: Zeus standing left, holding Nike and scepter; monogram in left field
rev: Female figure (Achaia) seated left, holding wreath and scepter.

Warren, Bronze 4a; Benner 4; BCD Peloponnesos 323.

Ex BCD Collection (not in previous sales)
1 commentsDino
Sikyon. 2nd to 1st Century BC.Apollo head rt.
Dove flying left.
BMC 234 ff.
exBCD collection.
ACHAIA, Achaean League, Aigeira. c. 167-146 BCAR Hemidrachm, Obv: Laureate head of Zeus r. Rx: Forepart of goat r. over monograms Achaean League AX monogram with AL to left, KI to right; all within laurel wreath, tied below. Rare. Ex John Twente Animal Collection; ex Craig Whitford NBD Bank Money Museum Collection Part II, lot 87. VF/EF, 2.49g. BCD-399 (same rev. die), Agrinion-571a, Clerk-16, Benner-Aigeira-5. HJBerk BBS 159, lot 166.2 commentsDino

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