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Roman Imperials


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Roman Provincial


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Judaean and Biblical


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Last additions - daverino's Gallery
Claudius of Antioch AD 41-54IMP TI CLAVD CAE AV GER, Laureate head right/ Large SC within Laurel wreath

25 mm diameter ; weight 15 grams
daverinoJul 01, 2017
Alexander III of Macedon Babylon Mint, 315-311 BCTetradrachm minted in Babylon, probably under Peithon.
Head of Herakles in Lionskin Headdress/ Zeus Aetophoros on Reverse, MTP in wreath in left field, PiDT monogram in circle below throne. BASILEUW below, ALEXANDROY to right.

Price 3733 (ref.Wildwinds), 16.6 grms
1 commentsdaverinoMay 20, 2017
Faustina Sr AE SestertiusOBV: Draped bust facing right, DIVA FAVSTINA
REV: Juno holding patera and scepter; IVNO, S-C
RIC 1145, 20.25 grams
A classic Roman profile
daverinoApr 23, 2016
Julianus II AE3 361-363 AD Sirmium mintObverse: DN FL CL IULI-ANVS PF AVG; Helmeted, pearl-diademed, cuirassed bust left holding spear and shield
Reverse: VOT/X/MVLT/XX in four lines enclose by wreath, ASIRM in Exergue

RIC 108
1 commentsdaverinoApr 17, 2016
AE 1.5 Kharshapani of Pushkalavati ca 160 BCObverse: Elephant walking right with ghadya above
Reverse: Lion walking left in Incuse 'square' with ghadya before and swastika above.
11.2 grams, about 19x19mm

Pushkalavati was located near present day Peshawar in Pakistan, on the border area with ancient Bactria (Afghanistan)
daverinoApr 14, 2016
Copper Massa of Chola Sinhalese Dynasty 1208-9 ADObverse: King standing and sniffing lotus blossom in left hand and carrying lamp in right hand. Five balls or golas to right.
Reverse: Sitting king with lotus blossom and to right in 4 lines of Nagari script Sri Dharmasoka

Dharmasoka was a short-lived infant king of the Ponnaruwa kingdom which ruled Ceylon from the eighth to 13th centuries

The massa was a copper unit of about 4 grams. The basic design was retained for centuries and was used on both silver and gold issues as well. This coin is an exceptionally well preserved example of the type
daverinoApr 09, 2016
Antoninus Pius (138-161 AD) AR Denarius ca 140 DObverse: Laureate head of Pius right; ANTONINVS AVG PIVS PP TR P COS III
Reverse: Bare head of Marcus Aurelius right; AVRELIVS CAESAR AVG PII F COS
RIC 415a (ref. Wildwinds) weight 3.5 grams

Two nice imperial portraits of Pius and his adoptive son M. Aurelius on the same coin. Not rare but scarce.
daverinoMar 24, 2016
Neapolis, Campania AR Nomos ca 320-300 BCDiademed head of nymph right, in necklace and earring; Pileus behind and monogram before/ NEOPOLITWN, Man-faced Bull walking right, above, Nike flying right placing wreath on man's head. Monogram below
SNGANS 322, SNGFr 799, SNGCop 403 (Ref. Wildwinds)

Weight 6.8 grams, holed and plugged
1 commentsdaverinoMar 10, 2016
AR Nomos of Neapolis, Campania c340-241 BCOBV: Head of nymph facing right, bunch of grapes(?) to left
REV: Man-faced Bull walking right, Victory overhead crowning with wreath.

Sambon 436, SNG ANS 366, weight 7.3 gms; 18 mm

A coin which has all the things that I like about the ancient Greeks - beautiful sense of natural form, balanced design, and whimsical imagination. The small flan cuts off some elements of the overall design and put it in range of my budget.
4 commentsdaverinoMar 01, 2016
Ptolemy XII Auletes [53 BC] AR Tetradrachm Svoronos 1837, SNG Cop 395. Paphos Mint, 11.9 grams

Obverse: Diademed head of Ptolemy I with feminine features.
Reverse:Eagle standing left with thunderbolt in claws and Isis crown to left, palm branch over its right shoulder. In the left field 'LKH' (=year 28); in right field 'PA' (=Paphos)/ BASILEWE PTOLEMAIOY (of King Ptolemy)

In 54 BC, Ptolemy XII returned to Egypt from a 3-year exile and issued new Tetradrachms for the last 27-30th years of his rule. They show the crown of Isis in the eagle's claw that recognized Cleopatra as his heir and likely co-regent. The Isis crown remained the symbol of Cleo VII on her coins following Ptolemy's death in 51 BC. This pattern remained unchanged for all of Cleopatra's tetradrachms though the quality of coins became very bad owing to the huge bribes that had to be paid for Roman "protection". For a great discussion of these attributions and coin history see the link:

This coin was issued by Ptolemy XII in his 28th regnal year (53 BC) when his daughter, Cleopatra was about 15.

1 commentsdaverinoMar 01, 2016
Apollodotus I 174-165 BC AE Quadruple unitBASILEWS APOLLODOTOY SWTHROS legend, Apollo, radiate, standing facing, holding arrow and resting bow on ground / Kharosthi legend, Tripod, monogram at lower right.

22 mm, 10.5 grams
daverinoFeb 13, 2016
Philip I AE Sestertius 244-249 ADObverse: Laureate draped and cuirassed bust right; IMP M IVL PHILIPPUS AVG
Reverse: Annona standing left holding grain ears over modius and cornucopia; ANNONA AVGG, S-C in fields

Rome RIC 168a
15.16 gms, 27.4 mm

A common coin but with a really nice portrait of Phillip - a tough character
daverinoDec 28, 2015

Random files - daverino's Gallery
Severus Alexander Orichalcum SesteriusOBV: IMP CAES M AVR SEV ALEXANDER AVG, his laureate draped and cuirassed bust right.
REV: [MONETA AVG] USTI; Moneta standing left holding cornucopia and scales, at her feet what is probably a stack of coin dies. S-C in the field. Added to the Wildwinds database.
RIC 587, Cohen 179, Sear 7982 wt 19.4 gm

The reverse legend is incomplete but the stack of what may be coin dies distinguishes the coin from the more common Aequitas Augusti
1 commentsdaverino
Billon Tetradrachm of Trajan Decius, Antioch 250-51 ADOBV: Laureate, Draped and cuirassed bust right, 4 dots below bust (4th Officina); AYT K G ME TRAIANOC DEKIOC CEB
REV: Eagle standing left on palm branch, head left, tail right, wings spread holding wreath in beak; DHMARX EXOYCIAC, SC in exergue

Prieur 576; weight 11.4 gms

a little pitted in spots but otherwise a nice portrait coin.
Gallienus Billon Antoninianus 255-56 ADObv: IMPC P LIC GALLIENIVS PF AVG, Radiate, draped and cuirassed bust rt., dot below bust, Rev: VICTORIA AVG, Victory standing rt. holding palm and presenting wreath to Gallienus opposite holding spear. Dot in wreath, NO dot in Exergue

The coin is from an Asian mint the same as RIC 450(j) (Ref: Wildwinds) except there is no dot in exergue. Style belongs to joint reign with Valerian even though it is AVG
1 commentsdaverino

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