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01. Roman Personalities


Who was who(mostly) in the times of the Romans.

176 files, last one added on Jul 17, 2018
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02. Greek Coinage by City


238 files, last one added on Apr 04, 2018
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03. Seleucids


79 files, last one added on Mar 21, 2018
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04. Roman Republican Coinage


A very small collection of the coins of the Republic. Targeted are a few interesting types, subjects etc; also there are some that were found in unclean lots.

49 files, last one added on Jan 23, 2019
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05. Greek Imperial by City


274 files, last one added on Jul 13, 2018
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05. Caesar to Nero


20 files, last one added on Mar 28, 2018
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06. Galba, Otho, Vitellius and the Flavians


12 files, last one added on Aug 08, 2017
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07. Nerva, Trajan, Hadrian


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08. A. Pius, Marcus Arellius, Commodus


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09. Septimius Severus, Caracalla, Geta


41 files, last one added on May 31, 2018
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10. Macrinus to Gordian III


80 files, last one added on Mar 21, 2018
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11. Philip I to Aemilian


41 files, last one added on Aug 08, 2017
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12. Valarian, Gallienus and family.


14 files, last one added on Jun 24, 2017
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13. The Secessionist Empires


11 files, last one added on Oct 01, 2009
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14. Claudius II and Quintillus


11 files, last one added on Oct 12, 2009
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15. Aurelian to Florian


17 files, last one added on Sep 21, 2009
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16. Probus to Carinus


21 files, last one added on Sep 21, 2009
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17. The Tetrarchy


27 files, last one added on Oct 12, 2009
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Last additions - ecoli's Gallery
T. CarisiusMoneyer issues of Imperatorial Rome. T. Carisius. 46 BC. AR Denarius (19mm, 3.71 g, 6h). Rome mint. Head of Juno Moneta right / Implements for coining money: anvil die with garlanded punch die above, tongs and hammer on either side; all within laurel wreath. Crawford 464/2; CRI 70; Sydenham 982a; Carisia 1a; Type as RBW 1614. VF, toned, small pin hole on obverse below Moneta’s bust.

From the Andrew McCabe Collection, purchased from Peus Nachf., with old German collection ticket.

The apparent punch die on this type may be a cap of Liberty, and the lower die a generic anvil. The cap-shaped object is wreathed like a Dioscurus cap, which is the same cap worn by Vulcan, the god of metal-working. An analogue can be seen in the Scribonius Wellhead issue, RRC 416, which displays four different symbols, not three. Even rarer than the sought-after anvil is the Scribonius with a cap of Liberty, a variety not listed by Crawford. The scene on this coin may thus represent Vulcan’s generic metal-making workshop, but with the placement of the cap above the anvil, it may also be intended to allude to minting even if a punch die is not directly shown.

RRC p. 475 notes one reverse die of this issue with legend T. CARISIV (Amsterdam) as per this coin. Richard Schaefer obtained a photograph of the Amsterdam example and compared it to other examples in his Republican Die Project. In fact, reverse die matched examples to the Amsterdam coin prove the final S of CARISIVS did exist, but the die was filled at a later state. This CARISIV variety from a different die pair seems to have been caused by the same phenomenon. There is a trace of a final letter S. [Andrew McCabe]

ecoliJan 23, 2019
006c. Statilia Messalina IONIA, Ephesus. Nero, with Statilia Messalina. AD 54-68. Æ . Struck AD 66. Laureate head of Nero right / Draped bust of Messalina right. RPC 2631; SNG von Aulock 7864. Very rare.
ecoliJul 17, 2018
Lydia, Daldis. TrajanLydia, Daldis. Trajan. A.D. 98-117. AE 17 (17 mm, 3.58 g). KAICAP C[E] TPAIANO-C, laureate head of Trajan, right / [Δ]AΛ-ΔIA-NΩN, Zeus standing left holding eagle and sceptre. BMC 9; SNG München 101. VF, dark green patina with minor lighter deposits in recesses and fields, some cleaning scratches obverse field.

From the Tom Buggey Collection.
ecoliJul 13, 2018
Lydia, NacrasaLydia, Nacrasa. Pseudo-autonomous, time of Trajan. A.D. 98-117. AE 20 (20 mm, 7.12 g). ΘЄON CV-NKΛHTON, draped youthful bust of the Senate right / [NAKPA]-CITΩN, cultus statue of Artemis Ephesia facing, with supports; stag to left and right. RPC III 1794; SNG Copenhagen 288-9; BMC 1-4; SNG Leypold 1090-1; SNG von Aulock --. VF, black-green patina with moderate lighter deposits in recesses, primarily on obverse. ecoliJul 13, 2018
Lydia, Sala. Pseudo-autonomousLydia, Sala. Pseudo-autonomous issue, time of Trajan. A.D. 98-117. AE 19 (19 mm, 4.67 g). ΔΗΜΟС СΑΛΗΝΩΝ, Draped bust of Demos right / ЄΠI MЄΛI-TΩNΩC APX, Zeus standing facing, head left, holding eagle and sceptre. RPC III 2432; ; BMC 5-6; Waddington 6439; SNG von Aulock --; SNG Copenhagen --. VF, dark olive patina, minor lighter deposits in recesses.ecoliJul 13, 2018
Cilicia, Ninica ClaudiopolisCilicia, Ninica Claudiopolis. Trajan. A.D. 98-117. AE 21 (21 mm, 3.82 g). IMP NER TRAI CAES AVG GE DA (or similar, mostly illegible), laureate head of Trajan right, slight drapery on left shoulder / [COL IV AVG F]EL NINIC // [CLA]V, yoke of oxen left, vexillum behind. RPC IV online 3224; SNG von Aulock 5767. Good Fine, green patina with much lighter deposits in recesses and fields - somewhat weakly struck losing much legend. ecoliJul 13, 2018
Lydia, Bagis. Psuedo-autonomous issueLydia, Bagis. Psuedo-autonomous issue. 1st Century A.D. AE 13 (15.72 mm, 3.47 g, 7 h). KAIΣAPЄΩN (CCW), Bust of Men wearing Phrygian cap on a crescent / BAΓHNΩN (CCW), Bull left. RPC 3061. VF. Rare.

RPC cites four known examples, one found in trade
ecoliJul 13, 2018
001c. LepidusThe Triumvirs. Lepidus and Octavian. November-December 43 BC. AR Denarius (18mm, 3.35 g, 10h). Military mint traveling with Lepidus in Italy. Bare head of Lepidus right / Bare head of Octavian right. Crawford 495/2a; CRI 140; Sydenham 1323; RSC 2a. Near Fine, toned, struck off center, bankers’ marks.ecoliJul 12, 2018
Caria, Heraclaea Salbace, Domitian CARIA, Heraclaea Salbace. Domitian. AD 81-96. Æ (20mm, 5.08 g, 6h). Laureate head right / Hercules walking left, extending hand and holding club. RPC II 1238. VF, earthen green patina.1 commentsecoliMay 31, 2018
001b. FulviaThe Triumvirs. Mark Antony. Late summer-autumn 43 BC. AR Quinarius (13mm, 1.62 g, 12h). Lugdunum (Lyon) mint. Winged bust of Victory right, with the likeness of Fulvia / Lion walking right; DVN[I] (retrograde and inverted) above, [LVGV] in exergue; [A] to left, X [L] to right (= 40, Antony’s age at time of issue). Crawford 489/5; Lyon 2; King 75; CRI 122; Sydenham 1160; Fulvia 4; RBW 1712. Fine, toned, banker’s mark on the reverse.

Ex Davissons 28 (17 December 2009), lot 73.
ecoliMay 31, 2018
Septimius Severus Septimius Severus. AD 193-211. Æ Sestertius (31mm, 26.45 g, 12h). Rome mint. Struck AD 194. Laureate bust right, slight drapery / Africa standing right, wearing elephant skin headdress and holding grain ears; at feet to right, lion standing right. RIC IV 668; Banti 8. Near VF, green-brown patina, a few scratches.ecoliMay 31, 2018
SICILY, LeontiniSICILY, Leontini. Circa 476-466 BC. AR Litra (9mm, 0.55 g, 4h). Facing lion’s scalp / Barley grain. Boehringer, Münzgeschichte 19; SNG ANS 215; HGC 2, 687. VF, toned, minor roughness. From the Daniel Koppersmith Collection.1 commentsecoliApr 04, 2018

Random files - ecoli's Gallery
Licinius I IOVI CONSERVATORI Nicomedia Licinius I Follis. AD 313-317. IMP C VAL LICIN LICINIVS P F AVG, Laureate head right / IOVI CONS-ERVATORI, Jupiter standing left, holding Victory on a globe & scepter, at feet, left, an eagle with wreath in beak. Ric 13
Antiochos II TheosSELEUKID EMPIRE. Antiochos II Theos. 261-246 BC. AR Tetradrachm Seleukeia on the Tigris mint. Diademed head of Antiochos I right / Apollo, testing arrow and resting hand on bow, seated left on omphalos; monogram to outer left and outer right. SC 587.1a; HGC 9, 236g.ecoli
303. Gordian III; Alexandria, EgyptRÖMISCHES REICH, Gordian III., 238-244, Bil.-Tetradrachme, Jahr 2 =238/239, Ägypten, Stadt Alexandria. Belorb. Brb.r. Rs.Nilusbüste r. , Datt.4757, BMC 16.246, 1899 Var., Försch.-, selten, vz ecoli

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