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Comtat Venaissin


5 files, last one added on Jun 27, 2012
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"La Dombes" is a region of France situated between Lyon, Villefranche sur Saone and Bourg en Bresse, which has been ruled by princes under the authority of the kings of France during the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries, with allowance of minting their own currency.

Their coins were merely copied from the french royal coins, just changing the names and symbols, so that people (most of them couldn't read at this time) would take them as equal to french coins. They were legal tender in the whole kingdom. My interest in that coinage comes from me living a few kilometers from the border of that region. When I started collecting them, 10 years or so ago, there was no recent reference book about them, the last one had been edited in the 19th century. Since then Mr Jean Paul DIVO, the famous swiss numismatist, has writen a very useful book about Dombes coinage, that gives a much better view of the relative rarity of these coins, some of them being very rare.

If you would like to visit my blog, devoted to this coinage (in french I'm afraid, but with an english summary/abstract) please follow the link :

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109 files, last one added on Feb 03, 2012
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Gallic secessionist empire


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8 files, last one added on Jan 03, 2010
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Greek Bronzes


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24 files, last one added on Oct 07, 2012
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Has been


Well, here are the coins that have been part of my collection, some for quite a long time, some having been highlights at certain time, but some prettier, or fresher, or rarer have replaced them. So is life...

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15 files, last one added on May 24, 2010
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Late roman coins


*Here are some coins I like very much from Constantine the great to Marcian. My wish would be to be able to get at least one AE 1 for each emperor that made some. I think they are very impressive coins, and not as much thought after than the bronzes of the early empire

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61 files, last one added on Jan 31, 2017
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Lupa Romana


Here is my new theme gallery devoted to the mythic she-wolf suckling Remus and Romulus. Every single coin I will find featuring the she-wolf will take place in that gallery.

9 files, last one added on Jun 05, 2017
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Maximinus to Philip II


*A very rich period for the coinaholics : so many emperors and usurpers, some of them very difficult to find, even very worn.

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25 files, last one added on Jun 05, 2017
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Monnaies franaises


This is a selection of various coins from kings of France to nowadays, in various metals. When people happen to know I am a collector of coins, they often ask to look at them, not exactly knowing what they are putting the finger on. I show this selection, because they can see Kings who "talk to them", they can hold gold and silver. Depending on the interest they show at this stage, I will go further down into the heart of my passion...or not

27 files, last one added on Oct 02, 2016
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Now in other collections...


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72 files, last one added on Mar 09, 2013
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Parthian coins


From time to time I like to add a parthian coin to my collection, because I find their style and design tremendous

9 files, last one added on Sep 30, 2009
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Plautilla as the title says. I felt in love with that woman because of her beauty and because of her sad story. I would never dare to tell that face to face to Caracalla : too dangerous !!! but I am sure she would have been happier with me....

There are five main types of portrait for Plautilla’s denarii at the Rome mint :
A - With a draped bust right, hair coiled in horizontal ridges and fastened in bun in high position. Her facial expression is juvenile
B - Hair being coiled in vertical ridges, with bun in low position. Plautilla looks here more like a young beautiful woman
C - The third bust shows a thinner face of Plautilla with hair in vertical ridges and no bun but braids covering her neck
D - The fourth type has a similar appearance with the former, but the vertical ridges disappear, hair being plastered down, still showing the right ear
E - Plautilla appears with mid long hair plastered down and covering her ears

In the mean time there are seven different reverses :

Not every combination exists, but some of the above reverses can be shared by several obverse portraits. Noticeable also is an evolution of the obverse legend, being PLAVTILLAE AVGVSTAE (a) in 202, and becoming PLAVTILLA AVGVSTA (b) soon after
You can see the evolution of this interesting coinage in my Plautilla's gallery.
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13 files, last one added on Jan 17, 2013
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Proven fake coins from my collection


1 files, last one added on Jan 11, 2008
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*This is a selection of the very best of my provincials. There is no particular theme. I just try to find high grades of preservation, for issues I like very much

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37 files, last one added on Jan 04, 2019
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Roman coins of the early Empire


*Here are some coins of the early Empire, starting with Augustus in 27 BC and ending with Clodius Albinus

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50 files, last one added on Nov 26, 2017
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Roman coins of the Tetrarchs and relatives


*In this Album, one can find some folles and three argentei from Diocletian to Licinius

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24 files, last one added on Jan 04, 2019
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Roman republic


*Here are a few coins of the roman republic. I'm quite interested in the coins of the very end of the republic : Julius Caesar, Mark Antony...

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43 files, last one added on May 11, 2019
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Severan dynasty


This gallery is devoted to the Severans which I like particularly because of their wonderful portraits.

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22 files, last one added on Sep 04, 2012
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Trajan Decius and his family, including the "divi series"


*This is my theme gallery. All the coins here have been issued under Trajan Decius to commemorate those who where the good emperors of the past (so they said). For each one of the 11 emperor honoured, there are two main reverses : altar or eagle. So the complete collection is 22 coins. Still a lot to do.... (sob!!!)

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31 files, last one added on Sep 30, 2018
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Trebonianus Gallus to Carinus


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35 files, last one added on Jun 05, 2017
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Virtual trays


Playing with pictures to display coins in various and hopefully pleasant ways

8 files, last one added on Jan 20, 2013
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Last additions - Potator II's Gallery
1174 - L. Calpurnius Piso Frugi, Denarius Rome mint, 90 BC
Laureate head of Apollo right, Δ below chin
Naked horseman galloping right, holding whip; above swan. L.PISO.FRUGI / ROMA at exergue
3,93 gr - 18,8 mm
Ref : RCV # 235, RSC # 12b, RRC # 340/1-Calpurnia 12b-symbol 166
Ex. Naville Numismatics
5 commentsPotator IIMay 11, 2019
1274 - L. Procilius L.F., DenariusRome mint, 80 BC
Head of Juno Sospita right, clad in goat’s skin, S . C behind
Juno Sospita in biga right holding spear and shield. A snake below biga. [L. PROCILI. F] at exergue
19,5 mm - 3.89 gr
Ref : RCV # 307, RSC, Procilia # 2
1 commentsPotator IIJan 04, 2019
Commodus, Alexandria tetradrachmPotator IIJan 04, 2019
Mamaea, Alexandria tetradrachmMamaea, Alexandria tetradrachm, AD 231-232 (year 11),
IOY MAMAIA CE MHTE CEB K CT , Diademed and draped bust of Mamaea right
Radiate and draped bust of Helios right. in front, palm-branch and behind LIA.
12.67gr.- 23.5mm
Ref : Emmett # 3205 (R4)
From the E.E. Clain-Stefanelli collection.
1 commentsPotator IIJan 04, 2019
Maximinus II Daia, follisMaximinus II Daia (308-313), follis, Alexandria mint, AD 312-313.
IMP C GAL VAL MAXIMINVS P F AVG, laureate head right.
GENIO AVGVSTI, Genius standing left holding head of Serapis left in right hand, cornucopia in left; star, N and palm-branch in left field, gamma in right, ALE in exergue.
5.10 gr - 21 mm.
Ref : RIC VI Alexandria 160b
From the zumbly collection, Ex CNG
1 commentsPotator IIJan 04, 2019
Caracalla, AE 30Serdica, Thrace, AD 216
ΑΝΤΩΝΕΙΝΟC AVTK M AVP CEV, laureate heroic bust left, seen from behind, with sword belt and Aegis on left shoulder
OVΛΠIAC CEPΔIKHC, Hermes, naked, standing left, holding purse and caduceus
17,14 gr - 30/28 mm
Ref : Moushmov 4804 (obv), Varbanov 2372 (rev)
See Agora auction #62/102, same dies
4 commentsPotator IINov 18, 2018
Marcus Aurelius, AntoninianusRome mint AD 250/251
D MARCO ANTONINO, Radiate head of Marcus Aurelius right
23 mm - 3.84 gr
Ref : RIC IV # 92a, Cohen # 1058
In qblays catalog : MA08-P114
Same dies as the example in the Bibliotheque nationale de France
1 commentsPotator IISep 30, 2018
Trajan Decius - the Divi seriesYou can find a full description of the series here : commentsPotator IISep 30, 2018
0083 - Republic, Didrachm (Quadrigatus)Rome or other italian mint, c 215-211 BC
Laureate janiform head of Dioscuri
ROMA in relief in linear frame at exergue, Jupiter, holding thunderbolt in right hand and scepter in left, in fast quadriga driven right by Victory.
6,69 gr - 20-21 mm
Ref : RCV #33, RSC # 24
3 commentsPotator IIJan 16, 2018
Tranquillina, Drachm - *Cappadocia, Caesarea- Eusebia, AD 241-244
Tranquillina, Augusta, AR Drachm - Dated Regnal year 4 of Gordian III (AD 240/1)
CABINIA TPANKVΛΛINA AV Draped bust right, wearing stephane
MHTPO KAICA B N E Mount Argaeus ЄT Δ (date) in exergue
2.72 grams - 18 mm
Ref : Bland, Last # 58, Sydenham, Caesarea Supp # 617a
Ex CNG e-auction 354, #352
Ex Steve P. collection
3 commentsPotator IIDec 03, 2017
Augustus & Agrippa, AE Dupondius Nemausus mint, after AD 10
4th type
IMP DIVI F PP, Laureate heads of Augustus looking right and Agrippa looking left, back to back
COL NEM, Crocodile chained to palm tree
13,52 gr
Ref : RCV #1731, Cohen #8
5 commentsPotator IINov 26, 2017
Gordian III, AntoninianusRome mint, AD 238-239
IMP CAES M ANT GORDIANVS AVG, radiate, draped and cuirassed bust of Gordian III seen from behind
IOVI CONSERVATORI, Jupiter standing left, holding thunderbolt and sceptre, a small figure of the Emperor at his feet
5,33 gr
Ref : Cohen # 105 (3), RIC # 2, RCV # 8614
3 commentsPotator IIJun 05, 2017

Random files - Potator II's Gallery
Magnentius, AE 1 - *Amiens mint, AD 353, seventh phase (before Aug 10th)
D N MAGNEN TIVS P F AVG, Draped bust of Magnentius right
SALVS DD NN AVG ET CAES, Large christogram between alpha and omega. AMB at exergue
9.20 gr
Ref : Cohen #30, LRBC #19, Bastien # 135 (15 ex), RIC # 34 (C)
4 commentsPotator II
Philippus II, AntonianusAntoninianus struck in 246 AD
M IVL PHILIPPVS CAES, Radiate and draped bust of Philippus right
PRINCIPI IVVENT, Philippus II standing left, holding globe and spear
4.42 gr
Cohen #48, RCV #9240
Potator II
Republique - 5 centimes l'An 4 AAtelier de Paris (A)
REPUBLIQUE FRANÇAISE, buste de la République a gauche, coiffée d'un bonnet phrygien
5 CENTIMES L'AN 4 . en trois lignes, a l'exergue A
4.82 gr
Ref : Le Franc VIII # 113/1
Potator II

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