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Carausius ruled Britain and, for some time, parts of what is now France during the latter part of the third century. Setting up a governmental infrastructure he struck coins at 3 towns/cities marked on his coins and at possible other, as yet unknown, locations. Many of his coins are wretched specimens and once you get beyond the ubiquitous Pax reverse there is a wide variety of reverse types.

It is my intention here to create an on-line archive of the most easily photographable specimens from my own trays. The arrangement follows that of RIC V which is not ideal as it is alphabetical by mint and the coherence and sequence of issues is lost.

For a discussion over the date of Carausius' mint marks and web links plus bibliography please see my web pages HERE.

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Although Allectus followed Carausius his coins have never had the same appeal and so my holdings are much smaller. That is not to say that I have totally neglected this usurper.

I do not like the term "quinarius" for the late, smaller, Q marked pieces so I refer to them as antoniniani. I think that they probably reflect a late adjustment in the coinage.

As with the coins of Carausius some coins are such that they do not photograph too well.

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The antoniniani of Postumus


The dates of the reign of the Roman Gallic usurper Postumus are not known for sure. Reviewing the proposed dates I have a preference for summer 260 through to spring (March?) 269.

The RIC volume for this series of coins is in need of serious revision and the attributions and references here are taken from "The Cunetio Treasure: Roman Coinage of the 3rd Century AD" (1983) by Besly and Bland.

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The bronze of Postumus


The bronze coinage of Postumus, the remnants of the sestertii and double sestertii of earlier times, can be quite difficult to come by. I posted a brief synopsis on cataloguing bronze coins of Postumus HERE. Many people see the issues of reduced size and weight as smaller denominations but this is probably not the case but rather a reflection of the decline in metallic composition of the "antoninianus" by comparison.

In this gallery I present my own meagre holdings of these coins. The references are to Pierre Bastien's Le Monnayage de Bronze de Postume (1967)

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Laelian, Marius & Victorinus


A small gallery of antoniniani of Laelian (269), Marius (269) and Victorinus (269-71), arranged by mint and issue in accordance with the Cunetio hoard report.

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Tetricus I & II


A gallery of the coins of the last Gallic rulers.

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Gallienus (253-68) was a pivotal ruler in the third century. During his reign the Empire began its decline, the loss of the Agri Decumates, the frequent barbarian raids, the disaster of the Persian campaign that saw the capture of his father.

The widespread military activity meant that "Roman" mints were established in a number of locations and, along with the decline in the base metal coinage, this sounded the death knell for the so called Roman provincial coinage.

References are to MIR by the late Robert Göbl.

For a superb collection of Gallienus and his family it is well worth visiting the website of fellow board member Ed Flinn.

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As a companion to my Gallienus gallery here is a small collection of coins of his wife, Salonina.

Arranged and cataloged by Göbl number.

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Local Radiate Copies


This gallery contains local radiate copies, also known as "barbarous radiates". There are, in the later third centrury, three phases of copying that all merge together but probably represent distinct groups:

1. Struck copies, often plated, of antoniniani of Postumus and before, probably made for fraudulent reasons
2. Cast copies from the early 270's, cast from genuine coins again probably made for fraudulent purposes
3. Struck copies on flans of all different sizes, of varying artistic merit. Often featuring Gallic or deified Claudius prototypes and found in the North-Western Gallic provinces and Britain they appear to be a "money of necessity" due to the lack of current coin in the years after the suppression of the Gallic revolt.

Some coins are very crude whilst others it is easy to see how they can be mistook for official coins.

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I did start, at one stage, to collect the coins of the Palmyrene usurper Vabalathus, assembling the coins by officina.

It appears from the records and his coinage that he revolted during the reign of the Roman emperor Aurelian, taking control of the mints at Antioch and Alexandria.

His coinage initially gives him the titles abbreviated to VCRIMDR when he appears on the coinage with Aurelian. Later he appears as Augustus in his own right.

A coinage was also issued in the name of his mother, Zenobia, however these are extremely rare and I do not own a specimen.

For completeness I have also added two small bronze coins from the Roman period issued in Palmyra.

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London Mint


This small gallery of London mint coins is a pendant to the Carausius and Allectus galleries. After the defeat of the rebels the London mint stayed open until c.326 AD striking only base metal coins.

All the coins presented are folles, or, rather, nummi, using the current preferred terminology.

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Gordian III


Gordian III provincials, lacking catalogue references at present; this gallery may develop into a general Gordian gallery. Silver denarii and sestertii from Rome recently added.

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Late Roman Bronze Coinage


In this gallery I am posting coins that are catalogued by part 1 of Carson, Hill and Kent's Late Roman Bronze Coinage.

Initially the descriptions are going to be kept to an absolute minimum as the first coins to be posted are the VRBS ROMA and CONSTANTINOPOLIS issues.

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Diverse Roman


I know they say that "pride comes before a fall" but in this gallery I'd like to share Roman coins from my trays that don't have a home elsewhere yet.

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Roman republican coins


A small gallery of Roman republican (plus the odd imperatorial coin) coins sorted by Crawford number. At the end there are a couple of provincial coins with links to the republican series.

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Follis fractions


A small gallery of follis fractions that I've picked up over the years. Would like to get a few more as and when I see them.

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Greek Silver


A small gallery of minor Greek silver fractions. Nothing stunning, just a sideline of the commonest fractions (the smaller the better - a perverse enjoyment). I initially set a deadline of fifth century BC but I do seem to be coming a bit more recent occasionally.

Many of the catalogure references are the dealer's, any corrections welcome.

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Last additions - mauseus's Gallery
Issue ?
Not in Goebl's MIR, not in RIC
mauseusDec 17, 2021
Issue 1
G 1525?c
mauseusDec 17, 2021
Issue 9
G 579ee
mauseusDec 02, 2021
Ionia - ErythraiHemiobol
c. 480-450 BC
O - Rosette
R - Rosette within incuse square
SNG Kayhan -; SNG Copenhagen -; Traité II 1976, pl. CLV 5; Klein 387
mauseusNov 10, 2021
Ionia - ErythraiTrihemiobol
c. 480-450 BC
O - Pegasos flying to right; pilos to upper left, A below
R- / Ε-Ρ-Υ-Θ around rosette; all within incuse square
SNG Copenhagen 562; SNG Kayhan 1286; Klein 386 var. (no A on obv.).
mauseusNov 10, 2021
Aeolis - KymeObol
c. Late 6th - early 5th cent BC
O - Head of horse to right
R - Quadripartite incuse square
SNG Copenhagen -; SNG von Aulock -; Rosen -; cf. Klein 332 var.
mauseusNov 10, 2021
Aeolis - KymeTetartemorion
C. 480-450 BC
O - Head of horse to left
R - Quadripartite incuse square
SNG Copenhagen -; SNG von Aulock -; Rosen -; Klein 332 var. (hemiobol, head of horse to right)
mauseusNov 10, 2021
Lesbos - MethymnaObol
c. 450/40-406/379 BC
O - Head of Athena to right, wearing crested Attic helmet
R - Kantharos within linear circle; Μ-A-Θ around
Franke 12; SNG Copenhagen 351; HGC 6, 904
mauseusNov 10, 2021
Cilicia - KelenderisCilicia, Kelenderis
AR Obol
C. 425-400 BC
O - Horse prancing to right
R - Goat to left, head to right; KE above
SNG BnF 116-117; SNG Levante 29
1 commentsmauseusJul 11, 2021
Caria - UncertainAR Obol
c.5th cent BC
O - Confronted foreparts of two bulls
R - Head of bull, right, in incuse square
cf SNG Kayhan 967
mauseusFeb 08, 2021
Ionia? - Uncertain mintAR Obol
480-450 BC
O - Helmet to left
R - Quadripartite incuse square
SNG Kayhan 743 (Ionia or Karia); Rosen 109 (Skione in Macedon); SNG Arikantürk 664-5 (Neandria in Troas?)
1 commentsmauseusJan 18, 2021
Troas - KebrenAR Diobol
5th Century BC
O - Archaic head to left
R - Head of ram left within incuse square
SNG von Aulock 1546; SNG Arikantürk 372–5
mauseusJan 18, 2021

Random files - mauseus's Gallery
Aurelian 381_4Vabalathus
Antioch Mint
Laureate and diademed bust right
Radiate and cuirassed but right
RIC (Aurelian) 381
1003Carausius 287-93
Radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right
Securitas seated left
Unmarked Mint
RIC 1003 (noted as radiate, draped bust)
218Diadumenian 218 AD
AE 21 mm
Antioch in Syria
SC within wreath
1 commentsmauseus

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