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Coin Collecting Theme Galleries Galleries for various coin collecting themes, including best of type, masterpiece portraits, unpublished coins, plate coins, historic women, architectural, animals, and many more. These galleries are free for all to post coins. No cost registration is required. Suggestions for new gallery themes are welcome.
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The Best of Type!


Add your superb coins to the BOT Gallery. Only the very best example of each type (RIC number for example) with above a four star rating after 10 votes will stay in BOT. A challenge begins when two coins of the same type are listed. The highest rated coin after both have 10 or more votes wins. Challenge defeats and coins with a four star rating or below will be removed from the gallery. If your coin is posted here, you get bragging rights and perhaps even a higher price if you sell (list it as "Best of the Type in FORVM's Gallery!").

1993 files, last one added on Aug 09, 2019

Superb and Masterpiece Portraits Gallery


A superb portrait appears that it could come to life. Many or most coin portraits actually lack this trait. A masterpiece portrait not only appears that it could come to life, but also makes an impression of what the subject was like, what they were thinking or how they felt. It's not about the grade; it's about the art.

227 files, last one added on Jul 13, 2019

Unlisted and Unpublished Coins


Post unpublished coins to identify them to collectors, scholars, authors, and publishers. Also post coins unlisted in major references but perhaps included in a scarce publication. Before uploading here, we recommend posting your coin on the discussion board for possible identification of a published example. Please identify the references checked.

208 files, last one added on Aug 01, 2019

Plate Coins


Please post your coins illustrated in popular references, and scholarly books or articles here. Also, please post your coin if it is the exact coin (not the same type, the exact same coin) described by a reference, even if the coin is not illustrated. In addition to the usual attribution, description, weight, and diameter of the coin, please identify the book, its author, the page and/or plate number, and the item number.

104 files, last one added on Jul 03, 2019

Monumental Coins - Campgates and Other Architecture


Campgates, city gates, temples, etc., post your monumental coins here.

162 files, last one added on Mar 29, 2019

Ancient Women


Women of the ancient world depicted on ancient coins.

163 files, last one added on Dec 11, 2017

Coin Zoo - Animals


Express your wild side and help populate the greatest classical numismatic zoo on earth with every possible variety of real and mythical animals.

180 files, last one added on Nov 12, 2017

The Pantheon - Gods, Goddesses and Personifications


A gallery of mythology. Please include information about the deity and their attributes.

173 files, last one added on Jan 21, 2017

Historical Coins


Share your historically significant coins. Along with posting photos of the coin, please describe the historic event related to the coin.

81 files, last one added on Jul 26, 2019

Ancient Counterfeits and Barbarous Imitations


Ancient but not official.

218 files, last one added on Feb 22, 2019

Roman Mint Style Examples


Each Roman mint had its own style. Learning about these styles will help with attribution and authentication. Discussion board members please share your knowledge here. Along with posting photos of the coin, please explain the features that distinguish the mint.

22 files, last one added on May 08, 2017



We hope this gallery will become a great reference for countermarks. Please add your countermarked coins to this gallery with as much reference information as possible.

367 files, last one added on Nov 21, 2017

Viminacium and Dacia - Lion and Bull


48 files, last one added on Feb 22, 2018

Lead Seals


The vast array of ancient lead seal types makes their attribution and study complex. It also means there is still tremendous opportunity for new discovery. While there are some published collections, most references are rare and expensive. Most online references for seals are not in English. This gallery is intended to be a useful resource for the attribution and better understanding of ancient seals.

65 files, last one added on Aug 17, 2015

Coins from Members' Personal Ancient Coin Galleries


If you want to remove coin photos from your gallery, please don't delete them - move them here. Forum staff will move photos here from the galleries of members that unregister.

3578 files, last one added on Aug 01, 2019

Places and Things Depicted on Coins


Statues, temples, mountains and other things that were depicted on ancient coins.

115 files, last one added on Jul 13, 2019

Ancient Sites Photo Gallery


Did you go on a vacation to an ancient site or do you live near one? Upload your pictures here to share views of ancient cities, buildings, ruins, etc. Please state where the pictures were taken and give a brief description of the site.

770 files, last one added on Jun 29, 2019


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Members' Coin Collection GalleriesClassical Numismatic Discussion Board Members may create their own free Personal Ancient Coin Gallery. No limit to the number of coins added. More is better!
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Last additions
Denarius of Commodus1 viewsAR3 17mm
Obverse: Laureate bust right; MCOMMANTPFELAVGBRIT
Reverse: Securitas seated left, with globe in right hand; SECVR ORB P M TR P XIIII
Mintmark: RVPS? (Ravenna, Italy)
Found in the Balkans
CelticaireAug 20, 2019
1 viewsAE3 of Valens. Obverse: Pearl-diademed, cuirassed, draped bust right. DNVALEN SPAVG. Reverse: Victory advancing left, holding wreath and palm branch. SECVRITAS REIPVBLICAE. Dot gamma SIS (Siscia) in exergue. Possibly RIC IX Siscia 7b, type ii(c). From the Balkans.CelticaireAug 20, 2019
AE3 of Valens1 viewsAE3 of Valens. Obverse: Pearl-diademed, cuirassed, draped bust right. DNVALEN SPAVG. Reverse: Victory advancing left, holding wreath and palm branch. SECVRITAS REIPVBLICAE. Dot delta SIS (Siscia) in exergue. Possibly RIC IX Siscia 7b, type ii(b). From the Balkans.CelticaireAug 20, 2019
AE Constantine I/Victoriae Laetae1 viewsAE3 of Constantine I. Obverse: Helmeted, cuirassed bust left, holding spear over shoulder. IMP CONSTANTINVSAVG. Reverse: 2 victories standing, facing each other, together holding shield reading VOT PR on an altar. VICTORIAE LAETAE PRINC PERP. From the Balkans.CelticaireAug 20, 2019
2 viewsAE3 of Valentinian, die axis 0 degrees, 8th oficina, 24 Aug 367 to 17 Nov 375 AD; Obverse DN VALENTINIANVS _ _ _ ___. Pearl-diademed, draped, and cuirassed, bust right. Reverse GLORIA ROMANORVM, emperor dragging captive with right, labarum in left. ___ ss _ in exergue. From the Balkans.CelticaireAug 20, 2019
AE3 of Licinius II1 viewsAE3 19mm Licinius II. Obverse: Laureate, draped bust left, holding Victory and mappa. LICINIVS IVN NOB CAES. Reverse: Standard inscribed VOT XX with two captives seated at its base. VIRTVS EXERCIT. Possibly RIC VII 55. From the Balkans.CelticaireAug 20, 2019
Cilicia, AR Trihemitetartemorion, Added to the Wildwinds site. Very Rare.2 viewsUncertain Mint 4th Century B.C. 0.35g - 7.1mm, Axis 9h.

Obv: Female head wearing petasos right.

Rev: Persian male head right wearing wolf-skin headdress (or head of Herakles right, wearing lionskin headdress).

GŲktŁrk 94 in "Small Coins from Cilicia and surroundings"; Troxell & Kagan 19 in "Cilician and Neighbours in Miniature".
Christian ScarlioliAug 19, 2019
Contans FEL TEMP REPARATIO10 viewsConstans (348 - 350 AD)

AE2 Majorina.

Obv. D N CONSTA-NS P F AVG, diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right
Rev. FEL TEMP REPARATIO, Constans holding phoenix on a globe and a standard with a Chi-Rho while standing left on a galley piloted by Victory.
Mintmark ASIS, Siscia,


Weight: 2.7g
Diameter: 19mm
Jose PolancoAug 19, 2019
Constantine I AE Follis Providentiae AVGG (Campgate)6 viewsConstantine (326 - 328 AD)

AE follis

Obv. CONSTANTINVS AVG, laureate head right
Rev. PROVIDENTIAE AVGG, campgate with two turrets, star above.
Mintmark SMTSE. Thessalonica Officina E

Weigth: 2.7g.
Diameter: 19mm.
Jose PolancoAug 19, 2019
Tiberius AE As, Divus Augustus/Provident6 viewsTiberius (14 - 37 AD)

Anv: DIVVS AVGVSTVS PATER, Augustus' radiated bust left.
Rev: PROVIDENT - S C altar.
RIC I 81 (Tiberius)

Weigth: 9,6g.
Diameter: 23mm
1 commentsJose PolancoAug 19, 2019
Charles I, Silver Shilling, Group F, sixth large 'Briot's' bust, type 4.4. Star Mintmark.2 viewsTower 1640-1641 A.D. 5.93g - 31.5mm, Axis 3h.

Obv: (Star) CAROLVS●D●G:MAG●BRI:FRA:ET:HI:REX - Crowned bust left with stellate lace collar, double arched crown, XII behind.

Rev: (Star) ●CHRISTO●AVSPICE●REGNO● - Square topped shield over cross moline.

Spink 2799.
Christian ScarlioliAug 19, 2019
Domitian AR denarius 81 CE (group 4)16 viewsDomitian, as Augustus (AD 81-96). AR denarius Rome
13 September-31 December AD 81
(18mm, 3.02 gm, 6h).
NGC Choice Fine 4/5 - 4/5.
Obv: IMP CAES DIVI VESP F DOMITIAN AVG P M, laureate head of Domitian right Rev: TR P COS VII-DES VIII P P, pulvinar of Jupiter and Juno, draped, surmounted by thunderbolt.
RIC II 72, BMC--, RSC--, Cohen--
2019 August 18 Ancient Coin Selections from the Morris Collection,
Part II Monthly Online Auction #271933 Lot # 35169
4 commentsorfewAug 19, 2019
1 views1508 RH. Hungary, 1 denar. Vladislav II. CelticaireAug 19, 2019
Achaemenid Kingdom, West Asia Minor, Artaxerxes II - Darius III, AR Siglos.2 viewsLydia 375-336 B.C. 5.47g - 14.8mm.

Obv: Persian king or hero in kneeling-running stance right, three annulets on breast of kandys, holding dagger and bow, quiver with arrows over shoulder. Back to back crescent ountermark on the left.

Rev: Irregular incuse punch mark.

Carradice type IV (late) C: Carradice plate XV, 46 ff.; BMC Arabia p. 171, 172 ff., pl. XXVII, 18 - 19; BMC 42 Countermark.

Christian ScarlioliAug 19, 2019
Moesia inferior, Nikopolis ad Istrum, 22. Geta, HrHJ (2018) corr.2 viewsGeta as Caesar, AD 198-209
AE 17, 2.52g, 17.26mm, 225į
Bust, draped, seen from before, bare-headed, r.
Eagle with open wings stg. frontal, head with wreath in beak turned r.
ref. a) AMNG I/1, 1643 (1 ex., Berlin)
b) Varbanov 3249 corr. (cites AMNG 1643, but writes "Bust bare-headed r.",
missing "draped")
c) not in Hristova/Hoeft/Jekov (2018):
rev. No. var. (has PROC ICTR)
obv. e.g. No. (same die)
JochenAug 19, 2019
Moesia inferior, Nikopolis ad Istrum, 10. Commodus, HrHJ (2018) corr.1 viewsCommodus, AD 177-192
AE 17, 2.87g, 16.73, 180į
Laureate head r.
Roman she-wolf stg. r., suckling Remus and Romulus
ref. a) not in AMNG:
cf. AMNG I/1, 1248 (for the type only)
b) not in Varbanov:
cf. #2205 (= AMNG 1248)
c) Hristova/Hoeft/Jekov (2018) No. corr. (same dies, but writes AVT
JochenAug 19, 2019

Random files
Gordian III RIC IV ( 3 ) Rome 887 viewsAR 20-24 mm 4.5 grams 240 AD
OBV :: IMP GORDIANVS PIVS FEL AVG. Radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right seen from rear
REV :: P M TR PIIII COS II PP. Apollo seated left holding branch in right hand, left hard leaning on chairback
RIC IV ( 3 ) Rome 88
RIC rated Common
Thasos diobol45 viewsca. 5th century BC
11mm, 0.96g
obv: satyr in Knielauf right
rev: quadripartite incuse square
Domitian RIC II 007557 viewsDomitian, 81-96 A.D. AR Denarius. Rome Mint 81, 13 Sept.-31 Dec. (2.96g, 18mm, 6h). Obv: IMP CAES DIVI VES[P F DOMITIA]N AVG PM, laureate head left. Rev: TR P COS VII DES VIII P P, tripod with fillets; above dolphin. RIC II 75 (R2), RSC 568d, BMC 22 note. Ex Forum.

Another early, and scarce Domitian. It was produced within the first 3 months of Domitianís reign, and is another carryover of al type issued under Titus the obverse legend and left facing portrait combination make this a scarce type.

In Flavian coinage, rarity is measured not only by number of examples, but also number of known die combinations. Demonstrating the scarcity of this coin, my example is both an obverse and reverse die match to David Atherton's
4 commentsLucas H
Geta; eagle facing, head right; AE 1612 viewsGeta, Marcianopolis Geta ∆ 16mm, 1.8g. Rev. MARKIANOPOLIT, Eagle standing facing, head right. Varbanov 1094Podiceps