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Members' Coin Collection GalleriesClassical Numismatic Discussion Board Members may create their own free Personal Ancient Coin Gallery. No limit to the number of coins added. More is better!
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Coin Collecting Theme Galleries Galleries for various coin collecting themes, including best of type, masterpiece portraits, unpublished coins, plate coins, historic women, architectural, animals, and many more. These galleries are free for all to post coins. No cost registration is required. Suggestions for new gallery themes are welcome.
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Best of Type!


Add your superb coins to the BOT Gallery. Only the very best example of each type (RIC number for example) with above a four star rating after 10 votes will stay in BOT. A challenge begins when two coins of the same type are listed. The highest rated coin after both have sufficient votes wins. Challenge defeats will be removed from the gallery. If your coin is posted here, you get bragging rights and perhaps even a higher price if you sell (list it as "Best of the Type in FORVM's Gallery!").

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Superb and Masterpiece Portraits Gallery


A superb portrait appears that it could come to life. Many or most coin portraits actually lack this trait. A masterpiece portrait not only appears that it could come to life, but also makes an impression of what the subject was like, what they were thinking or how they felt. It's not about the grade; it's about the art.

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Unlisted and Unpublished Coins


Post unpublished coins to identify them to collectors, scholars, authors, and publishers. Also post coins unlisted in major references but perhaps included in a scarce publication. Before uploading here, we recommend posting your coin on the discussion board for possible identification of a published example. Please identify the references checked.

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Plate Coins


Please post your coins illustrated in popular references, and scholarly books or articles here. Also, please post your coin if it is the exact coin (not the same type, the exact same coin) described by a reference, even if the coin is not illustrated. In addition to the usual attribution, description, weight, and diameter of the coin, please identify the book, its author, the page and/or plate number, and the item number.

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Monumental Coins - Campgates and Other Architecture


Campgates, city gates, temples, etc., post your monumental coins here.

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Ancient Women


Women of the ancient world portrayed on ancient coins.

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Coin Zoo - Animals


Express your wild side and help populate the greatest classical numismatic zoo on earth with every possible variety of real and mythical animals.

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The Pantheon - Gods, Goddesses and Personifications


A gallery of mythology. Please include information about the deity and their attributes.

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Historical Coins


Share your historically significant coins. Along with posting photos of the coin, please describe the historic event related to the coin.

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Ancient Counterfeits and Barbarous Imitations


Ancient but not official.

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Roman Mint Style Examples


Each Roman mint had its own style. Learning about these styles will help with attribution and authentication. Discussion board members please share your knowledge here. Along with posting photos of the coin, please explain the features that distinguish the mint.

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We hope this gallery will become a great reference for countermarks. Please add your countermarked coins to this gallery with as much reference information as possible.

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Viminacium and Dacia - Lion and Bull


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Lead Seals


The vast array of ancient lead seal types makes their attribution and study complex. It also means there is still tremendous opportunity for new discovery. While there are some published collections, most references are rare and expensive. Most online references for seals are not in English. This gallery is intended to be a useful resource for the attribution and better understanding of ancient seals.

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Coins from Members' Personal Ancient Coin Galleries


If you want to remove coin photos from your gallery, please don't delete them - move them here. Forum staff will move photos here from the galleries of members that unregister.

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Places and Things Depicted on Coins


Statues, temples, mountains and other things that were depicted on ancient coins.

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Ancient Sites Photo Gallery


Did you go on a vacation to an ancient site or do you live near one? Upload your pictures here to share views of ancient cities, buildings, ruins, etc. Please state where the pictures were taken and give a brief description of the site.

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BCC CG43 Red Slip Ware Scrolled Tendril Rim? FragmentRoman Pottery Fragment
Caesarea Maritima
1st-5th century CE?
Rim? fragment of a Roman terracotta red-
slip vessel, slightly everted lip, decorated
with an applied or moulded scrolled tendril,
terminal end only, remaining. Above and
below the scroll are impressed grooves,
further bordered by raised horizontal ridges
with near vertical hatch marks. The interior
and exterior slip very waterworn and eroded
through to the substrate. Moulded and wheel
made. Medium fine-grained, light reddish-tan
clay. 2.5 x 1.85 x 0.45cm. 1.44gm.
Surface find from Caesarea Maritima, 1970's
J. Berlin Caesarea Collection
(click for larger pic)
v-dromeSep 29, 2023
Hadrian As Tyche 2Obv.

Laureate head right


S C across fields
Tyche of Antioch seated to left on rocks, towered and holding grain ears, river-god Orontes swimming to left below

125-128 AD

24mm 10.81g

RIC II 680 BMCRE 1350 McAlee 544
1 commentsancientdaveSep 28, 2023
Domitian Caesar As Domitian on HorsebackObv.

Laureate, draped bust right


S C across lower fields
Domitian on horseback left, holding sceptre and raising right hand

73 AD

26mm 11.91g

RIC 662 Cohen 400 Paris 696 BMC 686

1 commentsancientdaveSep 28, 2023
Vespasian Eastern As Ceres StandingObv.

Laureate head right

S C across fields
Ceres, veiled, standing left, holding corn-ears and cornucopiae

77-78 AD Uncertain Eastern Mint

27mm 14.12g

RIC 1497 RPC II 1470
1 commentsancientdaveSep 28, 2023
Augustus Quadrans EagleObv.

Laureate head of Augustus to right


Eagle with wings spread

15 BC-AD 10

19mm 3.19g

RIC 227 Cohen 29 BMC 561
ancientdaveSep 28, 2023
474-475 A.D., probably Mediolanum
OBV: Head r.
RV: Nepos monogram within wreath, RIC X 3222, C. cf. 2
Privately owned in Germany since the early 1980s.
Hirsch Coin, Auction 383, Lot 2781
1 commentsMark ZSep 28, 2023
N73Roman Provincial Coin. AE33 of Caracalla. Tarsus Mint. AD 215-217. Obv: Laureate head of Caracalla right / AVT KAI M AVP CEVHPOC ANTΩNEINOC CEB Π Π. Rev: Emperor holding spear, parazonium and chlamys, trophy of armour with two captives / ANTΩNIANHC CEVH AΔP MHT; ΔE; TAPCOV in exergue. SNG Levante 1056.

Roma Numismatics E-Sale 109 (11 May 2023), Lot 889
Sebastian H2Sep 28, 2023
N72Roman Provincial Coin. AE28 of Philip I. Zeugma Mint. AD 244-249. Obv: Laureate, draped, cuirassed bust of Philip right / AYTOK K M IOVΛI ΦIΛIΠΠOC CEB. Rev: Temple of Zeus Katabaites, tetrastyle temple with cult image of Zeus seated, holding sceptre, peribolos below containing grove, and capricorn right below, with eagle standing right, wings closed countermark / ZEYΓMATEΩN. RPC 27407; CRS 31a; SNG Copenhagen 32; c/m. GIC 340.

Roma Numismatics E-Sale 109 (11 May 2023), Lot 889
Sebastian H2Sep 28, 2023
N71Roman Provincial Coin. AE22 of Lucius Verus. Antioch Mint. AD 161-169. Obv: Laureate head of Lucius Verus right / AYT K Λ AYΡHΛ OYHΡOC CEB. Rev: Large S C within laurel wreath of eight pairs of broad leaves terminating in a pellet, with H and looped ties below. RPC IV 7075.

Roma Numismatics E-Sale 109 (11 May 2023), Lot 889
Sebastian H2Sep 28, 2023
N70Roman Provincial Coin. AE26 of Septimius Severus. Samosata Mint. AD 193-211. Obv: Laureate head of Septimius Severus left / Λ CEΠT CEYHΡOC ΠEΡTINAZ CEBAC. Rev: Turreted and draped busts of two Tyches (Tyche of Samosata and Tyche of another city) facing each other / Φ CAMOCATωN THC MHTΡOΠOΛE. SNG Munich 388; Righetti IV, 324; BMC Galatia 31 var.

Roma Numismatics E-Sale 109 (11 May 2023), Lot 889
Sebastian H2Sep 28, 2023
N69Roman Provincial Coin. AE16 of Septimius Severus. Markianopolis Mint. AD 193-211. Obv: Laureate head of Septimius Severus right / AYK Λ CEΠ CEYHΡOC Π. Rev: Dionysos standing left, holding kantharos and thyrsos / MAΡKIANOΠOΛITΩN. HRJ 61485.

Roma Numismatics E-Sale 109 (11 May 2023), Lot 889
Sebastian H2Sep 28, 2023
N68Roman Provincial Coin. AE21 of Julia Mamaea. Istros Mint. AD 222-235. Obv: Bust of Julia Mamaea, wearing stephane / IOVΛIA MAMAIA CEBA. Rev: Sea eagle with spread wings, swooping on dolphin / ICTΡHNΩN. RPC VI 2052; Mouchmov 193, AMNG 520, BMC Thrace 18.

Roma Numismatics E-Sale 109 (11 May 2023), Lot 888
Sebastian H2Sep 28, 2023

Random files
0006 Rider and Larissa SeatedThessaly Greece, the City of Larissa

Obv: Rider on a horse prancing r. on groundline, holding a single spear transversally with petasos flying backwards and chlamys on his back, beneath horse's belly a lion's head facing r. Border of dots or small grains.1
Rev: The nymph Larissa2 seated r. on a chair with a back ending in a swan's head, r. hand resting on her lap or thigh and holding a phiale, l. arm raised with palm forward,3 Λ and Α above to l. and r. of head with R and Ι to r. of body turned 90º and downward, all within a shallow incuse square.
Denomination: silver trihemiobol; Mint: Larissa; Date: mid- to late 5th Century BC4; Weight: 1.28g5; Diameter: 13mm; Die axis: 60º; References, for example: BMC Thessaly p. 25, 13; Warren 687 var. No mention of lion's head; Weber 2838; Traité IV, 651, pl. CCXCVI, 9; Herrmann Group II, pl. I, 7; Boston MFA 875 var. no lion's head and reference to two spears; Lorber 2008 pl. 41, 5; BCD Thessaly II 154; HGC 4, 466.

1Forrer, BCD Thessaly II, and Hoover refer to the border as composed of dots; Babelon refers to the border as composed of small grains.
2Herrmann does not associate the figure on the reverse with the nymph Larissa. Instead he refers to the figure as a "sitting male" and cites two examples from Berlin and Warren 687 as having the indication of beards (p.9). He declares that the meaning [interpretation] of the sitter cannot be determined, but he invites us to think of a deity (p. 11). Brett in Boston MFA follows Herrmann's interpretation.
3Forrer and BCD Thessaly II state that Larissa is holding a mirror, Hoover mentions only that the arm is raised, Babelon indicates that the left arm is raised with palm forward, and Herrmann describes the left hand as raised in an "adoring gesture". On the coin here the left hand clearly has the thumb separated from the rest of the fingers with the palm facing forward; there is no indication that the hand is holding anything. I wonder what the intention of the gesture could have been.
4Dates in the sources cited here run the gamut of the 5th Century BC. Herrmann: c. 500 - 479 BC; Babelon: c. 470 - 430 BC; HGC: c. 440 - 420 BC; Forrer: c. 430 - 400 BC. In light of Kagen (2004) and his belief that Herrmann's Group I ended c. 460 BC it seems appropriate to choose the date range specified in BCD Thessaly II.
5Herrmann argues that Group II was struck on the Persian weight standard. (He believed that the same held true for Group I). Kagan (2004) demonstrates that Larissain coinage was not struck on the Persian weight standard.

The city of Larissa was named after the local water nymph, said to be the daughter of Pelasgos. He was said to be the ancestor of the pre-Greek Pelasgians. According to myth Larissa drowned while playing ball on the banks of the Peneios river. (HGC 4 p. 130).

Provenance: Ex Nomos AG December 8, 2019.

Photo Credits: Nomos AG

3 commentsTracy Aiello
City of Rome CommemorativeAE Follis AE3, A.D. 330-333, Heraclea, 18.2mm, 2.10g, 180°, RIC VII 124; scarce.
Obv: VRBS ROMA. Helmeted bust of Roma left.
Rev: Romulus and Remus suckling from she-wolf, two stars above; SMHE● in ex.
Marti Vltori
Constantine I CampgateConstantine I AE3 "Campgate-Trier" FTN* Constantine I "the Great" AD 306-337 AE3 "Blessed serenity (peace).
Obv: CONSTA-NTINVS AVG- Laureate bust right, wearing imperial mantle, holding eagle-surmounted scepter.
Rev: PROVIDEN-TIAE AVGG - Campgate with two turrets and one star. Exe: PTR (dot in crescent) Trier mint: AD 322 = RIC VII, 475

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