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Members' Coin Collection GalleriesClassical Numismatic Discussion Board Members may create their own free Personal Ancient Coin Gallery. No limit to the number of coins added. More is better!
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Coin Collecting Theme Galleries Galleries for various coin collecting themes, including best of type, masterpiece portraits, unpublished coins, plate coins, historic women, architectural, animals, and many more. These galleries are free for all to post coins. No cost registration is required. Suggestions for new gallery themes are welcome.
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The Best of Type!


Add your superb coins to the BOT Gallery. Only the very best example of each type (RIC number for example) with above a four star rating after 10 votes will stay in BOT. A challenge begins when two coins of the same type are listed. The highest rated coin after both have 10 or more votes wins. Challenge defeats and coins with a four star rating or below will be removed from the gallery. If your coin is posted here, you get bragging rights and perhaps even a higher price if you sell (list it as "Best of the Type in FORVM's Gallery!").

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Superb and Masterpiece Portraits Gallery


A superb portrait appears that it could come to life. Many or most coin portraits actually lack this trait. A masterpiece portrait not only appears that it could come to life, but also makes an impression of what the subject was like, what they were thinking or how they felt. It's not about the grade; it's about the art.

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Unlisted and Unpublished Coins


Post unpublished coins to identify them to collectors, scholars, authors, and publishers. Also post coins unlisted in major references but perhaps included in a scarce publication. Before uploading here, we recommend posting your coin on the discussion board for possible identification of a published example. Please identify the references checked.

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Plate Coins


Please post your coins illustrated in popular references, and scholarly books or articles here. Also, please post your coin if it is the exact coin (not the same type, the exact same coin) described by a reference, even if the coin is not illustrated. In addition to the usual attribution, description, weight, and diameter of the coin, please identify the book, its author, the page and/or plate number, and the item number.

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Monumental Coins - Campgates and Other Architecture


Campgates, city gates, temples, etc., post your monumental coins here.

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Ancient Women


Women of the ancient world depicted on ancient coins.

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Coin Zoo - Animals


Express your wild side and help populate the greatest classical numismatic zoo on earth with every possible variety of real and mythical animals.

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The Pantheon - Gods, Goddesses and Personifications


A gallery of mythology. Please include information about the deity and their attributes.

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Historical Coins


Share your historically significant coins. Along with posting photos of the coin, please describe the historic event related to the coin.

76 files, last one added on Aug 19, 2018

Ancient Counterfeits and Barbarous Imitations


Ancient but not official.

218 files, last one added on Feb 22, 2019

Roman Mint Style Examples


Each Roman mint had its own style. Learning about these styles will help with attribution and authentication. Discussion board members please share your knowledge here. Along with posting photos of the coin, please explain the features that distinguish the mint.

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We hope this gallery will become a great reference for countermarks. Please add your countermarked coins to this gallery with as much reference information as possible.

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Viminacium and Dacia - Lion and Bull


48 files, last one added on Feb 22, 2018

Lead Seals


The vast array of ancient lead seal types makes their attribution and study complex. It also means there is still tremendous opportunity for new discovery. While there are some published collections, most references are rare and expensive. Most online references for seals are not in English. This gallery is intended to be a useful resource for the attribution and better understanding of ancient seals.

65 files, last one added on Aug 17, 2015

Coins from Members' Personal Ancient Coin Galleries


If you want to remove coin photos from your gallery, please don't delete them - move them here. Forum staff will move photos here from the galleries of members that unregister.

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Places and Things Depicted on Coins


Statues, temples, mountains and other things that were depicted on ancient coins.

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Ancient Sites Photo Gallery


Did you go on a vacation to an ancient site or do you live near one? Upload your pictures here to share views of ancient cities, buildings, ruins, etc. Please state where the pictures were taken and give a brief description of the site.

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quadransJul 31, 2021
Iberia. Indigets. Emporia Æ ASIberia. Indigets. Emporia Æ AS...27.88mm/10.05grams..27-25 BC..
Obverse:Head of the goddess Pallas Athena wearing a Corinthian helmet with the visor raised and a large plume.
Reverse: Pegasos flying right, laurel crown above rump; EMPO below.
Villaronga, ACIP 1098 - R6
Ex Archer M Huntington Collection (HSA 1001.1.10234).
Paul R3Jul 31, 2021
Brockage, Incuse, 049 Septimius Severus (193-211 A.D.), Laodicea ad Mare, RIC IV-I -, AR-Denarius, #1Brockage, Incuse, 049 Septimius Severus (193-211 A.D.), Laodicea ad Mare, RIC IV-I -, AR-Denarius, #1
avers: L SEPT SEV PERT AVG (IMP VIII), Laureate bust right.
reverse: Brockage, Incuse,
exergue: -/-//--, diameter: 16,9-17,2mm, weight: 2,71g, axis: -h,
mint: Laodicea ad Mare, , date: ? A.D.,
ref: RIC IV-I -, p-, RSC -, BMC -, Sear -
quadransJul 31, 2021
049 Septimius Severus (193-211 A.D.), Laodicea ad Mare, RIC IV-I -, AR-Denarius, Brockage, Incuse, #1049 Septimius Severus (193-211 A.D.), Laodicea ad Mare, RIC IV-I -, AR-Denarius, Brockage, Incuse, #1
avers: L SEPT SEV PERT AVG (IMP VIII), Laureate bust right.
reverse: Brockage, Incuse,
exergue: -/-//--, diameter: 16,9-17,2mm, weight: 2,71g, axis: -h,
mint: Laodicea ad Mare, , date: ? A.D.,
ref: RIC IV-I -, p-, RSC -, BMC -, Sear -
quadransJul 31, 2021
MARCUS ANTONIUS AR Denarius OBVERSE: ANT AVG III VIR R P C, Praetorian galley, thyrsos behind prow
REVERSE: LEG VIII, eagle between standards
Patrae 32-31 BC
2.96g, 18.1mm
RSC 27; Sear 1479v; Craw 544/21; Sys 1225
Ex Agora; Ex Tom Mullally
LegatusJul 31, 2021
The Durotriges were one of the Celtic tribes living in Britain prior to the Roman invasion. They were one of the groups that issued coinage before the Roman conquest. Their coins were abstract and simple and had no inscriptions, so no names of any issuers or rulers are known. Nevertheless, the Durotriges presented a settled society, based in the farming of lands surrounded by hill forts, the majority of which seem to have gone out of use by 100 BC, long before the arrival of the Romans in 43 or 44 AD. Constructed initially around 600 BC, the Durotriges ultimately occupied the largest hill fort in Britain, Maiden Castle, which encloses some 19 hectares (47 acres). Around 100 BC though, for some reason habitation at the hill fort went into decline and became concentrated at the eastern end of the site. Maiden Castle appears to have been abandoned after the Roman conquest of Britain although the Romans later built a small temple on the site.
The tribe lived in an area centred on Dorset, south Wiltshire, south Somerset and Devon east of the River Axe. Their territory was bordered to the west by the Dumnonii; and to the north east by the Belgae. The area controlled by the Durotriges is identified in part by coin finds, few Durotrigan coins are found in the south eastern tribal areas, so it would seem that they were not acceptable there. However a recent coin hoard found on the Isle of Wight would seem to indicate that the Durotriges might have had some influence at least over the western half of the island.
The Durotriges' main outlet for trade across the Channel, strong in the first half of the 1st century BC before drying up in the decades prior to the arrival of the Romans, was at Hengistbury Head. The numismatic evidence is indicative of progressive debasing of the coinage suggesting economic difficulties in conjunction with their declining trade.
*AlexJul 31, 2021
The Kingdom of Edessa, Mesopotamia, The Syriac Aramaic Abgar VIII with Septimius Severus, 197 - 212 A.D.Bronze AE 22, cf. BMC Arabia p. 94, 14 ff., SNG Cop 196 ff., SNG Hunterian II 2511 ff. (referenced specimens vary in legend details), VF, light earthen deposits, highest points not fully struck, light marks, slightest porosity, Mesopotamia, Edessa (Urfa, Sanliurfa, Turkey) mint, weight 6.462g, maximum diameter 21.9mm, die axis 180o, 197 - 212 A.D.; obverse AΛTOKPA CCOΛHP (blundered, A perhaps not fully struck, Λ's are upside down V's, second C should be an E), laureate head right; reverse ABΓPOC BA-CIΛE, draped bust of Abgar right, bearded, wearing a diademed tiara, holding scepter before,

Abgar VIII, also known as Abgar the Great, is remembered for his reputed conversion to Christianity in about 200 A.D. His son Abgar IX Severus, who succeeded him in 212, was summoned with his son to Rome in 213 and murdered at the orders of Caracalla. A year later, Caracalla incorporated the kingdom into the empire as a Roman province.

FORVM Ancient Coins / The Sam Mansourati Collection.
1 commentsSamJul 31, 2021
049 Septimius Severus (193-211 A.D.), Rome, RIC IV-I 120c, AR-Denarius, VICT AVG G COS II P P, Victory advancing left, #5049 Septimius Severus (193-211 A.D.), Rome, RIC IV-I 120c, AR-Denarius, VICT AVG G COS II P P, Victory advancing left, #5
avers: L SEPT SEV PERT AVG IMP X, Laureate bust right.
reverse: VICT AVG G C OS II P P, Victory, winged, draped, advancing left, holding wreath in extended right hand and palm sloped over the left shoulder in the left hand.
exergue: -/-//--, diameter: 17,0-18,0mm, weight: 3,23g, axis: 0h,
mint: Rome, date: A.D.,
ref: RIC IV-I 120c, p-, RSC 694,
quadransJul 31, 2021
049 Septimius Severus (193-211 A.D.), Rome, RIC IV-I 288, AR-Denarius, RESTITVTOR VRBIS, Roma seated left, #1049 Septimius Severus (193-211 A.D.), Rome, RIC IV-I 288, AR-Denarius, RESTITVTOR VRBIS, Roma seated left, #1
avers: SEVERVS PIVS AVG, Laureate head right.
reverse: RESTITVTOR VRBIS, Roma seated left, holding palladium, and spear, round shield below.
exergue: -/-//--, diameter: 17,9-20,0mm, weight: 3,10g, axis: 6h,
mint: Rome, date: 202-210 A.D.,
ref: RIC IV-I 288, p-, RSC 606, BMC 359, Sear 6358,
quadransJul 31, 2021
France (feudal): Duchy of Burgundy; Hugues/Hugh III (1162-1192) and Hugues/Hugh IV (1218-1272)Boudeau 1211; Poey d’Avant 5677 var., plate XXXI No. 12; Roberts 4533-34 var.

AR denier; Dijon mint; .89 g., 17.75 mm. max., 270°

Obv: + VGO D[V]X BVRG:DIE (three vertical pellets between G and D), pellet above two billettes, annulet below.

Rev: + DIVIONENSIS (=Dijon) (first S retrograde), cross.
1 commentsStkpJul 31, 2021
Vespasian-RIC-1218AÆ Dupondius, 8.76g
Lyon mint, 77-78 AD
Obv: IMP CAES VESPASIAN AVG COS VIII P P; Head of Vespasian, radiate, r.; globe at point of bust
Rev: PAX AVG; S C in field; Pax stg. l., leaning on column, with caduceus and branch
RIC 1218A (R3). BMC -. BNC -.
Acquired from Aegean Numismatics, July 2021.

In 77-78 Lugdunum (modern Lyon) after a hiatus of several years struck a decently sized issue of bronze coinage, presumably to address a shortage in the Western provinces. The Pax leaning on column type was fleetingly struck on the dupondius for the issue. One unique laureate specimen is cited by RIC (#1219) and the unpublished Addenda & Corrigenda cites one unique radiate example (#1218A, a double die match). This dupondius is the second known radiate specimen and a die match with coin cited in the A&C. The reverse is likely based on a well known cult image of Pax.
David AthertonJul 31, 2021
Gordianus III., Concordia, SestertiusDate: AD 240, Rome
radiate, draped & cuirassed bust right
Concordia seated left with patera & double-cornucopiae
RIC 288a
∅ 27-30mm, 20,7g
LaurentiusJul 31, 2021

Random files
REV: Nemesis standing left with scales, cornucopiae, and wheel.
10.2g, 26mm

Minted at Nikopolis probably under Governor Statius Longinus, 223 AD
GreekAE hemilitron Syracuse, Sicily 415 B.C.
Ob. head of Arethusa left, hair in a sphendone
Rev. SY-RA in the upper quarters of four spokes, two dolphins in lower quarters
nathan s2
Cleopatra VII hemiobolLaureate head of Zeus

Statue of Zeus Salaminos standing, holding stalks of grain, star above

Paphos mint c. 35 BC


Nicolaou, Paphos II, 469-509; Cox, Exc. at Curium 128; Museum of the History of Cypriot Coinage ch. 11, 35

Notes from Forum:

While not noted in Svoronos, this type is fairly common on Cyprus and many have been found in the excavations at Neopaphos. The lack of a central depression indicates they were struck after 96 B.C. Recent Cypriot numismatic publications date them to the time when Cleopatra VII of Egypt was the ruler of the island

Sold Forum Auction March 2019
1 commentsJay GT4

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