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Most viewed - Fantasy Coins
hybrid649 viewsNeapolis obverse
Pantikapaion reverse
Sold on tradera
Andreas G
Valerius Ferreolus fantasy coin565 viewsCast fantasy AE “sestertius” of Valerius Ferreolus, Prefect of the Gauls, c.450 AD. 36mm
rev: PROVINCIARIVM SECVRITAS PS Hercules, nude, stdg, facing, three quarters to r., leaning on club; HISP GALLET BRIT XXIX in exe.
of Italian manufacture, 18th century
cf: Arm III, 151, 1
Egyptian tourist fake457 viewsA fantasy coin. No coin was minted that looked like this, with hieroglyphics on the reverse.
Caracalla, Medallic Sestertius, RIC - Quadriga Fantasy coin398 viewsObv:- M AVRELIVS ANTONINVS PIVS AVG BRIT P M TR P XVI, Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right (seen from rear)
Rev:- IMP II COS IIII P P, S-C, Emperor in quadriga, right

Sold on German Ebay in December 2005 as an old reproduction for 61€.
Given weight 43g, diameter 36 mm.

submitted by rupert
Gallienus Alexandria Tetradrachm in Gold Fantasy Coin392 viewsRev. river-god Nile reclining with reeds and cornucopiae, maybe a cast from an original in billon? Sold on German Ebay in Dec. 2005 for 200€, guaranteed to be gold but not to be authentic.

submitted by rupert
Large Silver Coin (fantasy piece?)377 viewsThis one was on German Ebay in May 2005, seller antika99, but was withdrawn before the auction ended.

submitted by rupert
parthian fantasy.JPG
Parthia, Tetradrachm, Fantasy371 viewsFacing bearded head wearing headress / indistinct, perhaps writing?

Sold on German eBay as an 'unknown Parthian tetradrachm, probably fake'.
Alexander the Great362 viewsSold on Brazilian eBay as "Magnus Alexander" is no more than a modern coinGustavo Mazzarollo
Baktrian fantasy described as Ptolemy V Epiphanes353 viewsA Baktrian fantasy based loosely on the pedigree coinage of the later Euthydemid dynasty. The type does not exist as an ancient coin.1 commentsRandygeki(h2)
Hadrian, fantasy provincial332 viewsAVT KAI TRAI ADRIA CEB, laureate head right / OACIC MEG-LIA, ram standing left

A strange modern fantasy piece sold on the Polish auction site Allegro.pl (Feb. 2006). According to the description the coin is 1.8 grams and 12-13 mm.
Constantine I Constantinopolis Fantasy Medallion275 viewsSold in May 2005 on German Ebay by a seller whose name I have forgotten (none of our special friends) for 81€.

submitted by rupert
"40 nummi" fantasy peice 265 viewspresented in Byzantine forum 11/04/2009wileyc
Keos, Karthaia Silver Fantasy Coin260 viewsObv. Keos, Karthaia. Rev. from other period and other city

Obv:- Amphora with dolphin right.
Rev:- Incuse square, divided into four divisions
Diameter: 2.30cm - Weight: 12.5gr - Silver .999

Sold in December 2006 on Ebay by 'apollonians' as a . 999 silver exact copy

Submitted by Maridvnvm
Rhegion (Bruttium, Italy), Diobol (silver coin replica) 466 - 415 BC257 viewsRhegion (Bruttium, Italy), Diobol (silver coin replica) 466 - 415 BC
OBV: Lion's scalp facing.
R: PH, Laur. hd. of Apollo r., olive leaf behind.

A fake fantasy piece.

Fake coin report submitted by awl.
new unsorted 029 (2).jpg
Syracuse, Tourist Fake252 viewsFake or fantasy coin
Submitted to boards for identification August 2006.

Submitted by Maridvnvm
Labyrinth fantasy piece, Fake 246 viewsA modern Hellenistic style fantasy piece that was hammered. Only 48 were made by the antiquanova mint (a modern reproduction company)

Fake report submitted by awl.
???245 viewsObv:- Laureate head of Apollo right
Rev:- Tripod

Sold as genuine on ebay April 2008

Submitted by Maridvnvm
2 commentsmaridvnvm
Greek Fantasy Coin232 viewsSubmitted to Forum for identification in January 2006, by a member who obtained them in Southern Turkey.

Submitted by Maridvnvm
Lucius Verus Fantasy230 viewsModern cast AE fantasy fake "sestertius" purporting to be of Lucius Verus, 35mm
obv: L VERVS AVG ARM PARTH MAX TR P VIIII draped laureate (?) bust, r.
rev: fast quadriga being driven left, COS II SC in exergue
A commonly encountered "tourist fake" fantasy type.
Note that the legend on this specimen, owing to flaws in the casting, appears to read ...MAX IP P VIIII, though other specimens show the legend more clearly.

Obverse copies Cavino (Klawans 1), and reverse Cavino for Didius Julianus (Klawans 2)

WilliamBoyd2: I have seen this coin as a film prop in at least two motion pictures.
Greek Gold Coin with Minotauros228 viewsFake Greek stater, obv. Zeus head left, rev. Minotauros left. I don't know if the original exists. Given weight 7g

One in a series of eight fake gold coins sold in June 2006 on German Ebay.

submitted by Rupert
Gordian III, Medallion, Fantasy piece226 viewsObv:- IMP GORDIANVS PIVS FEL AVG, Laureate, cuirassed bust left, with spear in right hand
Rev:- BONONIA OCEANEN, Galley with rowers; the emperor, in a military dress, and with buckler and lance, stands on the deck in the attitude of hurling the lance downwards, as if at a figure swimming in the sea. On the prow of the galley is a Victory, with garland and palm branch; at the stern are two ensigns. On the shore is seen a lighthouse of some other edifice

A fantasy piece combining the bust of Gordian with the reverse form a rare medallion of Constans.

Submitted to Forum for verification in April 2006.

Submitted by Maridvnvm
Ptolemy, Torist Fake213 viewsEgypt "Ptolemaic" fantasy coin with hieroglyphics on rev.
The obv. is copied from a Ptolemaic tetradrachm or large bronze, the rev. is a complete invention. A typical tourist fake.

submitted by rupert
Gortyn, Crete Stater211 viewsGold coin of Gortyn (here written Gordyn), obv. Zeus head right, rev. horse standing left with reverted head, legend Gordynion. I don't know if the original exists. Given weight 7g, sold for 308€.

One in a series of eight fake gold coins sold in June 2006 on German Ebay.

submitted by Rupert
Caligula (Gaius). AD 37-41.206 viewsAR Medallion, 35 mm; 33.331 gm
Obv. CAESAR. AVG. GERMANICVS.PON.M.PR.POT. Laureate head to right.
Rev. Inscriptions?
Ilya Prokopov
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