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Augustus (Octavian), Fantasy Denarius160 viewsFantasy denarius

Obv: Head of Divus Julius Caesar ?
Rev: CAESAR III VIR RPC Bare head of Octavian right, bearded

Offered as genuine on ebay by NFS mangizite-2008 (Dec_2011) and Antares27 (Jan_2012)
Divus Julius Caesar, RSC 4651 viewsObverse: DIVI IVLI, laureate head right; lituus behind.
Reverse: Q VOCONIVS, calf standing left, VITVLVS in ex.

Cast forgery, similar to this one: http://forgerynetwork.com/asset.aspx?id=o/4TmuGJmYI=
Julius Caesar157 viewsMade from nickel, not silver
Julius Caesar329 viewsmodern cast fake Denarius of Julius caesar sold on ebay by caesars.emporium item number 200119022930
Julius Caesar323 viewsDenarius
Obverse: Elephant right, trampling on serpent. CAESAR in exergue.

Reverse: Simpulum, sprinkler, axe and priest's hat.

Sold on ebay as a copy.
Julius Caesar62 viewsOdd, "Asterix"-like J. Caesar portrait, probably from the same source as:
sold on eBay Dec 2011.
Julius Caesar169 viewsFake submitted to the Spanish Forum Imperio-Numismatico for verification in Ago_2010.

AR denarius, 49-48 BC. , military mint traveling with Caesar

Obv: Pontifical implements (simpulum, aspergillum, securis, and apex)
Rev: Elephant advancing right, trampling on horned serpent, CAESAR in exe.
Cr #443/1; CRI #9; Sydenham #1006; RSC #49
Julius Caesar98 viewsAuction Description:

C. Julius Caesar and P. Sepullius Macer, Denarius,Rome, February 44 BC, AR, (g 4,08, mm 21, h 6). Wreathed head of C. Julius Caesar r.; before, CAESAR; behind, DICT PERPETVO, Rv. Venus standing l., holding Victory and sceptre; at bottom of sceptre, shield; behind, SEPVLLIV[S] (sic!); before, MACER. Crawford 480/10 var (P SEPVLLIVS); Julia 48, Sepullia 3; Sydenham 1073.
Julius Caesar96 viewsAuction Description:

P. Sepullius Macer for C. Iulius Caesar, Iulia, Sepullia, Denarius, Rome, 44 BC (RRC e BMCRR), AR, g 3,86, mm 18, Wreathed head of Caesar r.; before, CAESAR; behind, DICT. PERPETVO, Rv. Venus l., holding Victory and sceptre; at bottom of sceptre, shield; on r., P. SEPVLLIVS; on l., MACER. RRC 480/10; BMCRR Rome 4169; Sydenham 1073; B. Julia 48, Sepullia 3; Catalli 2001, 725b.Rare. Expressive portrait. Old cabinet tone. About extremely fine/Extremely fine.
Julius Caesar29 viewsThis image of a poorly made fake was sent to me by a gold dealer in Kosovo who, even after my explanation that it cannot be a genuine coin, is convinced that it is a rare, unpublished type.
Obv: IIIC CAECAR (instead of IMP), laureate head of Julius Caesar right.
Rev: CONCORDIA AVGVSTI SC (!!), Concordia seated left, holding patera and cornucopiae, the upper part of a garlanded altar before (the rest of the altar is missing).
The reverse appears to be copied from an AE coin of Vitellius or Vespasian.
Even after pointing out the SC and its meaning and use on AE coins, the faulty spelling, the mismatched images etc, he is still convinced that he has an unpublished coin, simply because a) he cannot find it on the internet and b) his reasoning "What makes me think that it could be a rare coin which hasn't been seen (before), is the fact that I live in Kosovo, and Kosovo during history was under Roman Empire.
Julius Caesar29 viewsAr Denarius 4,49g/20mm sold as genuine on Ebay Nov 2015
by NFS francemonnaies2015

Martin B4
Julius Caesar65 viewsJulius Caesar denarius. April 44 BC, PARENS PATRAIE . . .
Veiled head right. / C COS SVTIVS AARDIANVS across fields, A A A FF around
Julius Caesar18 viewsob: S.C.
Veiled head right
Julius Caesar53 viewsPressed Lipanoff forgery
Die match to
"Ilya Prokopov: Contemporary Coin Engravers and Coin Masters from Bulgaria: Lipanoff Studio"
There number 17

Julius Caesar, Denarius, Utica(?), 46 BC. AR (g 2,86; mm 17,5; h 6). Head of Ceres r., wearing wreath of grain; COS•TERT behind, DICT•ITER before, Rv. Emblems of the augurate and pontificate: simpulum, aspergillum, jug and lituus; AVGVR above, PONT•MAX below, M to r. Crawford 467/1a; RSC 4a.
Din X
Julius Caesar (44 B.C.) 30 viewsAR Denarius

Pressed fake sold as brockage error.
JULIUS CAESAR - ELEPHANT Denarius265 viewsObv: Elephant walking right, trampling a serpent - CAESAR in exergue.
Rev: Priestly (sacrificial) implements: Simpulum, sprinkler, axe, and priest's hat.

Offered for sale in Ebay by romanprosecutor as "authentic coins, ex private UK collection"
1 commentsmdelvalle
Julius Caesar - L Flaminius Chilo38 viewsJulius Caesar. 41 BC. AR Denarius (20 mm, 3.83 g). Rome mint; L. Flaminius Chilo, moneyer. Head of Caesar right, wearing golden wreath / Goddess (Pax or Venus?) standing left, holding caduceus in right hand and scepter in left; L FLAMINIVS downward to right, IIII VIR upward to left. Crawford 485/1; CRI 113; Sydenham 1089; RSC 26

Sold September 2020 on ebay
Struck from modern dies
Julius Caesar / Augustus (Octavian) "sestertius" RPC 620289 viewsObv: DIVOS IVLIVS
Bust: Laureate head of Julius Caesar right
Bust: Bare head of Octavian right
Date: 38 BC.
Ref: RPC 620, RRC 535/1, CRI 308, BMCRR, Gaul 106.

Sold on Ebay as a Rosa Copy. Rim stamped "II"
Julius Caesar / Augustus (Octavian) "sestertius" RPC 620297 viewsObv: DIVOS IVLIVS
Bust: Laureate head of Julius Caesar right
Bust: Bare head of Octavian right
Date: 38 BC.
Ref: RPC 620, RRC 535/1, CRI 308, BMCRR, Gaul 106.

Sold on Ebay as a reproduction. "Becker" stamped on rim
Julius Caesar and Mark Antony, Denarius, RSC 3a779 viewsObv: MANTON R S C
Bust: Bare head of Mark Antony right, lituus behind
Bust: Laureate head of Julius Caesar right, jug behind
Ref: RSC 3a, Crawford 488/2, CRI 123, Sydenham 1166a

Top coin sold in one day auction by "power-of-love", a Toronto Group Forgery.

2nd photo Sold on Ebay by "bricksoftime" (Toronto Group) as an original coin in 1 day private auction.

Duplicate soapy details, and identical flan shape and centering prove they are cast copies.
Julius Caesar and Octavian, Aureus, CRI 132273 viewsObv: C CAESAR DIC _ PERP PONT
Bust: Laureate head of Caesar right
Bust: Bare head of Octavian right
Ref: Crawford 490/2, CRI 132, Sydenham 1321, Bahrfeldt 28

Image courtesy of Kevin at Barry & Darling Coins
julius caesar aureus158 viewsCopy of an Julius caesar aureus in solid 24 Kt gold. Mint in after the Pharsala battle against Pompey. Also to conmemorate the victory against Vervingetorix in France.

Pure solid gold content (24 Kt). A total of 6,35 grams and almost 21 mm diameter.

Sold on eBay as a Reproduction on Jan 2007

Submitted by gmazza
Gustavo Mazzarollo
Julius caesar aureus188 viewsReproduction of an julius caesar aureus in 24 Kt gold. 5,57 grams of 24 Kt gold. marked with a copy mark on the rim.

obverse C CAESAR COS TER, veiled goddess head right; reverse A HIRTVS PR, emblems of the pontificate and augurship – jug between lituus to left, and axe to right

Sold on eBay Jan 2007

Submitted by gmazza
Gustavo Mazzarollo
Julius fake.jpg
Julius Caesar Denarius346 views19mm,3.9gm of Julius Caesar.
Obv.DIVI IVLI before laureate head right,litius behind.
Rev.Q.VOCONIVS above calf standing left,VITVLVS in ex.

Sold by Newclass on ebay as a repro.
1 commentswolfgang336
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