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Last additions - Fantasy Coins
Roma / kneeling bowman6 viewsA fantasy object never made as a genuine coin with this obverse and reverse.
Look also: https://www.forumancientcoins.com/fakes/displayimage.php?pid=10079
Pekka KJun 28, 2021
Fantasy Coin AE205 viewsAE20, 2.458g, 19.7
Fantasy Coin - If you know more about this coin, please comment.
Joe SermariniJun 02, 2021
Aenas with wife/Sow and seven piglets16 viewsFantasy piece, cast, Balkans or Northern Greece, 18th-19th century. The weight can be up to 125 g. Mentioned in Svoronos' article.
Obv: Sow with seven piglets, N dot dot M above.
Rev: Nonsensical legend OTΡTΔKbω and ligate TE. Svoronos suggested that the confronted heads were those of Aeneas, helmeted, right and Lavinia, the wife of Aeneas, left.
See Numismatics International Bulletin, Vol. 33, No.3 for a discussion of this type
(https://nnp.wustl.edu/library/book/522752?page=11) and following pages.
helveticaJan 18, 2021
Greek like fantasy coin31 viewsCast "tourist fake" Graeco fantasy. AE alloy with fake "desert" patina applied.
obv: laureate bearded head, presumably a deity, r., with legend resembing EDSO
rev: winged male figure (Boread?), crouching, l., but with head turned r.; legends illeg.
Pekka KNov 05, 2020
Celtic Fantasy AE2317 viewsCeltic(?) Fantasy AE23
Obv. Male head left with prominent nose and hair in spiral curls. Two pellets form mouth. Ear? unexpectedly low on head. The lower curls formed by two S shapes. Edge circle formed by a series of joined pellets.
Rev. Horse galloping right. Small rider with arms outstretched.

11.1gr 19.4-23.1mm 5.2mm thick. axis 10hr
Joe SermariniMay 17, 2020
Greek fantasy23 viewsModern fake AE fantasy coin, cast.
obv: male head, l.; obv. only appears to be loosely based (in reverse) on portraits of Alexander III with horn of Ammon, or perhaps of Herakles from Macedonian coinage
rev: lion, r., star above

see also: http://www.forumancientcoins.com/fakes/displayimage.php?pos=-10700
Pekka KJan 31, 2019
Datames Fantasy28 viewsObv: Female head (Arethusa?) facing slightly left,
Rev: Ana, nude, standing right, pointing at Datames, standing left, hand raised;
between them, thymiaterion; all within double dotted and linear square border.

Combination of 2 different tetradrachms of Datames.

see also: http://www.forumancientcoins.com/fakes/displayimage.php?pos=-11243
Pekka KDec 11, 2018
34 viewsDiameter is ~28mm. Style is wrong, reverse is a poor copy of a coin centuries earlier than the obverse.CLJul 01, 2018
Alexander III / Ptolemy42 viewsCast fantasy coin with obverse of Alexander III type tetradrachm
combined with eagle reverse of Ptolemies.

Pekka KJan 29, 2018
Fantasy coin, gold plated? 40 viewsShows up frequently on Facebook groups.1 commentsPekka KDec 19, 2017
Caius Pisonus25 viewsCAIVS PISONVS FR AVG
Laureate bust r.
Victory walking l. holding wreath, cantharus behind

Dimension: 28 mm
Weight: 7.5 gr
Pekka KNov 16, 2017
Tourist fantasy coin21 viewsAE coin or medallion, 38,6 mm, 58 g

Obv : KOA inversed, Bearded head (of Zeus ?) right
Rev : Octopus with head at top

Modern tourist fake
Martin B4Oct 18, 2017
Tourist fantasy coin27 viewsHorned head of Alexander III (?) left.
Nike flying right holding wreath, pomegranate on right field
EY (?)

Reverse imitates type of Side, Pamphylia as mirror image.
Pekka KOct 12, 2017
Theophilus style16 viewsRev : Mary riding donkey, wearing nimbus crown and holding Holy Infant

Modern cast fantasy coins
Martin B4Oct 06, 2017
Inherited from a grandfathers collection18 viewsBronze medallion
Obv : Helmeted facing head
Rev : Bull right

"It weighs about 2 lbs., it is nearly 3" tall, and probably 1/2" to 3/4" thick"
Martin B4Oct 05, 2017
Roman Fantasy Fake14 viewsRoman Fantasy Fake
Laureate head left / Rider on horse standing right
The legend is nonsense, weight and diameter unknown.
Joe SermariniAug 14, 2017
Fantasy of Judean coin18 viewsObv. Jar with blundered Judean legend.
Rev. Grapes with blundered Judean legend.
16mm and 2.44 grams
CanaanMay 24, 2017
Menorah and Palm gold21 viewsSubmitted for authentication to Forum.

Modern Fantasy Jewish coin
Menorah and palm

No size or weight given
Jay GT4Oct 26, 2016
Graeco-Italian Fantasy Coin33 views
Cast AE fantasy piece. Obverse design possibly very loosely based on a 3rd century BC type of Megaris (Napoli). Tourist fake of Italian origin.
Pekka KSep 29, 2016
Man and sow.25 viewsGold coin with a fictional portrait on the obverce, and scene of a gold Roman coin from the 1st century on the reverce.Ilya ProkopovMar 15, 2016
Bear and boar.42 viewsFantasy gold coin with a fictional story.Ilya ProkopovMar 15, 2016
Hunting scene.22 viewsGold coin with a fictional story and bad iconography.Ilya ProkopovMar 15, 2016
Venetian Ducat, Modern Imitation30 viewsManuelNov 01, 2015
Severus and Julia Domna AE3023 viewsProbable fantasy of a provincial type depicting Septimius Severus and Julia Domna. Weight of 9.7g and diameter of 30 mm.ManuelOct 17, 2015
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