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Last additions - Fake Roman Republic Coins: Before 27 BC
Roman Republic, C. Cassius Longinus, Imperator, and L. Cornelius Lentulus Spinther, Legate, c. 43 - Early 42 B.C.Silver denarius, Crawford 505/2; Sear Imperators 225; Sydenham 1312; RSC I Cassius 9; RBW 1773; BMCRR East 83; SRCV I 1448, aEF, well centered and struck on a tight flan, toned, small open flan crack, modest surface flaws (perhaps overstruck), 3.818g, 20.1mm, 12:00, obverse C CASSI IMP (Gaius Cassius Longinus, Imperator), laureate head of Libertas right; reverse M SERVILIVS LEG (M. Servilius, legate), Aplustre, the branches ending in flowers; military mint traveling with Brutus and Cassius, probably struck at Sardis, in summer 42 B.C.; rare

This is a dangerous fake, examples of which have passed as genuine at reputable auctions. A specialist in Roman Republic coins has condemned it as struck or pressed with modern dies, overstruck on an ancient flan. These dies were first recorded in 2014. All examples are overstruck and no previously known from this issue were overstruck. The apluster is abnormal (no real apluster could look like this). The epigraphy is abnormal. It is uncleaned which is unusual for Roman silver and probably intended to make the forgery less obvious.

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4 commentsJun 12, 2018
Q. Caecilius Metellus
Roman Republic
Q. Caecilius Metellus (130 BC) Denarius Rome mint.Helmeted head of Roma, behind Q MET.Rv. Quadriga in ex. ROMA. Ø 20 mm Crawford 256

EVIDENCE OF CASTING : see the edge.
Apr 06, 2018
Roman Republic Fantasy Obverse of Q. Pomponius Musa and reverse of P. Accoleius Lariscolus. Roman Republic Fantasy Obverse of Q. Pomponius Musa and reverse of P. Accoleius Lariscolus. Feb 24, 2018
Julius CaesarO: Diademed head of Venus right wearing necklace, hair rolled back in a knot behind, two locks down neck
Aeneas advancing left, nude, carrying his father Anchises on his shoulder, holding palladium in right hand, CAESAR downward on right.

Known Fake
Feb 22, 2018
Plautius, DenarModern fake, NFSL sparatok907

L.Plavtivs Plancvs, RRC 453/1a
Feb 16, 2018
Regulus, DenarModern fake, NFSL sparatok907

L.Regvlvs, RRC 494/30
Feb 16, 2018
Republic. EX SC, DenarModern fake, NFSL sparatok907

Head of Venus / Cornucopia, RRC 376/1
Feb 16, 2018
Mark Antony LEG III DenariusSold on eBay by leventbud-0Feb 07, 2018
SAFRA(Spurius Afranius?), 150 B.C.Roman Republic AR denarius(18.4mm, 3.4g). SAFRA(Spurius Afranius?), moneyer, 150 BC. Head of Roma right in winged helmet, X (mark of value) behind/Victory in galloping biga right, holding whip and reins, SAFRA below horses, ROMA on tablet in exergue. Crawford 206/1

This coin appears to be an acid-distressed pressed forgery from wholly new dies not yet in the fake reports and different than the Lipanoff dies that have been previously seen for the type. The style is completely unlike authentic denarii of this moneyer. Sold on eBay November 2017 by NFS ancient_kingdoms
Nov 16, 2017
OctavianOCTAVIAN. AR Denarius. Italian (Rome?) mint, ca. 29-27 B.C.

Obv : Bare head of Octavian right
Rev : IMP CAESAR on architrave of the Curia Julia (Roman Senate House) with colonnaded base, surmounted by a statue of Victory on a globe, warriors at angles.

RIC-266; CRI 421; RSC 122.

Modern fake
Oct 07, 2017
T. CarisiusT. Carisius, 46 BC. AR Denarius, Rome.

Obv : MONETA Head of Juno Moneta to right, wearing earring and necklace.
Rev : T. CARISIVS. Implements for coining money: anvil die with garlanded punch die above; tongs and hammer on either side; all within laurel wreath.

Crawford 464/2. CRI 70. Sydenham 982b.

Modern cast fake, leakage from the mold joint still present.
Oct 07, 2017
Mark Antony LEG IIII DenariusANT AVG III VIR R P C
galley r. mast with banners at prow

legionary eagle between two standards

Patrae mint 32-31BC

Extremely rare

This type with LEG IIII rather than LEG IV is quite rare. No examples were found in the Delos Hoard of 1905

Modern cast
Diameter: 19 mm
Weight: 3.5 grams
Oct 06, 2017
DrususDrusus, with Tiberius and Germanicus Gemellus. AE Sestertius. Rome, under Tiberius, AD 22/3.

Obv : Crossed cornuacopiae, each surmounted by bare-headed bust of a boy facing one another; between, winged caduceus.

RIC 42; BMC 95; BN 72.

Modern fake
Oct 04, 2017
Mark Antony and OctavianThe Triumvirs. Mark Antony and Octavian. Spring-early summer 41 BC. AR Denarius Ephesus mint; M. Barbatius Pollio, quaestor pro praetore.

(Obv : M ANT • I(MP) • (AV)G • III • VIR • R • P • C • M • RARBAT (sic) • Q • P, bare head of Mark Antony right)
Rev : CAESAR • IMP • PONT • III • VIR • R • P • C •, bare head of Octavian right, wearing slight beard.

Crawford 517/2; CRI 243; Sydenham 1181;

Modern reverse die
Oct 04, 2017
AnonymousAnonymous, Mint of Luceria: first heavy series, 214-212. AE Sextans.

Obv : Head of Mercury r.; above, two pellets.
Rev : ROMA Prow r.; below, L between two pellets.

Sydenham 128. Crawford 43/4.

Modern fakes and genuine coin
Sep 29, 2017
M. Baebius Q.f. TampilusM. Baebius Q.f. Tampilus, 137 BC. Denarius, Rome.

Obv : TAMPIL Helmeted head of Roma to left; before chin, X. Rev. ROMA
Rev : M BAEBI Q F Apollo driving galloping quadriga to right, holding branch, bow, arrow and reins.

Babelon (Baebia) 12. Crawford 236/1a. Sydenham 489.

Modern dies
Sep 27, 2017
M. Sergius SilusM. Sergius Silus. 116-115 BC. AR Denarius

Obv : Helmeted head of Roma right
Rev : Horseman galloping left, holding sword and head of barbarian.

Crawford 286/1; Sydenham 534; Sergia 1

Modern obverse die
Sep 27, 2017
Cn. Lucretius TrioCn. Lucretius Trio. 136 BC. AR Denarius Rome mint.

Obv : Helmeted head of Roma right; X (mark of value) below chin
Rev : The Dioscuri, each holding spear, on horseback riding right, below, CN·LVCR. ROMA in exergue.

Crawford 237/1a; Sydenham 450; Lucretia 1; RBW 978

Modern dies
Sep 27, 2017
AnonymousRoman Republican. Anonymous. 211-208 BC. AV 60 Asses. Rome mint.

Obv : Bearded head of Mars right, wearing crested Corinthian helmet; mark of value to left
Rev : Eagle standing right on thunderbolt, with wings spread; ROMA below.

Crawford 44/2; Sydenham 226; Bahrfeldt 4a; Biaggi 3; RBW 160–1.

Modern dies
Sep 26, 2017
AnonymousAnonymous. 211-210 B.C. AE triens. Sicilian mint.

Obv : Helmeted head of Minerva right
Rev : ROMA, prow of galley right; grain ear above, four pellets below.

Crawford 72/6 or 72/13; Sydenham

Modern dies
Sep 24, 2017
C. Coelius CaldusC. Coelius Caldus. 104 BC. AR Denarius (3.93 gm).

Obv : Helmeted head of Roma left
Rev : Victory in biga left; C: in exergue.

Crawford 318/1b; Sydenham 582a; Coelia 3

Modern dies
Coin sold at auction 2017
Sep 22, 2017
M. Sergius SilusM. Sergius Silus. 116-115 BC. AR Denarius

Obv : Helmeted head of Roma right
Rev : Horseman galloping left, holding sword and head of barbarian.
Crawford 286/1; Sydenham 534; Sergia 1

Modern reverse die
Sep 22, 2017
The Social War, C. PapiusThe Social War, the Bellum Sociale, C. Papius AR Denarius.
Mint moving with Papius in Campania, circa 90 BC.

Obv : Helmeted and draped bust of Mars right; X• and Viteliú in Oscan characters behind
Rev : Oath-taking scene of four soldiers, two on each side, pointing their swords at pig held by kneeling youth; C•PAAPI•C• (retrograde and in Oscan characters) in exergue.
Sydenham 637; Campana 83; HN Italy 425; RBW 1225.

Modern die, no matches found
Sep 18, 2017
Marc AntonyMarcus Antonius. AR Denarius, 3,64g, mint moving with M. Antony in Gallia Cisalpina late 43 BC
Obv.: M·ANTON IMP R P C Bare head of M. Antony r.; behind, lituus.
Rev.: CAESAR DIC Bare head of Julius Caesar r.; behind, capis .
Babelon Antonia 5 and Julia 55. C 3. Sydenham 1166. Sear Imperators 123. Woytek Arma et Nummi p. 558. RBW –. Crawford 488/2.
Weight 3.24 g
Modern Fake, sold by an auction house 2015
Shares the same obv. die with the previos coin
Sep 10, 2017
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