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Last comments - Joe Sermarini
Antoninus Pius with Marcus Aurelius as Caesar (138-161). Fake Sestertius (33mm, 26.63 g, 12h).Antoninus Pius with Marcus Aurelius as Caesar (138-161). Fake Sestertius (33mm, 26.63 g, 12h). Laureate head of Antoninus Pius l. R/ Bare head of Marcus Aurelius r. Modern fake for study3 comments12/07/20 at 13:02Joseph Sermarini: Sold as a modern fake.
AgrippaAppears to be a modern struck copy of the Agrippa As:
10.84 g, 27.68 mm.
Agrippa, AE As. Struck under Caligula, 37-41 AD. M AGRIPPA L F COS III, head left wearing rostral crown / S-C, Neptune standing facing, head left, naked except for cloak draped behind him and over both arms, holding dolphin in right hand and vertical trident in left.
RIC 58; Cohen 3; Sear 1812.
Reasons that I believe this to be a fake:
1) File marks visible at the top around the edge.
2) The dolphin's tail has three parts, whereas on genuine coins it only has two, as it does in real life.
3) Dots all over the reverse which do not appear on any genuine versions that I have seen (e.g. to the left and right and beneath the bottom edge of the chlamys which is hanging down on the left and beneath the bottom edge of the chlamys which is hanging down on the right)
4) The side edges of the chlamys part on the left appear to be missing.
5) There is an additional slightly sloping line going from beneath his left armpit (i.e. on the right of the image) towards the C which should not be there.
2 comments09/12/17 at 11:24Joseph Sermarini: I think the style is abnormal and agree it is like...
MA_AC copy.jpg
Marc Antony and Octavian, Denarius, RSC 8Obv: M ANT IMP AVG III VIR R P C M BARBAT Q P
Bust: Bare head of Antony right.
Bust: Bare head of Octavian right
Mint: Ephesus Date: Spring - Summer 41 BC.
Ref: RSC 8, Syd 1181, Cr517/2

The coin appears to have been created by someone without a good reference and is completely fake. This was an authentic coin however, the jewelry tooled and carved in the details without a good reference. The original coin portraits are not smiling, as on this altered version, although both Mark Antony and Octavian do look rather pleased with themselves.
2 comments11/05/15 at 09:38Joseph Sermarini: Ask questions on the discussion board. Nobody ans...
Hannibalianus, AE 3AE 3 struck in Constantinople in 336 AD
FL ANNIBALLIANO REGI, Draped and cuirassed bust of Hannibalianus right
SE - CVRITAS PVBLICA, Euphrate lying left, leaning on a sceptre. CONS at exergue
2.46 gr
Ref : Cohen #2, RC #3935, LRBC #1035
2 comments11/05/15 at 09:38Joseph Sermarini: Ask questions on the discussion board. Nobody ans...
Cavino - Caligula and SistersPaduan cast AE sestertius of Caligula, after Giovanni Cavino (1500-1570), 17.78g
obv: C CAESAR AVG GERMANICVS PON M TR POT laureate head of Caligula left
rev: AGRIPPINA DRVSILLA IVLIA Imperial sisters Agrippina, Drusilla and Julia standing facing one another , holding cornucopiae; SC in exe.
cf: RIC 33, Cohen 4, also Klawans 1.
Later cast.
2 comments03/01/13 at 19:30Joe Sermarini: I agree, probably overstruck on a genuine sesterti...
Lamp5Roman bronze oil lamp, the handle ornamented with palm leaf (or acanthus).
Cast, artificial patina.
1 comments01/23/11 at 13:16Joe Sermarini: A museum in UK sent me an image of a similar lamp ...
new unsorted 027 (2).jpg
Antoninus PiusSubmitted to boards for identification August 2006.

Submitted by Maridvnvm
2 comments09/06/10 at 22:14Joe Sermarini: I believe it is a fantasy coin (that would mean a ...
Silver plate.jpg
Silver Plate vs. SilveringThe top coin is a modern silver plated reproduction. The original type was not, however, silver-plated. It was "silvered." The bottom coin is a genuine silvered antoninianus of Probus. If you have never seen a "silvered" coin in hand it may be difficult to know the difference. But once you have seen a few genuine silvered coins, the difference is clear. Replicating the "silvering" of ancient coins is apparently not an easy task for makers of replicas or forgeries.
Photos courtesy of mostlyclassics.
2 comments11/17/09 at 15:28Joe Sermarini: Though I don't doubt that the obverse style is...
PTOLOMY PHILADELPHOS - Ptolemy II - silver tetradrachmSilver tetradrachm, 16.24 grams.
Bought on Ebay in Feb 2009 as "looks authentic but I am not an expert" and "I am selling for only $14.99 because it is without certificate of authenticity". Came from Lebanon. The HD pictures show all the evidences in great detail.
Tyre Diadem-ed head of Ptolemy I right, wearing aegis / ΣΩTHPOΣ ΠTOΛEMAIOY, Eagle standing left on thunderbolt. TYP monogram over club left field, regal date monogram right field.
3 comments08/16/09 at 16:31Joe Sermarini: Fake
Syracuse - fake Agathocles tetradrachm obverse die made from genuine published die coin Fake die apparently made from the genuine coin in the photo. The die was sold as a genuine ancient die. It is a modern forgery. It may or may not have been used to create modern fake coins. There is disagreement on the discussion boards regarding its usability. It is probably useable if properly mounted but too thin to be used as-is. There is a very small possibility the coin in the photo was made from the die and not vice versa but this is much less likely.

The coin was sold for $2400 at The New York Sale IV, lot 85, 17 January 2002. The auction description follows: Tetradrachm, about 310-305. AR 17.01 g. Head of Arethusa l., crowned with wreath of reeds; she wears a triple-pendant earring and a necklace; below truncation, NK in monogram; around, three dolphins. Rev. SURAKOSIWN Fast quadriga l. on double exergual line, the driver holds reins with his r. hand, kentron in his l. hand; above, triskelis, in exergue, below ethnic, monogram ?; linear border. SNG ANS 637 (same dies). SNG Oxford 2064. M. Ierardi, The Tetradrachms of Agathocles of Syracuse: A preliminary Study, AJN 7-8 (1995-1996), 40, 9 (same dies). Excellent hellenistic style. Beautiful, iridescent patina. Insignificant flan defect on rev. (in exergue). Extremely fine.
3 comments05/06/09 at 12:14Joe Sermarini: I believe it still could have been made from this ...
VESPASIANUS, 69-79Ebay seller Gossef(used to be riko354) ‘From my father’s collection’
AE Sestertius, about 71.
Rev. IVDEA - CAPTA Emperor, in military attire, standing r., l. foot placed on helmet, holding spear with his r. hand, parazonium with his l. hand; in front of him, palm tree and Judaea, draped and veiled, seated r. on cuirass, propping her head on her l. hand. In ex.: S - C
1 comments05/04/09 at 22:37Joe Sermarini: Fake coin reports are about the coin not the selle...
ANTONINUS OF VALERIANUSHello, I bought this coin on Ebay for 10 dollars. If the avers and the reverse seem ok, the smooth section is very doubtful. The weight of 4,41g is also beyond the theoretical weight of 3,38g.
What think of this currency?
Thank you for your assistance.
3 comments08/05/08 at 18:49Joe Sermarini: Questions should be posted on the discusssion boar...
Galla PlacidiaContemporary steel dies for striking solidi.
2 comments03/20/08 at 12:54Joe Sermarini: Dr. Prokopov :)
Galerius Maximianus ArgenteusSold in June 2005 on German Ebay by seller sportjanne in a private auction for 123€. Suspect coin, not absolutely certainly a fake; but seller sold several false coins at the same time.

submitted by rupert
2 comments01/20/08 at 21:45Joe Sermarini: I think we can be confident this is a fake.
Galba, denarius, RIC ?Obv:- IMP SER GALBA CAES AVG TR P, Laureate and draped bust of Galba to right
Rev:- SALVS GEN HVMANI, Female figure (Fortuna ?) standing left, her right foot on globe, holding rudder in her left hand and sacrificing from a patera held in her right hand over altar to left.


Sold as original on ebay January 2008 by 300rarecoins, aka romancoins1***, aka mrsmith66

Submitted by Maridvnvm
1 comments01/20/08 at 21:43Joe Sermarini: Certainly from modern dies. This artist is much m...
Germanicus, Caesar, died 10 October 19 A.D.Germanicus, Caesar, died 10 October 19 A.D., Silver denarius, gF, 3.113g, 18.7mm, 0o, c. 42 A.D.; obverse GERMANICVS CAES P C CAES AVG GERM, bare head of Germanicus right; reverse [...] RIA SACRA, emperor stands right, holding lituus, sacrificing over altar, priest stands opposite, flute player behind emperor, harpist behind priest, river god reclining at left, all before temple; toned.

Fantasy reverse type.
2 comments12/02/07 at 15:15Joe Sermarini: Except it is a type that does not exist, so your v...
SlaveyCast fakes of well known coins made by Slavey. Artificial patina. Low quality.
1 comments11/01/07 at 20:48Joe Sermarini: Cast fakes of modern replicas!
HADRIAN 117-138Denar. Pressed and electrotype plated.
1 comments09/02/07 at 13:35Joe Sermarini: These cold pressed coins may pass dealers because ...
Constantine IObv: IMP CON_STANT_INVS PERT AVG Draped, cuirassed bust of Constantine I right, wearing Pannonian cap.
Rev: VICTORIAE LAETAE PRINC PERP Two Victories, standing facing each other, inscribing shield with VOT | PR on altar with X and + design

The consensus is it's fake, confirmed by a few Procurator Caesaris here at Forum.
5 comments08/07/07 at 16:21Joe Sermarini: It is definitely not the product of a Roman mint.
Style Errors on a Fake Nero AureusNero coins are well known for being of the finest style and an aureus die is probably the most important one. This fake can be detected by its poor style.

Obverse: Bust of Nero is pushed forward too much. It should be more linear in a vertical position. Also it should have a slightly more rounded appearance.

Reverse: Headdress of Jupiter is wrong. Jupiter is too compact. The lettering on the left should be more spaced out to fill the area more. On real specimens the R almost reaches the head of Jupiter. Border should have distinct beads.
2 comments07/01/07 at 14:32Joe Sermarini: I would be extremely surprised to learn this is no...
Evidence of Casting - Edge FilingFew examples of edge filing will be this obvious. Often there will be just a small area of filing that the forger missed in his later finer smoothing efforts.
6 comments10/12/06 at 02:26Joe Sermarini: Some genuine ancient coins show signs of filing. ...
Antoninus Pius, Denarius, RIC 016Obv:- IMP ANTONINVS AVGVSTVS, Bare head right
Rev:- TRIB POT COS DES II, Fides standing left, holding basket of fruits and grain ears.
RIC 16

Cast fakes sold by fakes sellers 'empire_gallery' and 'spes-pvblica' on eBay. These images show two identical cast copies. Image 1A (top left) is the dealer photo of the fake sold by 'empire_gallery', it was bought by a FORVM poster who made image 1B (right) which includes a side view that shows traces of a casting seam. Image 2 (bottom left) is the dealer photo of the fake sold by 'spes-pvblica', which is another cast copy. The posting of this coin, not suspected to be fake until the second identical specimen (image 2) turned up, led to the discovery of many more cast fakes by these and other sellers.
1 comments02/09/06 at 00:26Joe Sermarini: Its a good idea to look for evidence of casting in...
Caracalla, Aureus, RIC 130Obv:– ANTONINVS PIVS AVG, Laureate bust right, draped
Rev:– INDVLGENTIA AVGG, Dea Caelestis, holding thunderbolt and scepter, riding lion over waters gushing from rock on left. Exe: IN CARTH
Minted in Rome. A.D. 204-205
Ref: RIC 130

Sold on German Ebay in March 2005 as genuine at 828€.
Joe Sermarini: Published fake in September 1977 Bulletin on Counterfeits

submitted by rupert
1 comments01/08/06 at 23:41Joe Sermarini: September 1977 Bulletin on Counterfeits
Julia Mamaea.JPG
Julia Mamaea, AR Denarius, RIC 335IVLIA MAMAEA AVG, diademed & draped bust right / FELICITAS PVBLICA, Felicitas standing, head left, holding caduceus & resting arm on column.

Sold on eBay as a silver reproduction by a seller from Spain. An example as an aureus already in Fake reports (http://www.forumancientcoins.com/fakes/displayimage.php?pos=-1561).
1 comments12/24/05 at 14:00Joe Sermarini: Obviously pressed, not struck, but the dies were m...
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