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Last comments - Fake Roman Imperial Coins: Adoptive Emperors: Nerva - Commodus: AD 96 - 192
Hadrian with Trajan190 views1 commentsgmazza04/26/10 at 13:41Kained but Able: Where is the Copy mark?
Hadrian 117 - 138238 views1 commentsTigellinvs02/21/10 at 16:06Tigellinvs: CORRECTION: Error date: offered at ebay in feb 201...
new unsorted 027 (2).jpg
Antoninus Pius952 views2 commentsmaridvnvm01/14/10 at 06:23vvb2002: Question: I have a similar coin and I can't fi...
Traiano205 views1 commentsSvicolone10/07/09 at 19:30Svicolone: Brass Sestertius weight 16,4 g
MATIDIA - PIETAS Denarius150 views1 commentsmdelvalle03/30/09 at 04:49Ilya Prokopov: Cast from Lipanoff's prototype.
medallion 001.jpg
Roman Medallion, probably a tourist fake182 views1 commentsmoonmoth03/25/09 at 13:38curtislclay: The obverse probably copies a medallion of Commodu...
Faustina I 210 views1 commentsIlya Prokopov02/11/09 at 22:10LAWRENCE C2: Great Fake would have fooled me :-)
Antoninus Pius, Denarius, RIC 168611 views1 commentspostvmvs02/11/09 at 21:48LAWRENCE C2: nicely done fake!!!!!would have fooled me!!!
Aelius img.jpg
Aelius, Denarius, RIC 432541 views1 commentsmaridvnvm02/11/09 at 21:38LAWRENCE C2: nice Fake :-?
ANTONINUS PIUS236 views1 commentsIlya Prokopov07/28/08 at 16:53LAWRENCE C2: again these fakes are high quality, and it may foo...
crsipina 032507.jpg
Crispina, Denarius, RIC 283368 views2 commentsStraythought05/07/08 at 17:48Gao: One of these was old on Ebay by dianisimo for $21....
Nerva, Denarius, RIC 1399 views3 commentspostvmvs05/07/08 at 16:35Gao: It just sold again on Ebay for $18.27 by a seller ...
Commodus, Denarius, RIC 253239 views1 commentsMiguel Diaz02/21/08 at 10:48Ilya Prokopov: "Lipanoff Studio"
Hadrian, Denarius, RIC 200236 views1 comments02/21/08 at 10:48Ilya Prokopov: "Lipanof Studio" p. 36, no. 49
Marcus Aurelius denarius229 views1 commentsMiguel Diaz02/21/08 at 10:47Ilya Prokopov: "Lipanoff Studio" p. 42, no. 61
Hadrian Sestertius152 views1 commentsgmazza02/21/08 at 10:35Ilya Prokopov: Cast from Slavey
Antoninus Pius, dupondius174 views1 commentsfrederic W02/21/08 at 09:26Ilya Prokopov: "Lipanoff Studio"
Antoninus Pius, Dupondius, RIC 920190 views1 commentsareich02/08/08 at 09:17Ilya Prokopov: "Lipanoff Studio"
Trajan sestertius Mesopotamia154 views1 commentsareich02/08/08 at 09:16Ilya Prokopov: "Lipanoff Studio"
Antoninus Pius, Dupondius, RIC 920265 views1 commentsmaridvnvm12/03/07 at 13:58Frans D: offered on Ebay nov 2007 by Fantastical123; same s...
Faustina Jr.jpg
Faustna Jr, Denarius, RIC 515b154 views1 commentsmaridvnvm11/20/07 at 02:12gibfrog: Prokoov published Lipanoff page 43 plate 64
Sabina, Denarius, RIC 390170 views1 commentsmaridvnvm11/20/07 at 01:50gibfrog: Prokopov published Lipanoff page 38 plate 53
Hadrian, Denarius, RIC 345159 views1 commentsmaridvnvm11/20/07 at 01:46gibfrog: prokopov Published Lipanoff Obverse page 36 plate ...
Marcus Aurelius, denarius, RIC -163 views1 commentsmaridvnvm11/20/07 at 01:38gibfrog: Prokopov published Lipanff page 42, plate 61
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