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Maurice Tiberius AE Decanummium , mint of Carthage106 viewsModern cast imitation of SBCV 366, appeared on ebay July 2017. Seller gave following description: diameter 21.5mm - 22.5mm, weight 4.7g.Abu Galyon
Maurice Tiberius, Decanummium , mint of Carthage113 viewsModern cast imitation of SBCV 366, diameter 22mm, weight 4.82gAbu Galyon
Aelia Ariadne, Tremissis22 viewsAelia Ariadne, wife of Zeno and Anastasius
AR Tremissis ??, Constantinopolis mint., struck 474-491 AD.
Obv: AEL ARIA – UNE AVG, Pearl-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust r.
Rev: Cross within wreath; beneath, CONOB

Fake from modern dies. Sold as a replica
Alexius I Comnenus. 1081-1118101 viewsModern cast imitation of Alexius I Comnenus. 1081-1118. � Half Tetarteron 1092-1118. Patriarchal cross; A-A across upper field, K-Φ across lower / Crowned facing bust of Alexius, holding scepter and globus cruciger. DOC 45; SB 1932
ebay 10/2017
Vladislav D
Alexius I, Silver histamenon nomisma, SBCV 1905, DOC 5,220 viewsAlexius I, 4 April 1081 - 15 August 1118 A.D. Silver histamenon nomisma, SBCV 1905, DOC 5, VF, Thessalonica mint, pre-reform coinage, 1081 - 1092; obverse + KE RΘ AΛEZ or similar, bust of Christ Pantocrator facing, with cross nimbus, wearing tunic and colobium, holding book of Gospels, in field l. and r., IC and XC; reverse ∆IMITI ∆ECΠITH or similar, St. Demetrius standing three-quarter right, wearing short military tunic, breastplate and sagion, holding sword and presenting patriarchal cross to Alexius standing facing, wearing crown, stemma, divitision and loros

Joe Sermarini
Alexius III805 viewsVery poor, silver coloured fake of an Alexius III gold hyperpyron.
Copying Sear Byz. 2008.

- the details of Christ are very poor, the arms are just
curved lines with no detail and his robe is badly made.
- the lettering is too large and looks incorrect. It should
be K Epsilon R O - H theta Epsilon I.
- the legend on the reverse is much too short.
- the clothes of the figures on the reverse do not have
enough detail.

Sent to wildwinds for identification by a Russian web user, Sept. 2011.
Anastasius1356 viewsSolidus, well-known fake Sear F4, this example is made to look worn, offered in Germany (July 2009)byzcoll
Anastasius791 viewsPublished fake of a solidus of Anastasius I, listed in Sear under F3. Sold by a European auction house in September 2009.byzcoll
Anastasius I468 viewsFake solidus of Anastasius I, type Sear 4, Constantinople mint. The coin is struck. Some indicators of forgery are a wrong appearance of the surfaces and a strange edge. For a full explanation see the respective thread in the fake coin discussion section. On the market in spring 2009.byzcoll
Anastasius I344 viewsFake tremissis of Anastasius I, Constantinople mint. Same obverse transfer die as for the many examples listed nearby. The reverse die is a "new" version I have not seen before. Offered by an Austrian auction house in November 2011.byzcoll
Anastasius I Solidus1022 viewsObverse: Helmeted and cuirassed bust of Anastasius I ¾ facing to right, with spear held in right hand over shoulder and decorated shield to front right. Text around D N ANASTASIVS P P AVG.
Reverse: Winged Victory standing left holding long staff, star in right field. Text around VICTORVI AAVGGGI, in exergue CONOB.
Mint: Constantinople
Diameter: 2.1cm

This is a REPRODUCTION and has copy mark 'WRL' stamped on one side
Jonah Y
Anastasius I, Solidus (in silver)14 viewsObv:- DN ANASTA-SIVS PP AVG, helmeted and cuirassed bust three-quarter face to right, holding spear over right shoulder and shield on left arm
Rev:- VICTORI-A AVGGG S, Victory standing left, holding long jewelled cross, star to right.
Mintmark CONOB

Fake from modern dies. Sold as a replica
Anastasius I, Tremissis, sb0008824 viewsObv:- DN ANASTA-SIVS PF AVG, diademed, draped & cuirassed bust right
Rev:- VICTORIA-AVGVSTORVM, Victory advancing right, head left, holding wreath and globus-cruciger; star to right; CONOB
Sear Byzantine Coins and their Values # sb0008
Sold on ebay January 2008
Also offered for sale on eBay March 2008 with same photograph (noted by Hydatius)

Submitted by Maridvnvm
Anastasius I. 491-518. 455 viewsAV Tremissis,1.438 g, Constantinople mint.
Obv.: DN ANASTASIVS PP AVG, Diademed, draped, and cuirassed bust right.
Rev.: VICTORIA AVGVSTORVM, Victory advancing right, head left, holding wreath and cross set on globe; star to right.In ex.: CONOB.
DOC 10; MIBE 12.
Ilya Prokopov
ANDPONIKUS I (1183-1185), Pale electrum386 viewsObv:- Christ enthroned, facing
Rev:- Emperor standing facing; to right, Virgin crowning him. Traces of legend ANDPONIKOS - FIOK
Fig 4b is the false coin - 6.63g

Published in the IAPN BOC Vol 19, No. 1 in 1994 - example 4b
Image used with permission of IAPN
Andronicus 1226 viewsAnother series of cast fakes of electrum trachea of Andronicus I, type Sear 1984. Weight variable as usual for casts. Sold by major European auction houses over the last few years. Some are of very high quality and quite deceptive. One may think, that the two top photos are from the exact same coin, but the weights are 3.61 g and 4.46 g, respectively. Also the top coin has the appearance of a gold-gilt cast in silver. Note that on some of the coins the forgers took care to perfectly copy a crack in the flan.byzcoll
Andronicus I185 viewsA series of cast fakes of electrum trachea of Andronicus I, type Sear 1984. Weight variable as usual for casts. These forgeries all have different flan shapes to make the fakes a little less obvious. Sold by major European auction houses over the last six years, bottom coin offered on ebay in January 2012. Some are of very high quality and quite deceptive, if not seen in comparison to each other. Some have a type of surface cracks which are typical for casts which have been cooled down too quickly.byzcoll
Andronicus I94 viewsOffered on ebay.uk Dec 2014Obryzum
Andronicus II231 viewsFake trachy of Andronicus II
Metal silver:
Andronicus II Sear 2335 or 2326443 viewsAndronicus II Sear 2335 or 2326. This is an odd fake. It is obviously attempting to pose as perhaps an electrum hyperperon as per Sear 2326 (Byzantine Coins), but the coin type is actually Sear 2335 AE trachy type 2 (the posture of Andronicus' head is turning up towards Christ). These are normally bronze. This coin was advertised as silver but is clearly some other metal. It is very heavy. Double the weight of gold hyperperon. Side view of a cast fake. You can see the seam, which runs all the way around the coin. the coin's thickness is double that of a normal coin of this type.
Joe Sermarini
Andronicus II - Politikon coinage65 viewsCoin offered on German eBay in June 2014, attributed as an Andronicus II basilikon, but with "no guaranty". Fabric looks remarkably similar to a Justin II "100 nummi" fantasy coin offfered at the same time, also in the fake reports.Obryzum
Andronicus_II_Palaeologus,_with_Michael_IX 1282-1328_Cast_AR_Half_Basilikon_.jpg
Andronicus II Palaeologus, with Michael IX 1282-1328 Cast AR Half Basilikon112 viewsObv:- Andronicus standing facing, holding cruciform scepter and akakia.
Rev:- Michael standing facing, holding cruciform scepter and akakia.
Sear 2406. Constantinople mint.
These seem to be three casts derived from the same host coin.
(18mm, 0.99g-1.52g, 6h).
Andronicus_II_Palaeologus,_with_Michael_IX 1295-1320_Cast_Basilikon.jpg
Andronicus II Palaeologus, with Michael IX 1295-1320 Cast Basilikon126 viewsObv:- Christ enthroned facing with crossed nimbus, wearing pallium and colobium, raising hand in benediction and holding Book of Gospels; small dot below each elbow.
Rev:- Andronicus II to left and Michael IX to right standing facing, holding labarum between them; circle below the plaque.
Sear 2402; PCPC 167.1. Constantinople mint.
Three casts derived from the same host coin.
(Approx 23 mm, 2.05g).
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