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Fantasy Fake Baktrian Sophytes AV Stater
Purportedly derived from the Mir Zakah II Hoard this unique coin was condemned by Francois de Callataÿ in his analysis Pourquoi le distatère en or au portrait dAlexandre
est très probablement un faux moderne in Revue Numismatique 2013 (Vol. 170)

Summary The recent publication of the proceedings of the conference held in 2007 concerning the unique gold distater with the portrait of Alexander the Great (Holt, BopearaCHCHi 2011), including the eagerly awaited metal analyses, combined with the appearance of a critical review of that book (BraCey 2011), invites reconsideration of the problem by adding some new arguments, classified in decreasing order of their power of conviction. Out of the 17 presented arguments, two seem to us to create an impossibility while nine others make it unlikely that the piece could be genuine. In addition, reasons are given why the gold stater of Sophytes is surely a fake.
n.igma  [Feb 26, 2017 at 11:08 PM]
Exhibited at Muse Archologique Henri Prades Lattes, April-August 2003. Appeared in Roma Numismatics 2 (2 Oct. 2011), Lot 366 - UNSOLD. Current whereabouts unknown.
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