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Rhodes AR Didrachm
Radiate, facing head of Helios
ΡΟΔΙΟΝ above rose with two buds.

5.86 gr, modern forgery.

1. Rhodian Didrachms bearing the reverse legend ΡΟΔΙΟΝ (as this coin do) are almost always matched with un-radiate obverses. There are very few exceptions (Δ+Star, ΔΙ+Star, EY+Harpa, ΕΥΚΡΑΤΗΣ+Anchor, AΜΕΙΝΙΑΣ+Prow, probably among few other emissions) but these exceptions are really very few into the vast Rhodian Didrachm series and this coin does not look as being one of these exceptions.

2. In the exceptions to the "rule" I just described above, the reverse design as a whole is placed inside a border of pearls; the reverse of this coin does not bear a border of pearls.

3. The complete lack of field symbols, letters or a magistrate's name is strange and I am not aware of other Rhodian Didrachm issues showing this paradoxical phenomenon.
Instead, there are two buds here, which rarely appear and only at other certain Rhodian issues, totally unrelated to this particular issue the coin in question purports to be part of. Besides, the style of both buds is much away from the usual and typical style of these types.

4. The weight is certainly light for a Rhodian Didrachm; at 5.86 is well on the light side. The coin looks to be in aEF condition and the very little wear does not justify such loss of weight.

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