Microscope Photos

with the Nikon 990 digital camera
and Stereo Microscope

Syracuse Hemilitron 10mm .3g
The largest coin my microscope can photograph

Syracuse Hexas 5mm .05g
My lightest coin but laminated and ugly

Metapontum 1/12th stater? 9mm .4g

Athens Obol, 3 tail feathers 11x9mm .6g

Athens Hemiobol 9mm .3g

Kolophon Tetartemorion 6mm .2g

Phocaea denomination? almost 5mm .1g

Uncertain, Ionia, Tetartemorion? 5mm .1g

Persian Empire 1/12 Siglos 6mm .5g

Rhegion Hemitartemorion? 5mm .1g

Uncertain, Asia Minor, Obol 8mm .5g

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