Septimius Severus

Legionary Denarii - Rome mint Legions 22-30

LEG XXII PRI - two specimens from the same obverse but different reverse dies
Legion XXII Primigenia was stationed at Mainz. The remote German legions are all more scarce than average but coins of this legion bearing PRI are the rarest of the legionary series. When this page was first written, all I had seen were struck from the same obverse die. There are two reverse dies. Most specimens have partial legends. Recently a full legend specimen with a different obverse has been sold at auction. Interestingly, this new die is also known used with a LEG XI CL reverse.

LEG XXII 'plain' - two specimens

Much more common are coins for Legion XXII without the modifying PRI. These are the only examples of the series that lack a legion name in addition to the number. Dies vary greatly in spacing spreading the short legend over the greater space (left) or starting it far around the edge (right). While many of these coins are partial legend, these 'odd' spacings allow many coins of this legion to be identified from very few letters. I have absolutely no idea why coins of this legion were issued lacking the modifying name. (Please tell me!)

LEG XXX VLP - two specimens

Legion XXX Ulpia was stationed at Vetera in northern Germany. Another of the rare German legions, this coin is also hard to find with full legends.

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