Septimius Severus

Legionary Denarii - Rome mint Legions 11-13

(Left) LEG XI CL with capricorns - (Right) LEG XI CL no capricorns
Legion XI Claudia was stationed on the lower Danube in Moesia. Coins of this legion are unusual in that they exist both having and lacking small Capricorns on the lower part of the standards. While several legions show more than one variety of standards, most are consistant in having or lacking these devices. Coins of Legion XI are approximately equally common in both varieties. This legion is one of the more common numbers (roughly equal to Legion VIII but still much more scarce than the common Legion XIIII.


Legion XIII Gemina was stationed at Apulum in Dacia. It is important for collectors to distinguish carefully issues of this scarce legion from the common Legion XIIII Gemina Marti Victrix. Legion XIII coins never have 'MV' following 'LEG XIII GEM' while Legion XIIII coins always have 'MV' following 'LEG XIIII GEM'. All coins I have seen reported that do not follow this rule appear to be poorly struck or centered in a way to cause errors in reading. Anyone having a boldly struck, full flan coin proving me wrong is asked to contact me.

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