Septimius Severus

Legionary Denarii - Rome mint Legions 3-8

Legion III Italica (right) stationed at Regensburg is discussed on a separate page.

(Left) LEG IIII FL - (Right) LEG V MAC

Legion IIII Flavia was stationed at Belgrade. Shortly after this time it was served as legate by Avitus, husband of Julia Maesa and grandfather of Elagabalus and Severus Alexander.

Legion V Macedonica was stationed at Potaissa in northern Dacia.


Legion VII Claudia was stationed at Viminacium. The reverse of our right example above is made confusing by clashed dies.

Legion VIII Augusta at Strasbourg was honored by a particularly large issue of legionary denarii but still not nearly as massive as that for Legion XIIII. The coins exist in a variety of styles from the Rome mint. Our page on Eastern legionaries showed the rare Emesa mint issue for this legion suggesting it played an important part in the civil war against Niger. Coins of this legion from Rome and Emesa can only be separated by style. Notice that these two Rome mint examples have rather different details on the standards.

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