Julia Domna


For the purpose of this website, except for a single type also issued at Alexandria, all Eastern mint coins with the second legend (IVLIA AVGVSTA) will be called 'Laodicea'. These were produced from the beginning of the new style period until the end of minting operations in the East (c. 196 - 202 AD). More exact placement within that period will require more study. These coins tend to be very well struck on good sized flans when compared to earlier denarii.

The Laodicea coins of Julia Domna all show a 'mintmark': the loop or ringlet on her neck just above the drapery. While this is more clear on some coins than on others its presence allows easy separation of Laodicea coins from those of other mints.

Laodicea mint denarius

While this student does not feel comfortable assigning each of these coins to a specific date it seems that the coins with unbroken legends (above right) date toward the end of the period.

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