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Thanks to an Internet friend who traded me this coin, I now must admit that there is such a thing as a restruck brockage. This AE2 of Magnentius at first glance appears to be a flip over double strike. The obverse shows a clear portrait bust and a good portion of the reverse design so the coin received two strikes from the dies and flipped over between strikes. Flipover double strikes are not uncommon. What makes this coin special is that the first strike was a reverse brockage. After one strike the coin had two reverses - one normal and one incuse. It then flipped over (intentionally by a mint worker or accidentally???) and was struck again producing a normal obverse on what had been a normal reverse and a normal reverse on what was the incuse reverse. The enlarged image shows some details of the VOT / V / MVLT / X side by side (the normal on the left and the reversed incuse on the right). The coin is a bit of a mess but the longer you look at it the more details from both strikes become apparent. Previously I have said that I did not believe in the existence of a restruck brockage but this coin does appear to be one. I was wrong!

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