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Julia Domna AR denarius Venus' reverse reverse
This denarius made the list for several reasons. It was my first coin of Julia Domna, wife of Septimius Severus whose coins became my specialty. I do not have record of exactly when I bought it or how much I paid but I do know is that it appears in a photo I made in the fall of 1964. I have several other examples of this coin including some that are prettier. I'm not even exactly sure when I got my first ancient. I was in high school (class of 1964) and know it was not in my last year so I have usually said I started this hobby in 1963. It could have been '61 or '62. By 1964, I was up to about 20 coins. You will see one other coin from those days on this list. If you have read my old pages you even know what it is. The Julia is not my favorite coin but is in no danger of being traded away after fifty years. In addition to the nostalgia value of this coin, I believe this denarius is also an overstrike. I see an eye and nose peering out of her hair. It might be Commodus. I find interest in that the portrait is rather old looking for a coin of the first period suggesting that the die may have been cut before Julia's appearance was well known at the mint. The coin might even be barbarous. I have never seen another of these dies. For a coin I have owned at least 50 years you would think I would know more about it but I don't.

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