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  • 3 Republican Denarii - Same or Different
  • Antoninus Pius Caesar The politics of succession
  • Blundered legend of Septimius? - Spell check would have missed it!
  • Local Silver of Septimius from Caesarea - Greek Imperial
  • Unusual Severus Alexander Denarius from Antioch
  • Twin Portraits of Gordian & Tranquillina - Greek Imperial
  • Philip the Arab & Family 4 coins of the First Family
  • A sestertius of Trebonianus Gallus - When a hole adds interest?
  • Maximinus II as Filius Augustorum - Better than Caesar?
  • Follis of Constantine - A $5 coin and worth the money!
  • An AE2 of Arcadius - Inverted overstrike and the hand of God
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Ancient Greek & Roman Coins: Overview for Beginners
  • Selecting A Specialty - You can't buy them all!
  • Choosing Ancient Coins - Why do you like this coin?
  • Photography of Ancient Coins How to - if you like my photos
  • Digital Camera Photography of Ancient Coins
  • Digital Coin Photography - 2002 Update
  • Digital Coin Photography - 2003 Update
  • Digital Coin Photography - 2004 Update
  • Digital Coin Photography - 2008 Update
  • Direct Scanning Ancient Coins Flat Bed Scanner
  • Questions I have for you PLEASE!

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