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Location of Pylos in Messenia (enlarge)

Pylos, the kingdom of Nestor, is in southwestern Peloponnesus.

Founder (I)

The city of Pylos in Messenia was founded by Neleus, who had been banished from Thessaly. Neleus established a new dynasty in Messenia, but the kingdom was divided among several kings until the return of the HERACLIDES, when Messenia was reunified under the rule of Cresphontes. At the death of Neleus, who died either of a disease in Corinth or else was killed by Heracles 1, his sons Periclymenus 1 and Nestor divided the kingdom.

Founder (II)

Others affirm that Pylos was founded by Pylas, a Megarian king who came to the Peloponnesus, leaving Megara to Pandion 4, king of Athens.

The times of Nestor

Nestor participated in the Trojan War, contributing a fleet of 40 or 90 ships (see ACHAEAN LEADERS), and after the war he returned to Pylos. After the time of Nestor and Periclymenus 1, the kingdom was divided among their descendants, and there were at least four kingdoms of Messenia.

The return of the HERACLIDES

Cresphontes received the kingdom of Messenia by casting lots with Procles 2 and Eurysthenes 1 (two other HERACLIDES). As Cresphontes' government for the most part was directed in favor of the people, the rich made a revolution, killing him and all his sons except Aepytus 2. Polyphontes 3 came to the throne of Messenia after Cresphontes, and married, against her will, the wife of the murdered man. But he was later killed by Aepytus 2, who became king, being afterwards succeeded on the throne by his descendants Glaucus 8, Isthmius 2, and Dotadas. During the rule of Dotadas, son of Isthmius 2, the harbor at Mothone in Messenia was constructed. After Dotadas came his son Sybotas, as historical times approach. When Sybotas' son Phintas became king, Messenia came into conflict with the Lacedaemonians (Phintas is a contemporary of Teleclus, king of Sparta).

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