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Iris 1

Iris 1, delivering a message to Priam 1. 0814: Iris e Priamo. Felice Giani 1758-1823. Pinacoteca Nazionale, Bologna.

Iris 1 is the Rainbow, a messenger of the gods. When delivering messages to mortals, Iris 1 usually assumes the shape of a mortal known to those receiving the message.

Brings sacred water

When quarrel arises among the gods, and when anyone among the OLYMPIANS lies, then Zeus sends Iris 1 to the river Styx in the Underworld, and bring in a golden jug the oath of the gods (about the oath of the gods, see Underworld).

Some interventions

She was the one who told Menelaus of what had happened at his home between Paris and Helen during his absence. She was also sent by Hera to help Queen Dido of Carthage to die by cutting the golden hair which kept her sould attached to her body. Iris 1 also came to Hypnos, sent by Hera, to ask him fashion a shape resembling Ceyx, which appearing before Ceyx's wife Alcyone 2, would let her learn about her husband's death. Zeus sent Iris 1 with a message for King Priam 1 of Troy, instructing him to come to the ships, and with the help of gifts, persuade Achilles to give the body of Hector 1 up.


Iris 2 is one of the horses of King Admetus 1 of Pherae in the chariot-race at Opheltes 1's funeral games (see also SEVEN AGAINS THEBES).






Thaumas 1 & Electra 1

Thaumas 1 is son of Pontus and Gaia.
Electra 1 is one of the OCEANIDES.

Zephyrus 1




The personification Pothos is listed at PERSONIFICATIONS. Compare with Himerus in the same list. There are no anecdotes attached to Pothos.

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