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Deucalion 1

When Zeus decided to destroy the men of the Bronze Age, he poured heavy rain and flooded Hellas so that all men were destroyed, except a few. Deucalion 1 then constructed a chest, and embarked in it with Pyrrha 1. He drifted to Parnassus, and Zeus allowed him to choose what he wished, and he chose to get men. And at the bidding of Zeus, or as some say of Themis, he took up stones and threw them over his head, and the stones he threw became men, and those thrown by Pyrrha 1 became women (read the complete story at The Flood). 

Deucalion 1 and Pyrrha 1 create a new generation by throwing stones. 2307: Deucalion and Pyrrha. Painting by Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione called "Il Grechetto" 1609-1664. Gemälde Galerie Kulturforum, Berlin.


Parentage (two versions)




Prometheus 1 & Pronoia


Prometheus 1 & Clymene 1


Pronoia is otherwise unknown.

Clymene 1 is one of the OCEANIDS.

Pyrrha 1

Hellen 1


Protogenia 1

Orestheus 1

Pandora 2

Thyia 2

Pyrrha 1 has been called the first mortal born. The country Thessaly was once called Pyrrhaea after her. She was the daughter of Epimetheus (brother of Prometheus 1) and Pandora 1.
Hellen 1 is the eponym of the Hellenes. Sometimes he has been called son of Zeus & Pyrrha 1.
Amphictyon is the king of Athens who expelled King Cranaus from the throne, and was himself expelled by Erichthonius 2 (see AUTOCHTHONOUS, for Amphictyon has been also called a "Son of the Soil").
Protogenia 1 consorted with Zeus and gave birth to Aethlius, the first to rule in Elis, and to Aetolus 4.
Orestheus 1 was king of the Locrians.
Pandora 2 consorted with Zeus and gave birth to Latinus 3, after whom the Latins were called, and to Graecus, after whom those who followed Hellenic customs were called Greeks.
Thyia 1 consorted with Zeus and gave birth to Magnes 1, after whom the district of Magnesia was called, and to Macedon, after whom Macedonia was called. Magnes 1, however, is also said to have been the son of Aeolus 1 and Enarete.

Genealogical Charts

Names in this chart: Actor 4, Aeolus 1, Aethlius, Aetolus 2, Agenor 6, Alcmaeon 1, Amphiaraus, Amphictyon, Arcisius, Asterius 3, Boeotus, Calydon, Cephalus 1, Clytaemnestra, Damasichthon 2, Deucalion 1, Diomede 1, Diomedes 2, Diomedes 3, DIOSCURI, Dorus 1, Epeius 1, Epimetheus, Gaia, Helen, Hellen 1, Hippalcimus 2, Hypermnestra 2, Hyrmina, Iapetus 1, Itonus 1, Itonus 2, Laertes, Leda, MOLIONIDES, Odysseus, Oeneus 2, Opheltes 2, Orestes 2, Peneleus, Pleuron, Porthaon, Prometheus 1, Protogenia 1, Ptolemy 2, Pyrrha 1, Tectamus, Thestius 1, Tisamenus 2, Tydeus 2, Uranus, Xanthus 6, Xuthus 1.
Another chart of Deucalion 1 is at Three Main Ancestors

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