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The DACTYLS, sometimes identified with the CORYBANTES, were wizards and attendants of the Mother of the Gods (Rhea 1, wife of Cronos), and they lived in Phrygia about Mt. Ida. The Idaean DACTYLS were appointed by Rhea 1 to guard her newborn son Zeus. They were one hundred in number, or perhaps only ten, being called DACTYLS for this last number. It is said that the first male DACTYLS were five in number, being the first to discover and work iron, as well as many other useful things for the purposes of life, and that their sisters were five in number.

It is suspected that both CURETES and CORYBANTES were offspring of the Idaean DACTYLS. The first hundred men born in Crete, they say, were called Idaean DACTYLS. It is said that as offspring of these were born nine CURETES and each of these begot ten children who were called Idaean DACTYLS.

The DACTYLS are said to have joined Dionysus 2 in his campaign against India.


Acmon 3.
Son of Socus 2 and Combe 2. Acmon 3 came with his brothers to join Dionysus 2 in his war against the Indians. He is also counted among the CORYBANTES. Socus 2 is said to have cast his wife and sons out of their country. He was himself killed by King Cecrops 1 of Athens (Nonn.13.135.ff.; Strab.10.3.22).

Son of Anchiale, one of the NYMPHS, who bore her children in the Dictaean cave in Crete. Celmis is counted among the Idaean DACTYLS, and as the most faithful friend of the infant Zeus. Celmis turned into adamant (Arg.1.1130; Hes.ID.1; Ov.Met.4.282).

Son of Anchiale. Cyllenus is one of Rhea 1's dispensers of doom and assessors (Arg.1.1126, 1.1130).

One of the DACTYLS or CORYBANTES who joined Dionysus 2 in his campaign against India (Nonn.14.35).

Damnameneus 1.
Son of Anchiale. One of the Idaean DACTYLS (Arg.1.1130; Hes.ID.1).

Delas (Scythes 1).
Son of Anchiale. One of the Idaean DACTYLS, and discoverer of the art of bronze-smelting (Arg.1.1130; Hes.ID.1).

Son of Anchiale (Arg.1.1130; Pau.5.7.6).

Heracles 2.
One of the DACTYLS, called Idaean Heracles. Son of Anchiale (Arg.1.1130; Cic.ND.3.42; Pau.5.7.6, 9.19.5, 9.27.8; Strab.8.3.30).

Iasius 1.
Son of Anchiale (Arg.1.1130; Pau.5.7.6).

Idas 3 (Acesidas).
Son of Anchiale (Arg.1.1130; Pau.5.7.6).

Son of Anchiale (Arg.1.1130; Pau.5.7.6).

Pyrrhichus gathered a varied army for Dionysus 2 to make war against the Indians. He is also counted among the CURETES and the CORYBANTES (Nonn.13.40, 14.34; Pau.3.25.2).

Titias 1.
Son of Anchiale. Titias 1 is one of Rhea 1's dispensers of doom and assessors (Arg.1.1126, 1.1130).

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