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Aeolus 1

Summary of the entangled Aeolus file
Aeolus 1 Reigned over the Aeolians of Thessaly.
Aeolus 2 King of the Aeolian Islands (north of Sicily), is the ruler of the winds.
Aeolus 3 Came in possession of the islands in the Tyrrhenian Sea which are called Aeolian after him, but because of this he resembles Aeolus 2. Moreover, his mother is sometimes said to be the child of Aeolus 1 or Aeolus 2.
Aeolus 4 A companion of Aeneas in Italy.
Aeolus 5 A defender of Thebes against the SEVEN.

Aeolus 1 reigned over the regions about Thessaly in northern Greece, and named the inhabitants Aeolians after himself. Some have said that Zeus gave to this Aeolus the control of the winds, but others have thought that the ruler of the winds was Aeolus 2. After Aeolus 1's father Hellen 1, the Hellenes were named.

Aeolia or Aeolis in Thessaly (enlarge)






Hellen 1 & Orseis

Orseis is one of the NYMPHS.

a) Enarete

b) Aegiale

c) unknown

a) Cretheus 1, Sisyphus, Athamas 1, Salmoneus, Deion, Magnes 1, Perieres 1, Canace, Alcyone 2, Pisidice 1, Calyce 1, Perimede 1.

b) Alcyone 2.

c) Minyas, Aethlius, Tanagra, Arne, Macar 2, Antiope 5, Mimas 4, Cercaphus 2.

Mates & Offspring: Three versions. See Notes below.

Melanippe 1

Melanippe 1's Child.

About Melanippe 1, daughter of the Centaur Chiron, it is said that she fled into the forest so that her father would not learn that she had given birth to a child. It is told that she was turned into a mare by the gods when she asked to be concealed, or by Artemis for ceasing to worship her.

Notes about his children
These children are sometimes given other parentages: 

Cretheus 1

Founder of Iolcus.

Sisyphus is sometimes said to have founded Corinth.

King in Thessaly and Boeotia.


King in Elis. Zeus struck him with a thunderbolt for his impiety.


King of Phocis.

Magnes 1

Some have said that Magnes 1 was the son of Zeus and Thyia 2, daughter of Deucalion 1, the man who survived the Flood. Among the children of Magnes 1 is Polydectes 1, who colonized Seriphus where became king. Polydectes 1 fell in love with Danae, and sent Perseus 1 to bring the head of Medusa 1.

Perieres 1

King of Messenia.


Canace was killed by her father because she committed incest with her brother Macar 2, or else she killed herself.

Alcyone 2

Impious Alcyone 2 was transformed into a kingfisher, or perhaps and halcyon (see Ceyx).

Calyce 1

Calyce 1 is sometimes said to be the mother of Endymion, the man who chose to sleep forever, remaining deathless and ageless.

Perimede 1

Perimede 1 was hurled down from a high cliff by her father, but was caught by the river god Achelous, whom she married (or had children with).

Eponym of the Minyans, people of northern Boeotia in mainland Greece.


Aethlius is said to have been the first ruler in Elis.


After her a city in Boeotia was named.


Arne was blamed by her father for being pregnant, and handed over to Metapontus, who married her.

Macar 2

Macar 2 killed himself on account of his beloved sister Canace. He and her sister had a daughter Amphissa, whom Apollo loved and after whom the city Locris was named.

Mimas 4

Mimas 4 became king of Aeolis after his father. Mimas 4 is father of Hippotes 1, father of Aeolus 2, the Ruler of the Winds.

Genealogical Charts

Names in this chart: Abas 3, Acastus, Actor 3, Admetus 1, Adrastus 1, Aeolia, Aeolus 1, Aeson, Alcestis, ALOADS, Aloeus 1, Amythaon 1, Arcisius, Athamas 1, Bellerophon, Bias 1, Canace, Cephalus 1, Cretheus 1, Deion, Deucalion 1, Diomedes 2, Epicasta 1, Glaucus 1, Glaucus 3, Helle, Hellen 1, Hippolochus 3, Idmon 2, Jason, Laertes, Lycurgus 3, Melampus 1, Menoetius 2, Odysseus, Oeneus 2, Opheltes 1, Patroclus 1, Pelias 1, Pheres 1, Phrixus 1, Porthaon, Salmoneus, Sisyphus, Talaus, Tydeus 2, Tyro.

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