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Ischepolis to Leucopeus

Abae to Byzeres
Cabeiraea to Elysium
Emathia to Lycastus
Lyceum to Phicium
Phigalia to Zone


Ischys (Alcyoneus 3). Son either of Elatus 2 and Laodice 1, or of Elatus 1 and Hippea. Ischys is the man whom Coronis 2 preferred before Apollo; and for having lain with her Zeus killed Ischys with a thunderbolt [Apd.3.9.1, 3.10.3; Hes.CWE.89; Hyg.Fab.14, 202; Pau.2.26.6; Pin.Pyth.3.31].

Isis (see also Io). Egyptian goddess, who was once rescued by a Fish that she, in remembrance, put among the CONSTELLATIONS. By her husband Osiris 1, she had a son Harpocrates [see Other Deities] [Hyg.Ast.2.41; Hyg.Fab.145, 277; Ov.Met.9.686ff.; Pau.10.32.13].

Ismarus 1. Defender of Thebes. He killed Hippomedon 1, one of the SEVEN AGAINST THEBES. Ismarus 1 was son of Astacus [Apd.3.6.8].

Ismarus 2 (Immaradus) was son of Eumolpus 1 and like his father he was killed by Erechtheus during the war between Athens and Eleusis. Eumolpus 1 had previously inherited a Thracian kingdom from Tegyrius, and the latter's daughter had married Ismarus 2 [Apd.3.15.4; Pau.1.27.4].

Ismarus 3. A Maeonian companion of Aeneas in Italy [Vir.Aen.10.141].

Ismene 1. Dauther of Asopus (one of the RIVER GODS) and Metope 1. She is mother, by Argus 1, of Iasus 3; or else mother, by Argus 5, of Argus 1 [Apd.2.1.3].

Ismene 2. Daughter of Oedipus and Jocasta, or of Oedipus and Eurygania. She was betrothed from childhood to Atys 2, whom Tydeus 2 slew during the war of the SEVEN AGAINST THEBES. Also Ismene 2 was killed by Tydeus 2—at Athena's instigation—while having intercourse with Theoclymenus 4 [Aes.Sev.862; Apd.3.5.8; Mimn.21; Soph.Ant.passim; Soph.OC.325 and passim; Stat.Theb.7.535, 8.638].

Ismenis. See NYMPHS.

Ismenius. Father of Linus 4, the man who taught Heracles 1 to play the lyre [Pau.9.29.9].

Ismenus 1 is the son either of Asopus (one of the RIVER GODS) and Metope 1, daughter of the river god Ladon 1, or of Apollo and Melia (one of the OCEANIDS). After him the river Ismenus in Boeotia near Thebes got its name. Ismenus 1 was father of Dirce, whom Amphion 1 and Zethus killed [Apd.3.12.6; Dio.4.72.1; Nonn.44.10; Pau.9.10.6].

Ismenus 2. See NIOBIDS.

Isoples. See CENTAURS.

Isse (see Amphissa) [Ov.Met.6.124].

Ister (see Istrus 2).

Isthmiades established, together with his wife Pelarge, daughter of Potnieus, the mysteries near Thebes, after the invasion of the EPIGONI [Pau.9.25.7].

Isthmius 1. Dorian king who helped Aepytus 2, son of Cresphontes and King of Messenia. Isthmius 1 was son of Temenus 2 [see HERACLIDES] [Pau.4.3.7].

Isthmius 2. King of Messenia and son of Glaucus 8, son of Aepytus 2, son of Cresphontes, son of Aristomachus 2, son of Cleodaeus 2, son of Hyllus 1, son of Heracles 1. Isthmius 2 was father of Dotadas [see Messenia and HERACLIDES] [Pau.4.3.10].

Istrus 1. One of the sons of Aegyptus 1. See DANAIDS.

Istrus 2 (Ister). See RIVER GODS.

Isus. See TROJANS.

Italus. King of Italy, who called the country after himself. He was son of Telegonus 3 (son of Circe or of Calypso 3) and Penelope. Italus married Leucaria, daughter of Latinus 1, and had children by her: Roma 2, Sicelus 2, and Romus. Italus was succeeded by Morges [DH.1.12.3, 1.22.4, 1.35.1, 1.72.6; Hyg.Fab.127; Plu.Rom.2.1; Vir.Aen.7.178].


Itea. See DANAIDS.

Ithacus 1 is reported to have made, together with Neritus and Polyctor 2, a basin of stone in Ithaca into which a spring ran [Hom.Od.17.207].


Ithaemenes 1. Father of Sthenelaus 2 [see TROJANS] [Hom.Il.16.586].

Ithaemenes 2. A man in the crew of Menelaus during his return from Troy [Pau.10.25.3].

Ithome. See NYMPHS.

Itone. Daughter of Lyctius and mother, by Minos 1, of Lycastus 1 [see also Crete] [Dio.4.60.3].

Itonius (see Itonus 1) [Pau.9.34.1].

Itonus 1 (Itonius). Son of Amphictyon (son of Deucalion 1 or AUTOCHTHONOUS). By Arne (one of the NYMPHS) Itonus 1 fathered Chromia and Boeotus, after whom the Boeotians are called [Pau.5.1.4, 9.1.1].

Itonus 2. Son of Boeotus and father of Hippalcimus 2, Alectryon (father of Leitus, one of the ACHAEAN LEADERS), Alegenor (father of Clonius 2, one of the ACHAEAN LEADERS), and Areilycus 1 (father of Archesilaus and Prothoenor 1, both ACHAEAN LEADERS) [Dio.4.67.7].

Itylus (Itys 2). Son of Aedon, a woman who came to believe that she and her husband loved each other more than Zeus and Hera, and was changed into a nightingale on that account. Aedon was daughter of Pandareus, a Cretan who was involved in the crimes of Tantalus 1. Some say that she was married to Zethus, brother of Amphion 1, the father of the NIOBIDS, but others say her husband was Polytechnos, a carpenter living in Colophon, Lydia, who raped his wife's sister and was punished by her family. Itylus was killed by her mother and her sister Chelidon and served as a meal to his father Polytechnos [see also Chelidon] [Hom.Od.19.518ff.; Lib.Met.11].

Itymoneus 1, son of Hypeirochus 1, is a man from Elis whom Nestor killed [Hom.Il.11.672].

Itymoneus 2. One of the Bebrycians (people living in northwestern Asia Minor) who attacked the ARGONAUTS after Amycus 1's death. He was killed by Polydeuces, one of the DIOSCURI [Arg.2.105].

Itymoneus 3. See TROJANS.

Itymoneus 4. One of the Dolionians (people of northwestern Asia Minor, visited by the ARGONAUTS). He was killed by Meleager [Arg.1.1046].

Itys 1. Son of Tereus 1 and Procne. He was killed by his mother who boiled him and served him up for supper to Tereus 1 [see Tereus 1] [Apd.3.14.8; Eur.Her.1018; Hyg.Fab.239].

Itys 2 (see Itylus) [Lib.Met.11].

Itys 3. One of the soldiers of Aeneas. He was killed by Turnus, the man who opposed Aeneas in Italy [Vir.Aen.9.574].

Itys 4. One of the Dolionians (people of northwestern Asia Minor, visited by the ARGONAUTS). He was killed by Castor 1, one of the DIOSCURI, during the battle between the Dolionians and the ARGONAUTS [Val.1.189].

Itys 5. Defender of Thebes against the SEVEN. He was killed by Parthenopaeus [Stat.Theb.7.642].

Iulus 1 (see Ascanius 2) [Ov.Met.14.583; Vir.Aen.1.267].

Iulus 2. Son of Ascanius 2, son of Aeneas. He claimed the succession to his father's throne, but the people voted for Silvius, and he was granted a certain sacred authority instead. His posterity were called Julii after him [DH.1.70.4].

Ixion is one of the few who is still being punished in Hades, bound by Zeus to a wheel on which he is whirled through the air. This is so because he, having fallen in love with Hera, attempted to rape her. But Zeus made the Cloud Resembling Hera (Nephele 1) to delude him. Ixion is son of either of Leonteus 2, or of Antion and Perimele 3, daughter of Amythaon 1, son of Cretheus 1, son of Aeolus 1; Ixion's father Antion is son of Periphas 2, son of Lapithus 1, son of Apollo and Stilbe, daughter of Peneus (one of the RIVER GODS). From Ixion's intercourse with the cloud the CENTAURS were born, or perhaps just Centaurus, who begot the CENTAURS. Ixion married Dia, daughter of Eioneus 5; but since the groom would not hand over the gifts of wooing to his wife, Eioneus 5 took his mares as security for these. However Ixion, who had promised him to comply in every respect, instead cast him into a pit which he had filled with fire, thus killing him. By Dia, whom he married anyway, Ixion became father of Pirithous and Phisadie, a woman who was given in servitude to Helen by the DIOSCURI [see also CONSTELLATIONS] [Apd.Ep.1.20; Dio.4.69.3-5, 4.70.1, 4.12.6; Hyg.Ast.2.6; Hyg.Fab.14, 62, 79; Ov.Met.12.210, 12.504; Stat.Theb.4.539, 8.50; Vir.Geo.3.38].

Janus. See Other Deities.


Jocasta (Epicasta 3). Daughter of Menoeceus 1, son of Creon 2, ruler of Thebes on more than one occasion. Jocasta married King Laius 1 and gave birth to Oedipus, who unwittingly killed his father and married his mother. By Oedipus Jocasta had two sons and two daughters: Polynices, Eteocles 1, Ismene 2, and Antigone 2. When the incest became known to them and the world Jocasta committed suicide; some say that she hanged herself in a noose, others that she killed herself with a sword [see Oedipus, Creon 2, Sphinx and SEVEN AGAINST THEBES] [Apd.3.5.7; Hom.Od.11.271; Hyg.Fab.67; Soph.OT.1234ff. and passim;., Eur.Phoe.10ff., 55, 1455 and passim; Soph.OT.; Stat.Theb.11.634ff.].

Jocastus. King of the coast of Italy as far as Rhegium (city in the "toe" of Italy). He was son of Aeolus 2 and Cyane 2, daughter of Liparus, son of Auson, an Italian king [Dio.5.8.1].

JUDGES OF THE DEAD. Those who judge the dead in Hades are: Aeacus, Minos 2, and Rhadamanthys, son either of Zeus and Europa, or of Hephaestus [see Underworld] [Apd.3.1.1-2, 3.12.6].

Julius Proculus was a patrician, descended from Ascanius 2 (son of Aeneas), and friend of Romulus and one of the colonists from Alba. He went into the forum after the death of Romulus, and swore that as he was travelling on the road he had met Romulus, and that Romulus had told him that he, from heaven, would be propitious for the Romans as the deity Quirinus. And (it has been remarked) these things seemed to the Romans worthy of belief [DH.2.63.3; Plu.Rom.28.1-3].

Juturna. See Other Deities.


King Lydian. This Lydian king was father, by a female slave, of Helenor, who was killed by the troops of Turnus, the man who opposed Aeneas in Italy [Vir.Aen.9.545].

King of Renown. This renowned king from the interior regions of Asia is said to be the father, by Medea, of Medus (eponym of Media and the Medes) [Dio.4.55.7].

Labdacus 1. King of Thebes. Son of Polydorus 2 (son of Cadmus) and Nycteis, daughter of Nycteus 2. He was father of Laius 1, father of Oedipus. Labdacus 1 was killed by the MAENADS [see Oedipus and any relevant Theban links found at Thebes] [Apd.3.14.8, 3.5.5; Eur.Phoe.9; Hdt.5.59].

Labdacus 2. A Theban general during the reign of Eteocles 1, son of Oedipus [Stat.Theb.3.80].

Labotas. King of Sparta and leader of the Lacedaemonians against the Argives. He was son of Echestratus and father of Doryssus [see Sparta] [Pau.3.2.3-4].

Labros. One of ACTAEON'S DOGS. See Actaeon.

Lacaena. One of ACTAEON'S DOGS. See Actaeon.

Lacedaemon. King of Lacedaemon, the country about Sparta which is called after him. He succeeded Eurotas on the throne. Lacedaemon was son of Zeus and Taygete, one of the PLEIADES; he married Sparta and had children by her: Eurydice 2 (mother of Danae) and Amyclas 1, who succeeded his father as king [Apd.3.10.3; Hyg.Ast.2.21; Pau.3.1.1].

Lacestades. See HERACLIDES.

Lachesis. See MOERAE.

Lachne. One of ACTAEON'S DOGS. See Actaeon.

Lacinius attempted to plunder Heracles 1 of his cattle (the cattle of Geryon, see HERACLES 1'S LABOURS), but was killed by him [Dio.4.24.7].

Lacon. One of ACTAEON'S DOGS. See Actaeon.

Lacoon (Laocoon 1). See ARGONAUTS.

Lacritus. Husband of Cleobule 2 and father, by her, of Clonius 2 and Leitus (both sons counted among the ACHAEAN LEADERS) [Hyg.Fab.97].

Ladocus. After Ladocus a suburb Ladoceia near Megalopolis was named. Son of Echemus, son of Aeropus 2, son of Cepheus 2, son of Aleus, son of Aphidas 1, son of Arcas 1, son of Zeus and Callisto. Ladocus' mother was Timandra 1, daughter of Tyndareus and Leda [Pau.8.44.1].

Ladon 1. See RIVER GODS.

Ladon 2. One of ACTAEON'S DOGS. See Actaeon.

Ladon 3. A companion of Aeneas in Italy. He was killed by Halesus 2 [Vir.Aen.10.413].

Ladon 4 (Dragon 1). See BESTIARY and CONSTELLATIONS.

Laeas is remembered for having made, together with his brothers, hero-shrines of his ancestors. He was son of Hyraeus, son of Aegeus 2, son of Oeolycus, son of Theras, son of Autesion 1, son of Tisamenus 1, son of Thersander 1, son of Polynices, son of Oedipus [Pau.3.15.8].

Laelaps 1. One of ACTAEON'S DOGS. See Actaeon.

Laelaps 2. The dog of Procris 2. See BESTIARY, CONSTELLATIONS, and METAMORPHOSES.

Laerces 1. Father of Alcimedon 1, one of the ACHAEANS [Hom.Il.16.197].

Laerces 2. A goldsmith at Pylos [Hom.Od.3.425].

Laertes. Father of Odysseus and Ctimene. His wife was Anticlia 1, daughter of Autolycus 1. Laertes' father was Arcisius, son of Zeus, according to some, or son of Cephalus 1 and Procris 2, according to others [see Odysseus, ARGONAUTS, and CALYDONIAN HUNTERS] [Apd.1.9.16; Apd.Ep.3.12; Hom.Od.15.363; Hyg.Fab.173].

Laestrygon. It is said that from Laestrygon, son of Poseidon, sprang the people of the isle of Ortygia (Delos) [Hes.CW.40A].

Lagus. An ally of Turnus, the man who opposed Aeneas in Italy. He was killed by Pallas 6 [Vir.Aen.10.380].

Laias inherited the kingdom of Elis from his father Oxylus 2 [see HERACLIDES]. His mother was Pieria 2 [Pau.5.4.4].

Laius 1. King of Thebes. While Laius 1 was still in exile he lived in Peloponnesus, being generously hosted by King Pelops 1. However while he, in the course of the Nemean Games, taught Chrysippus 2, a bastard son of Pelops 1 by the Nymph Danais, to drive the chariot, he fell in love with him and carried him off. The legitimate sons of Pelops 1 and Hippodamia 3, Atreus and Thyestes 1, pursued him and arrested him, but Laius 1 obtained mercy from Pelops 1 on account of his love. Hippodamia 3, then, found the occasion opportune to have the bastard Chrysippus 2 killed, and arguing that he would become a contestant for the kingship, she tried to persuade her sons to assassinate him. But the time for bloodthirsty deeds had not yet arrived for Atreus and Thyestes 1 and they refused. So at night Hippodamia 3 visited Laius 1 and Chrysippus 2 when they were asleep and, taking the sword of the Theban, she wounded Chrysippus 2 and fixed the sword in his body, so that Laius 1 would be suspected. However Chrysippus 2 aknowledged the truth before dying and King Pelops 1 banished his wife, who, according to some, committed suicide. When after the death of Amphion 1, Laius 1 became king of Thebes he married Jocasta, daughter of Menoeceus 1 and sister of Creon 2. At this time an oracle came from Delphi warning him not to have a son because that son was fated to kill his own father. In spite of this oracle Laius 1, flushed with wine, had intercourse with his wife and she conceived a son. Remembering the oracle Laius 1 pierced his son's ankles with brooches or spikes and gave it to a herdsman to expose it on Cithaeron, a mountain between Boeotia and Attica. However the horsemen of Polybus 4, king of Corinth, found it and brought it to his wife Queen Periboea 4 who adopted him. Then she, having healed his ankles, called him Oedipus, because of his swollen feet. As Oedipus came to manhood in the court of King Polybus 4, and he proved to be a corageous young man, his companions, out of envy, taunted him with not being the king's son because, they said, King Polybus 4 was so mild and Oedipus so assertive. So as the doubt began to grow in Oedipus' mind he asked first Queen Periboea 4, but not being able to learn anything from her, he decided to go to Delphi and inquire the oracle about his true parents. The Oracle told him not to go to his native land, because he would murder his father and lie with his mother. On hearing the warning, and believing himself to be the son of the royal couple who had adopted him, Oedipus left Corinth. But when Oedipus was driving his chariot, some say through the Cleft Road to Phocis, he met his father in a certain narrow road. King Laius 1 had also been at Delphi because some prodigies had revealed that death at his son's hands was near, and he wanted to make sure that the child he had exposed was dead. When they met in the narrow road Polyphontes 1, the King's Herald, ordered Oedipus to give way. As Oedipus delayed, the herald killed one of his horses, or as others say, the king urged on his own horses and a wheel grazed Oedipus' foot. In any case the enraged Oedipus slew the herald and, dragging Laius 1 from the chariot, killed him too. Laius 1 was son of Labdacus 1; by his wife Jocasta he had Oedipus, but others, not being satisfied with this story have said that Laius 1 was the father, by an unknown mother, of a daughter called Sphinx [Apd.3.5.5-7; Dio.4.64.2; Hom.Od.11.271ff.; Pau.9.26.3; Pin.Oly.2.38; Soph.OT.224, 362].

Laius 2. Together with Celeus 2, Cerberus 3 and Aegolius, Laius 2 entered the cave of Zeus in Crete in order to gather the honey of the sacred bees and was, on that account, turned into a bird by Zeus [Lib.Met.19].


Lamb Golden. See BESTIARY and Atreus [Apd.Ep.2.11].

Lamedon. King of Sicyon after Epopeus 1. He was son of Coronus 2, son of Apollo and Chrysorthe, daughter of Orthopolis, son of Plemnaeus, son of Peratus, son of Poseidon and king of Sicyon as well. Lamedon married Pheno, an Athenian woman daughter of Clytius 9, and had by her a daughter Zeuxippe 3 [Pau.2.5.8, 2.6.3-5].

Lamia 1. Daughter of Poseidon. She consorted with Zeus and gave birth to a daughter Sibyl 1, who was the first woman to chant oracles at Delphi [Pau.10.12.1].

Lamia 2 (Sybaris 1). See BESTIARY.

Lamis. See SATYRS.

Lampetia. See HELIADES 1 at Helius [Hyg.Fab.154; Nonn.27.198; Ov.Met.2.340].

Lampetides, counted among the ETHIOPIAN CHIEFS, was a minstrel in the court of Cepheus 1. He was killed by Pedasus 3 during the fight between Phineus 1 and Perseus 1 [Ov.Met.5.111].

Lampetus. A man from Methymna, Lesbos (the large island in the Aegean Sea opposite the coast of Asia Minor). He was killed by Achilles, when the latter was attacking the islands close to the mainland [Parth.21.3].

Lampon. A man-eating mare. One of the MARES OF DIOMEDES 1. See BESTIARY.

Lamprus, son of Pandion 6 from Phaestus in Crete, wished to have a son and told her wife Galatea 2 to expose the child if it turned out to be a girl. When Galatea 2 gave birth to a girl she asked the gods to change the sex of her daughter, and Leto turned her into a boy, Leucippus 6 [Lib.Met.17].

Lampus 1. One of the sons of Aegyptus 1. See DANAIDS.

Lampus 2. Son of Laomedon 1, her mother being either Strymo, or Leucippe 2, or Placia. Lampus 2 is known as one of the Elders of the city of Troy, and as father of Dolops 2, counted among the TROJANS [Apd.3.12.3; Hom.Il.3.147, 15.525].

Lampus 3. See BESTIARY.

Lampus 4. See BESTIARY.

Lampus 5. One of ACTAEON'S DOGS. See Actaeon.

Lampus 6. One of the Thebans who laid an ambush for Tydeus 2 when he returned from Thebes just before the war of the SEVEN AGAINST THEBES. Like many others participating oin this ambush Lampus 6 was killed by Tydeus 2 [Stat.Theb.2.623, 3.62].

Lampus 7. Defender of Thebes against the SEVEN. He is also known for having tried to rape the priestess Manto 1, daughter of Tiresias. Lampus 7 was killed by Amphiaraus and Apollo during the war [Stat.Theb.7.759].

Lamus 1 (see Agelaus 1) [Dio.4.31.8; Ov.Her.9.54].

Lamus 2. An ally of Turnus, the man who opposed Aeneas in Italy. He was killed by Nisus 3 [Vir.Aen.9.334].

Lamus 3 is the father of those river Nymphs, who were to take care of the child Dionysus 2, but were maddened by Hera. Lamus 3 was son of Zeus [see NYMPHS LAMUSIDES at NYMPHS] [Nonn.9.28ff.].

Lamus 4. See TROJANS.

Lamus 5. Defender of Thebes against the SEVEN. He was killed by Parthenopaeus [Stat.Theb.9.764].

Lamyrus 1. An ally of Turnus, the man who opposed Aeneas in Italy. He was killed by Nisus 3 [Vir.Aen.9.334].

Lamyrus 2. A Theban killed by Theseus [Stat.Theb.12.741].

Lanassa. Daughter of Cleodaeus 2, son of Hyllus 1, son of Heracles 1. She married Neoptolemus and had by him a son Pyrrhus 2 [Plu.Pyrrh.1.2].

Laobie. The sons of Laobie were dumb because the day of her marriage a pregnant sow gave birth to a bastard brood of marine creatures. So said a seer who also foretold a succession of dumb children to come, "like the voiceless generation of the sea". After the Indian war Dionysus 2 restored their voices. His husband was Aretus 4 who, under compulsion, joined Deriades against Dionysus 2. Their sons were Lycus 14, Myrsus, Glaucus 10, Periphas 8, and Melaneus 8 [Nonn.26.250ff.].

Laocoon 1 (see Lacoon) [Hyg.Fab.135].

Laocoon 2. See also SEERS.

Laodamas 1 was the favourite son of Alcinous, king of the Phaeacians; his mother was Arete [Hom.Od.7.170].

Laodamas 2. King of Thebes and defender of the city against the EPIGONI. He was son of Eteocles 1, son of Oedipus. Laodamas 2 was killed by Alcmaeon 1, one of the EPIGONI and son of Amphiaraus [Apd.3.7.3; Hdt.5.61].

Laodamas 3. See TROJANS.

Laodamas 4. See TROJANS.

Laodamia 1. Daughter of Bellerophon and mother, by Zeus, of Sarpedon 1, counted among the TROJAN LEADERS. Laodamia 1 was slain by Artemis [Apd.3.1.1; Hom.Il.6.205; Nonn.7.127].

Laodamia 2 loved her husband Protesilaus (one of the ACHAEAN LEADERS) so much that when he died at Troy she made an image of him and consorted with it. The gods, they say, took pity on her, and Hermes brought up Protesilaus from the Underworld. His wife then thought that he had returned from Troy, and she was glad; but when he was carried back to Underworld, she stabbed herself to death, or else she threw herself on a pyre and was burned to death. Laodamia 2 was daughter of Acastus (counted among the ARGONAUTS) and Astydamia 3 [Apd.Ep.3.30; Hyg.Fab.103, 104].

Laodamia 3. One of those mentioned as wife of Arcas 1, son of Zeus and Callisto. Laodamia 3 and Arcas 1 had a son Triphylus. Her parents were Amyclas 1 and Diomede 2 [Pau.10.9.5].

Laodamia 4. Wife of Anticlus, counted among the ACHAEANS [see also WOODEN HORSE] [Try.475].

Laodice 1. Daughter of King Cinyras 1 of Cyprus and Metharme, daughter of Pygmalion 1. Laodice 1 married Elatus 2 (son of Arcas 1, son of Zeus and Callisto) and had children by him: Stymphalus 1, Pereus, Ischys, Cyllen, and Aepytus 3 [Apd.3.9.1, 3.14.3; Pau.2.26.6, 8.4.4].

Laodice 2. Daughter of Agamemnon and Clytaemnestra [Hom.Il.9.142ff.].

Laodice 3. The fairest of the daughters of Priam 1 and Hecabe 1. It is said that at the end of the Trojan War she was swallowed up by a chasm in the earth in the sight of all. Laodice 3 married Helicaon 1 (counted among the TROJANS), and she is said to have married both Telephus and Acamas 1 (son of Theseus); by Acamas 1 she had a son Munitus, who was killed by the bite of a snake while hunting at Olynthus in Thrace [Apd.3.12.5; Apd.Ep.5.23; Hom.Il.3.123; Hyg.Fab.90, 101; Parth.16.4; QS.13.545; Try.660].


Laodocus 1. Son of Priam 1 [Apd.3.12.5].

Laodocus 2. Son of Apollo and Phthia 2. He was murdered by his guest Aetolus 2, son of Endymion, whom Selene loved [Apd.1.7.6].

Laodocus 3. See TROJANS.

Laodocus 4 won the javelin-throwing match in the Nemean games in honour of Opheltes 1 [see also SEVEN AGAINST THEBES] [Apd.3.6.4].

Laogonus 1. See TROJANS.

Laogonus 2. See TROJANS.

Laogonus 3. See ACHAEANS.

Laogoras. King of the Dryopians, killed by Heracles 1 for being an ally of the LAPITHS [Apd.2.7.7].

Laogore, like two other of her sisters, cohabited with foreigners because of the wrath of Aphrodite and ended his life in Egypt. She was daughter of King Cinyras 1 of Cyprus and Metharme, daughter of Pygmalion 1 [Apd.3.14.3].

Laomache. See AMAZONS.


Laomedia. See NEREIDS.

Laomedon 1. When Laomedon 1 was king of Troy, Apollo and Poseidon decided to put him to the test and, assuming the likeness of mortal men, fortified the city for wages. But when the work was done, King Laomedon 1 would not pay their wages; so Apollo sent a pestilence, and Poseidon sent a sea-monster, which snatched away the people of the plain. The oracles foretold deliverance from these calamities if King Laomedon 1 would expose his daughter Hesione 2 to be devoured by the sea-monster. So he, more obedient of this oracle than of his agreement with the gods, exposed Hesione 2 to the monster by fastening her to the rocks near the sea. When Heracles 1 saw her exposed, he promised to save her on condition of receiving from Laomedon 1 the mares which Zeus had given in compensation for the rape of Ganymedes. Once again Laomedon 1 promised to pay for the service and Heracles 1 killed the monster and saved Hesione 2. But when this was done Laomedon 1 would not give the agreed reward. For this reason Heracles 1 made war on Troy one generation before the well known Trojan War. Heracles 1 performed his attack in conjunction with Telamon, father of Ajax 1, deploying for this purpose eighteen ships with fifty oars each, which is an insignificant fleet compared to the one which sailed against Troy one generation after. After some fight the town was besieged and shortly after Telamon, who was the first to breach in the wall, entered the city and after him came Heracles 1. Heracles 1 or Telamon killed King Laomedon 1 and his sons except for young Priam 1, who became then king of Troy. Laomedon 1 was son of Ilus 2, the founder of Ilium (Troy) and the son of Tros 1 (after whom the Trojans are called), son of Erichthonius 1, son of Dardanus 1, son of Zeus and Electra 3, one of the PLEIADES. Laomedon 1's mother was either Eurydice 6, daughter of Adrastus 2, or Leucippe 5. His wife was either Strymo (daughter of Scamander 1, one of the RIVER GODS), or Placia (daughter of Otreus 1), or Leucippe 2; by one of these three Laomedon 1 begot children: Tithonus 1, Lampus 2, Clytius 5, Hicetaon 1, Priam 1, Hesione 2, Cilla, Astyoche 4, and also Thymoetes 1. Laomedon 1 also had a son Bucolion 2 by Calybe 1 (one of the NYMPHS). And by unknown wives he fathered Proclia, Clytodora, and Antigone 3 [Apd.2.5.9, 2.6.4, 3.12.3; Apd.Ep.3.24; DH.1.62.2; Dictys 4.22; Hom.Il.7.452; Hyg.Fab.31, 250; Ov.Met.6.93; Pin.Nem.3.36].


Laomedon 3. Son of Heracles 1 and Meline, one of the many daughters of Thespius [Apd.2.7.8].

Laomedon 4. See TROJANS.

Laomenes. Son of Heracles 1 and Oria, one of the many daughters of Thespius [Apd.2.7.8].

Laonome. Daughter of Guneus 1 and wife of Alcaeus 1, son of Perseus 1 and Andromeda. She is mother of Amphitryon, Anaxo 1, and Perimede 2 [Apd.2.4.5-6].

Laophonte. Daughter of Pleuron and Xanthippe 1, daughter of Dorus 2, son of Apollo [see also Calydon] [Apd.1.7.7].

Laophoon. See TROJANS.

Laothoe 1. One of the many daughters of Thespius and Megamede. She consorted with Heracles 1 and had by him a son Antiphus 3 [Apd.2.4.10, 2.7.8].

Laothoe 2. Daughter of Altes, king of the Lelegians. Laothoe 2 was mother, by Priam 1, of Lycaon 1 and Polydorus 3 [Hom.Il.21.85, 22.46].

Lapethus commanded along with Litros the Cyprian companies during the Indian campaign of Dionysus 2. He was killed in the war [Nonn.13.432, 13.447, 24.237].

Laphanes. Son of Phormion [Hdt.6.127].

Laphria (See Britomartis) [Lib.Met.40].

Laphrius. It is said that the name of Artemis Laphria derives from Laphrius who set an image of the goddess at Calydon. Laphrius was son of Castalius, son of Delphus [Pau.7.18.9].

Lapithaon. A boy who was seduced by the Nymph Dercetis 2 while he, as they say, was still too young for love. He bacame father of Alatreus, a defender of Thebes against the SEVEN [Stat.Theb.7.298].


Lapithus 1. Son of Apollo and Stilbe, daughter of Peneus (one of the RIVER GODS). Lapithus 1 had children by Orsinome (daughter of Eurynomus 5): Diomede 2, Phorbas 2, Periphas 2, and Triopas 2 [Apd.3.10.3; Dio.4.69.1-2, 5.61.3; Pau.5.1.11].

Lapithus 2. Son of Aeolus 2 and father of Lesbos, king of the island that he named after himself [Dio.5.81.6].

Lara (Tacita). See NYMPHS and Other Deities.

LARES. See Other Deities.

Larides. An ally of Turnus, the man who opposed Aeneas in Italy. Larides, son of Daucus, was killed by Pallas 6 [Vir.Aen.10.390].

Larina. Bodyguard of Camilla [Vir.Aen.11.677].

Larisa 1. This is the woman after whom the citadel of Argos and two cities in Thessaly were named. She was daughter of Pelasgus 2, son of Triopas 1, king of Argos. Larisa 1 consorted with Poseidon , having sons by the god: Achaeus 2, Phthius 2, and Pelasgus 4 [DH.1.17.3; Pau.2.24.1].

Larisa 2. Daughter of Piasus, and wife of Cyzicus, king of the Dolionians, the people of northwestern Asia Minor visited by the ARGONAUTS. It is told that, before her marriage, she was raped by her father; on that account Larisa 2, observing him leaning over a cask of wine, seized him by the legs, raised him, and plunged him into the cask, drowning him [Parth.28.1].

Larymna, after whom the Boeotian city was named, was daughter of Cynus [Pau.9.23.7].

Las is the founder of a town called Las near Gythium in Laconia, the southernmost part of the Peloponnesus. Las was killed either by Achilles or by Patroclus 1 [Pau.3.24.10].

Lasius was one of the SUITORS OF HIPPODAMIA 3. Like many among them he was killed by the bride's father, King Oenomaus 1 of Pisa [see also Pelops 1] [Pau.6.21.10].

Lassus. See TROJANS.

Lasthenes. Defender of the Homoloidian Gate at Thebes against the SEVEN [Aes.Sev.620].

Latagus 1 fought on Aeneas' side in Italy. He was slain by Mezentius, king of the Etruscans [Vir.Aen.10.697].

Latagus 2. A Colchian warrior. He was killed by Daraps, a chieftain in the army of Perses 3 against Aeetes during the Colchian civil war [Val.5.602, 6.572].

Lathria. See HERACLIDES.

Lathusa. A friend of Procne who facilitated the reunion of Philomela 1 and Procne. She was married to Lynceus 4, a Thracian king [see also Tereus 1] [Hyg.Fab.45].

Latinus 1. King of Latium (the country in central Italy where Rome is situated). Latinus 1 was succeeded by Aeneas, who married his daughter Lavinia 2. Latinus 1's wife Amata wished to marry her daughter to Turnus, the man who opposed Aeneas in Italy, and there was war to decide which of them should marry Lavinia 2. Latinus 1 perished in this war, killed by the Rutulians, the people of Latium that were ruled by Turnus; but Turnus was defeated by Aeneas and Amata hanged herself. In disagreement with some chronologies Latinus 1 is sometimes called father of Romulus, whom he should have begotten by Roma 3, daughter of Roma 1; by the same woman he had two other sons, Romus and Telegonus 4. By an unknown woman he fathered Leucaria, wife of Italus, son of Telegonus 3 and Penelope. He was also father of Laurine, whom she married to Locrus. The parentage of Latinus 1 is disputed as well; for some say that he was the son of Faunus 1 and Marica, others say that he was son of Odysseus (either by Calypso 3 or by Circe), and still others say that he was the son of Telemachus and Circe [Apd.Ep.7.24; Con.3; DH.1.43.1, 1.64.2, 1.72.5-6; Hes.The.1011; Hyg.Fab.127; Plu.Rom.2.3; Strab.5.3.2; Vir.Aen.7.46-48, 7.52, 7.343ff.].

Latinus 2 inherited the throne from his father Silvius (son of Aeneas) and was succeeded by his own son Alba [see kings of Alba at Aeneas] [Dio.7.5.10; Ov.Fast.4.43; Ov.Met.14.611].

Latinus 3. It is after this man that the Latins (people coming from Latium in the western coast of central Italy) were called. Latinus 3 was son of Zeus and Pandora 2, daughter of Deucalion 1, the man who survived the Flood [Hes.CWE.2].

Latreus. See CENTAURS.

Latris. An ally of Perses 3 against Aeetes during the Colchian civil war [Val.6.121].

Laurentia (see Acca 2) [DH.1.84.4].

Laurine. Daughter of Latinus 1 and wife of Locrus [Con.3].

Lausus 1, who, as they say, excelled almost all in beauty, led one thousand men from the town of Agylla against Aeneas, who slew him. He was son of Mezentius, king of the Etruscans or Tyrrhenians, people living in Etruria or Tyrrhenia, a region also known as Tuscany, in northwestern Italy [DH.1.65.3; Vir.Aen.7.649, 10.815].

Lausus 2. Son of Numitor 2. He was killed by his uncle Amulius [see also Romulus] [Ov.Fast.4.55].

Lavinia 1. Daughter of Evander 2, the wise Arcadian who emigrated to Italy . She consorted with Heracles 1, and had by him a son Pallas 7, who died before puberty [DH.1.32.1].

Lavinia 2. Daughter of King Latinus 1 of Latium and Amata. She was disputed by Aeneas and Turnus, her father favouring the former and her mother the latter. Turnus was defeated in war and Aeneas, after marrying her, made her mother of Silvius and Aemilia and called the city Lavinium after her [see Aeneas] [DH.1.59.3, 1.60.1; Ov.Fast.3.601, 3.629, 4.879; Plu.Rom.2.3; Strab.5.3.2; Vir.Aen.6.763, 7.52, 7.343ff., 12.194].

Lavinia 3. See SEERS.

Leades. Defender of Thebes against the SEVEN. He was son of Astacus [Apd.3.6.8].

Leaena. One of ACTAEON'S DOGS. See Actaeon.

Leagrus. A friend of Temenus 2, one of the HERACLIDES. He helped Erginus 4 (a descendant of Diomedes 2) to steal the Palladium from Argos. But later Leagrus, having become incensed at Temenus 2, moved to Sparta and took the Palladium with him. The Spartan kings received the Palladium eagerly, and gave it a place near the shrine of the daughters of Leucippus 2 (wives of the DIOSCURI) [Plu.GQ.48].

Leanira. Daughter of King Amyclas 1 of Sparta and Diomede 2, daughter of Lapithus 1, son of Apollo and Stilbe. She is mother, by Arcas 1 (son of Zeus and Callisto) of Elatus 2 and Aphidas 1, both kings of Arcadia [Apd.3.9.1].

Learchus. Son of Athamas 1 and Ino. He was shot dead with an arrow by his father, who, having been driven mad by Hera, hunted him as a deer [see Athamas 1] [Apd.1.9.1-2; Hyg.Fab.4; Nonn.10.53].

Lebadus and his brother Eleuther 2 were the only sons of Lycaon 2 that had no share in the abomination prepared for Zeus by impious Lycaon 2 and his many sons [Plu.GQ.39].

Lebes. Father of Rhacius, husband of Manto 1, daughter of Tiresias [EPIG.3].

Leches gave his name to the harbour of Lechaeum in Corinth. He was son of Poseidon and Pirene 2, daughter either of Achelous (one of the RIVER GODS) or of Oebalus 1, king of Sparta [Pau.2.2.3].


Leiagore. See NEREIDS.

Leimon suspected his brother Scephrus of having made charges against him during a conversation with Apollo, and killed him. Yet he was himself slain by Artemis, avenging Scephrus. Leimon was son of Tegeates, son of Lycaon 2; his mother was Maera 3, daughter of Atlas [Pau.8.53.2].

Leipephilene is described as being like the Olympian goddesses in form. She was daughter of Iolaus 1, the charioteer of Heracles 1. She married Phylas 2 (one of the HERACLIDES), becoming mother of Thero 2 and Hippotes 2 [Pau.9.40.5-6].

Leis. Daughter of Orus 1. She consorted with Poseidon and had a son Althepus [see Troezen] [Pau.2.30.5].

Leitus. See ARGONAUTS, SUITORS OF HELEN, and ACHAEAN LEADERS. Leitus was one of SUITORS OF HELEN. He became Leader of the Boeotians against Troy, admiral of the Boeotian fleet, and the only one among the Boeotian chiefs to return home from Troy [see also ACHAEAN LEADERS]. Leitus was wounded by Hector 1 on the hand at the wrist during the Trojan War. Leitus, who is also counted among the ARGONAUTS, has been called son of Alector 2. Some say, however, that he was son of Lacritus, and others say he was son of Alectryon, son of Itonus 2, son of Boeotus (after whom the Boeotians are called), son of Itonus 1, son of Amphictyon, son of Deucalion 1, the man who survived the Flood. Still others say that Leitus was son of Gaia. His tomb could still be seen at Plataea in ca. AD 150 [Apd.1.9.16, 3.10.8; Eur.IA.259; Hom.Il.2.494, 17.605; Hyg.Fab.97; Pau.9.4.3].

Lelante. Wife of Munichus and mother of Alcander 1, Megaletor, Philaeus 2, and Hyperippe 3. Her house was attacked by robbers who put fire to the buildings, but all family members were turned by the pity of Zeus into birds. Lelante herself became a woodpecker [Lib.Met.14].

Lelantus. See TITANS.


Lelex 2. This is the first king of Laconia (the southernmost part of the Peloponnesus), said to have arrived from Egypt. Yet some say that Lelex 2 was AUTOCHTHONOUS; others say he was son of Poseidon and Libya. By the naiad Cleocharia he fathered Eurotas, Myles, Polycaon 1, Cleson, and Bias 6 [Apd.3.10.3, 3.15.5; Pau.1.39.6, 1.44.3, 3.1.1].

Leneus. See SATYRS.

Lenobius. See SATYRS.

Leo. Son of impious Lycaon 2 [Apd.3.8.1].

Leocritus. See TROJANS.

Leodocus. See ARGONAUTS.

Leogorus. King of Samos (the Aegean island off the western coast of Asia Minor) after his father Procles 1, son of Pityreus [Pau.7.4.2].

Leon. One of ACTAEON'S DOGS. See Actaeon.


Leonteus 2. Father of Ixion, father of Pirithous [see also LAPITHS] [Hyg.Fab.62].

Leonteus 3. Defender of Thebes against the SEVEN. He was killed by Hippomedon 1 [Stat.Theb.9.133].

Leontichus. Lover of Rhadine. It is said that his tomb is visited by those who are crossed in love [Pau.7.5.13].

Leontomenes. Son of Tisamenus 2, son of Orestes 2. Together with his brothers Leontomenes led the Achaeans who settled in Ionia [Pau.7.6.2].

Leontophonus. Son of Odysseus and the daughter of Thoas 2, one of the ACHAEAN LEADERS [Apd.Ep.7.40].

Leonymus. King of Crotona (city in southern Italy) who made war against the Locri in Italy, and was the first to sail to the White Island, at the mouths of the Ister (Danube). There he saw the souls of the AIANTES (Ajax 1 and Ajax 2), Helen (who was wedded to Achilles), Patroclus 1 and Antilochus (one of the ACHAEAN LEADERS) [Pau.3.19.12ff.].

Leos. See HERALDS.

Lepetymnus. A man from Methymna, Lesbos (the large island in the Aegean Sea opposite the coast of Asia Minor), who was killed by Achilles, when the latter was attacking the islands close to the mainland [Parth.21.3].

Leprea. Founder of the city of Lepreus in Elis [but see Lepreus below]. She was daughter of Pyrgeus [Pau.5.5.5].

Lepreus is the man after whom the city Lepreus in Elis was named. He challenged Heracles 1 to a duel and was killed by him. Lepreus was son of Pyrgeus [Pau.5.5.4].

Lernus 1. Son of Proetus 4. Lernus 1 is father of Palaemon 1 (one of the ARGONAUTS) and Naubolus 3 [Apd.2.2.1-2; Arg.1.136, 1.202; Hyg.Fab.14].

Lernus 2. See ACHAEANS.

Lernus 3. A Rhodian, father by Amphiale of Cleodorus, one of the ACHAEANS [QS.10.221].

Lesbos. King of Lesbos (the large island in the Aegean Sea opposite the coast of Asia Minor) who named the island after himself. He was son of Lapithus 2, son of Aeolus 2. His wife was Methymna, daughter of King Macar 1 of Lesbos, son either of Crinacus (son of Zeus), or of Helius and Rhode 2 [Dio.5.81.6].


Lethaea was boastful about her beauty and therefore was turned into a stone, as was her husband Olenus 3 [Ov.Met.10.68].

Lethus. A Pelasgian son of Teutamus. He is father of Hippothous 5 and Pylaeus, both found among the TROJAN LEADERS [Hom.Il.2.840].


Letreus. Sons of Pelops 1 and Hippodamia 3, and founder of Letrini in Elis [Pau.6.22.8].

Leucadius. Son of Icarius 1, his mother being either Periboea 3 or Polycaste 1. Leucadius and his brother Alyzeus reigned in Acarnania (the coastal region south of Epirus, west of Aetolia and opposite to the islands of Cephallenia and Leucas. Icarius 1 was also father of Penelope [Strab.10.2.9, 10.2.24].

Leucaria. Daughter of King Latinus 1 of Latium; wife of Italus (son of Telegonus 3 and Penelope), and mother by him of Roma 2 and Romus [see also Aeneas and Romulus] [DH.1.72.6; Plu.Rom.2.1].

Leucaspis 1. A Sicanian general in Sicily who opposed Heracles 1 and was killed by him [Dio.4.23.5].

Leucaspis 2 was in the ship of Orontes 1, one of Aeneas' exiled companions. They were shipwrecked and died, but Aeneas met them in Hades [see also Map of the Underworld] [Vir.Aen.1.114, 6.333].

Leucippe 1. Wife of Thestius 1. Her sons by him (Iphiclus 2, Prothous 5 and Cometes 5) were among the CALYDONIAN HUNTERS [Hyg.Fab.14; Pau.8.45.7].

Leucippe 2. Wife of King Laomedon 1 of Troy, and probably mother of his children: Tithonus 1, Lampus 2, Clytius 5, Hicetaon 1, Priam 1, Hesione 2, Cilla, and Astyoche 4 [Apd.3.12.3].

Leucippe 3 became a priestess of Apollo and went from country to country in search of her father Thestor 1 and sister Theonoe 1 who was stolen by pirates [see first part of Calchas, who was her brother] [Hyg.Fab.190].

Leucippe 4 is one of the MINYADS, daughters of Minyas. These girls, having become insane, conceived a craving for human flesh, and drew lots for their children. The lot fell upon Leucippe 4 to contribute her son Hippasus 11 to be torn to pieces. The sisters, known also for refusing to worship Dionysus 2, were turned into birds or bats by Hermes [Lib.Met.10; Plu.GQ.38].

Leucippe 5. Mother, by Ilus 2, of King Laomedon 1 of Troy [Hyg.Fab.250].

Leucippe 6. See Atlantis.


Leucippus 2. Son of Perieres 1 and Gorgophone 2, daughter of Perseus 1 and Andromeda. Leucippus 2 is father of Hilaira and Phoebe 2 (who married the DIOSCURI), and of Arsinoe 2, mother of Asclepius [Apd.3.10.3; Hes.CWE.63].

Leucippus 3. Son of Heracles 1 and Eurytele, one of the many daughters of Thespius [Apd.2.7.8].

Leucippus 4. This is the son of King Oenomaus 1 of Pisa (also father of Hippodamia 3, wife of Pelops 1) who, having fallen in love with Daphne 1, became her companion in the guise of a woman. However, when the trick was discovered, the maidens who were in company of Daphne 1, seeing that he was not a woman, slew him [see also Daphne 1] [Parth.15.2; Pau.20.1.1ff.].

Leucippus 5. Son of Thurimachus, son of Aegyrus, son of Thelxion, son of Apis 2, son of Phoroneus. He is remembered for having reared the child of his daughter Calchinia. At his death he handed over the kingdom of Sicyon to his grandson (Peratus) [Pau.2.5.7].

Leucippus 6 was, from birth, a girl; but her mother asked the gods to change her sex, and Leto turned her into a boy. This happened because the father of the child, wishing to have a son, told her wife to expose it if it turned out to be a girl. So when the woman gave birth to a girl she asked the gods to change the sex of her daughter, and Leto heard her prayer. Leucippus 6's parents are Lamprus and Galatea 2 [Lib.Met.17].

Leucippus 7 is reported to have been sent by King Macar 1 of Lesbos to Rhodes, where he settled with a large number of colonists [Dio.5.81.8].

Leucippus 8. A Lycian descendant of Bellerophon who was in love with his sister and was united to her by their mother without the knowledge of their father. Xanthius (their father) came close to discovering the intrigue but by accident killed his own daughter (believing he was killing the seducer) and in the confusion was himself slain by his son. Leucippus 8 (who otherwise was a trouble maker) was later sent out from Pherae by Admetus 1 (husband of Alcestis) in order to find a colony; and while he was besieging a city Leucophrye fell in love with him, betraying her father's town to his enemies for the sake of Leucippus 8 [Parth.5.1-6].

Leucippus 8's sister. Daughter of Xanthius. She consorted with her brother and was accidentally killed by her father [see Leucippus 8 above] [Parth.5.1-4].

Leucippus 9. Son of Poemander, son of Chaeresilaus, son of Iasius 3, son of Eleuther 1, son of Apollo; his mother was Tanagra, daughter of Aeolus 1. Leucippus 9 was accidentally killed by his father with a stone when he tried to hit Polycrithus instead. For this Polycrithus, a master-builder, after speaking slightingly of the fortifications of Poemandria, leaped over the moat in derision. It was then that Poemander hurled a stone at him but, having missed, slew his own son Leucippus 9 [Plu.GQ.37].

Leucites. Son of Heracles 1 [Hyg.Fab.162].

Leucon 1. Son of Athamas 1 and Themisto 2. He was father of Evippe 3 and Erythras 2. Leucon 1 fell sick and died [Apd.1.9.2; Nonn.9.314; Pau.6.21.11, 9.34.7-8].

Leucon 2. One of ACTAEON'S DOGS. See Actaeon.

Leucones. Son of Heracles 1 and Aeschreis, one of the many daughters of Thespius [Apd.2.7.8].

Leuconoe 1. One of the MINYADS, daughters of Minyas. These girls, having become insane, conceived a craving for human flesh, and drew lots for their children. The lot fell upon Leucippe 4 to contribute her son Hippasus 11 to be torn to pieces. The sisters, known also for refusing to worship Dionysus 2, were turned into birds or bats by Hermes (Leuconoe 1 was turned into a bat) [Lib.Met.10; Ov.Met.4.168, 4.410; Plu.GQ.38].

Leuconoe 2. Daughter of Poseidon and Themisto 2 (otherwise wife of Athamas 1) [Hyg.Fab.157].

Leuconoe 3. Daughter of Eosphorus (Lucifer, the morning and evening star, i.e. Venus). She consorted with Apollo and had, by this god, a son Philammon [Hyg.Fab.161].

Leucopeus. Son of Porthaon and Euryte 2. He is brother of King Oeneus 2 of Calydon [Apd.1.7.10].