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Q: Can you give me a catalogue reference for the coin XYZ123?

A: Generally No. There are many different books about the coinage of Moesia Inferior and Thrace. Unfortunately, many of them are out of print for a long time, very costly or written in an “obscure“ language such as Bulgarian. Therefor, My library is quite limited. If I know a reference for a coin, it will be in the description.

Q: How much is this coin worth?

A: Just as much as a potential buyer will offer :-)

Seriously: I won't state a value for a coin since the market is quite inefficient. You can buy the same coin in the same grade for $ 20.00 or $ 100.00. You just need some patience and a lot of knowledge ;-)

Q: Can you sell me coin XYZ123

A: NO: These coins are in my collection and that's where they will stay for some more decades unless I can “upgrade” an item for a better one.