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Julia Domna, Augusta, 194 - 8 April 217 A.D.
|Julia| |Domna|, |Julia| |Domna,| |Augusta,| |194| |-| |8| |April| |217| |A.D.|, Victory seems an odd attribute for the goddess of love but both Sulla and Pompey dreamed of Venus Victrix. Julius Caesar, who claimed Venus as his ancestor, sacrificed to her and she ensured he was always victorious. The use of Victrix on the reverse of Julia Domna's coinage at this time, not only appealed to the goddess for aid against Pescennius Niger, but also reminded the Romans that the empress too was in Syria with the legions on campaign. It was during this time that Julia Domna was given the honorary title, MATER CASTORVM, or mother of the camp.
RS11033. Silver denarius, RIC IV S536; RSC III 194; BMCRE V p. 27, S49; Hunter III S3, SRCV II 6608, aEF, Rome mint, weight 2.858g, maximum diameter 18.07mm, die axis 180o, 193 - 196 A.D.; obverse IVLIA DOMNA AVG, draped bust right, hair in waved horizontal ridges and large bun at back of head; reverse VENERI VICTR, Venus standing right with back turned facing, nude to below the buttocks, resting left elbow on waiste high column, transverse palm frond in left hand, apple in extended right hand; SOLD