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Martinian, c. August - Late September or Early October 324 A.D.

Licinius made Sextus Marcius Martinianus, his Master of Offices, emperor of the West to replace Constantine, whom he had officially deposed. Only a couple of months latter, Constantine defeated the Licinian army and trapped Licinius at Nicomedia. Constantia, Licinius I's wife and Constantine's sister, negotiated an honorable surrender and Constantine agreed to spare the lives of Licinius I, his son Licinius II and the co-emperor Martinian. Both emperors were executed in the spring of 325. Licinius II was executed in 326. For collectors attempting to obtain one coin of every emperor, Martinian is a challenge. His reign was only two months, only two mints and at Nicomedia only one officina produced his coinage.

|Martinian|, |Martinian,| |c.| |August| |-| |Late| |September| |or| |Early| |October| |324| |A.D.|
SH01633. Bronze RIC VII Cyzicus 16, Vagi 3037, VF, softly struck obverse center, weight 2.98 g, maximum diameter 20.5 mm, die axis 0o, Cyzicus (Kapu Dagh, Turkey) mint, obverse IM CS MAR MARTINIANVS P F AVG, radiate and draped bust right; reverse IOVI CONSERVATORI (to Jupiter the protector), Jupiter standing left, Victory on globe in right hand, eagle-tipped scepter in left hand, on ground eagle on left and captive on r, X/IIΓ right field (=12 1/2 denarii communes), SMKA exergue; extremely rare (R4); SOLD





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