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Arrangement of the coins for the photographs is random - we do not pick the best coins and put them on top. Unless otherwise noted, the coins offered are the actual coins in the photograph, coins are unattributed and no additional information about the coins is available. As indicated in applicable individual lot descriptions: LARGE LOTS ARE AS IS, NO RETURN.

Lot of 15 Roman Silver Denarii

|Multiple| |Coin| |Lots|, |Lot| |of| |15| |Roman| |Silver| |Denarii||Lot|
LT84714. Silver Lot, lot of 15 silver denarii; includes: Vespasian, Domitian, Trajan, Hadrian, Antoninus Pius, Lucius Verus, Lucilla, Septimius Severus, average VF, nice coins, SOLD

Lot of 100 Mostly Small Greek Coins From Ionia

|Greek| |Bulk| |Lots|, |Lot| |of| |100| |Mostly| |Small| |Greek| |Coins| |From| |Ionia|
LT65601. Bronze Mostly small Greek coins from Ionia, possibly some (few) Roman or other types, unattributed, coins in the photograph are from the lot, bulk lot, as-is, no returns; SOLD

Lot of 130 Small Ancient Greek Bronze Coins

|Greek| |Bulk| |Lots|, |Lot| |of| |130| |Small| |Ancient| |Greek| |Bronze| |Coins||Lot|
We are tempted to buy this lot from the consignor, and attribute and sell the coins individually. We are, however, far behind in attributing and listing the coins we already have. We have to pass, so you have the opportunity to buy. These small coins will be fun attribution challenge.
LT73216. Bronze Lot, Lot of 130 small (c. AE8 - AE18) ancient Greek bronze coins, mostly Fine or better, the coins in the photograph are a completely random selection from the lot, unattributed, no tags or flips, as-is, no returns; SOLD

Sicily and Magna Graecia, c. 415 - 100 B.C., Lot of 28 Bronze Coins

|Other| |Syria|, |Sicily| |and| |Magna| |Graecia,| |c.| |415| |-| |100| |B.C.,| |Lot| |of| |28| |Bronze| |Coins||Lot|
The following list was provided by the consignor and has not been verified by FORVM:
1) Panormos, AE25, P. Tarentius, c. 120 BC, Janus / wolf & twins. BMC 11, F, ex Surber
2) Syracuse, AE16, nymph / octopus, SNG Cop 653, VF, porous
3) Syracuse, AE20, bull, SNG Cop 866, VF, patina flaking
4) Syracuse, AE12, nymph / octopus, SNG Cop 679, VF, flaw on chin
5) Syracuse, AE hemilitron, Calciati 16, VF
6) Alaisa, griffin / horse, VF, edge chip 1/5 missing
7) Syracuse, Arethusa / octopus, VF/F
8) Arpi, Apulia, AE20, c. 275-250 BC, horse / bull, SNG ANS 645, F
9) Syracuse, AE trias, female head / octopus, SGCV 1188, VF
10) Rhegion, AE11, c. 351-280 BC, facing lion head / Apollo, SNG ANS 198, aVF, cleaned
11) Leontini, AE16, Calciati 10, F
12) Selinos, Sicily, c. 450-440 BC, cast hexas - dionkion mask of Selinos / Selinon leaf, HGC 2 1236, F
13) Gela, Sicily, AE trias, river god / bull, Calciati 19, VF
14) Syracuse, AE20, Kore / Pegasus, F
15) The Bretti, Ares / Athena, SNG Cop 1642, VF, ex Surber
16) Katane, AE12, c. 186-170 BC, Calciati 13, VF, porous
17) Cales, Campania, AE21, Athena / rooster, SNG Cop 322, VF, porosity, typical edge flaw
18) Sardinia, Tanit / horse head, MAA 57, VF, rough
19) Gela, AE16 triens, c. 420-405 BC, bull / wheel, SNG ANS 105, F, rough
20) Tauromenaion, AE13, Apollo / grapes, Calciati, 12, F, rare
21) Katane, AE23, Janiform Serapis / Demeter, Calciati 14, SNG ANS 1302, F
22) Himera, AE tetras, c. 420-407 BC, rider on goat / Nike, Calciati 31, VF
23) Thurioi, Lucania, AE8, c. 415-400 BC, Athena / bull, HN Italy 1910, VF
24) Gela, AE13, man headed bull / wreath, VF
25) Syracuse, Hieron II, AE21, Poseidon / trident, F
26) Syracuse, AE20, Artemis / thunderbolt, Calciati 142, F
27) The Mamertini, AE26 pentonkion, Ares / warrior
28) one more
LT96158. Bronze Lot, 28 Sicilian and Magna Graecia (Southern Italy) Greek bronze coins, c. 415 - 100 B.C., unattributed to type, no tags or flips, the actual coins in the photograph, as-is, no returns; SOLD

Lot of 17 Denarii Roman Republic and Empire

|Roman| |Bulk| |Lots|, |Lot| |of| |17| |Denarii| |Roman| |Republic| |and| |Empire||Lot|
LT85491. Silver Lot, Lot of 17 nice Roman denarii, mostly VF, Roman Republic (1) Fine, unattributed, no tags or flips, the actual coins in the photograph, bulk lot, as-is, no returns; SOLD

Lot of 17 Denarii Roman Republic and Empire

|Roman| |Bulk| |Lots|, |Lot| |of| |17| |Denarii| |Roman| |Republic| |and| |Empire||Lot|
LT85492. Silver Lot, Lot of 17 nice Roman denarii, mostly VF, Mark Antony (1) Fair, Vespasian (1) Fine, unattributed, no tags or flips, the actual coins in the photograph, bulk lot, as-is, no returns; SOLD

Lot of 35 All Different Gallienus Silver Antoniniani

|Roman| |Bulk| |Lots|, |Lot| |of| |35| |All| |Different| |Gallienus| |Silver| |Antoniniani||Lot|
35 ALL DIFFERENT TYPES. Only one lot of 35 available. Money maker lot for a dealer or a great start to a Gallienus collection.
LT65331. Silver Lot, Lot of 35 silver antoniniani of Gallienus, no duplicate types, coins in the lot were selected from same lot as the coins in the photo; as-is, no returns, 35 coins; SOLD

Lot of 32 Roman Coins - Includes Scarcer Late Roman Rulers, 80 - 450 A.D.

|Roman| |Bulk| |Lots|, |Lot| |of| |32| |Roman| |Coins| |-| |Includes| |Scarcer| |Late| |Roman| |Rulers,| |80| |-| |450| |A.D.||Lot|
Consignor's list, not verified by FORVM but believed to be accurate:
1) Domitian and Domitia, Pergamum, Temple, RPC II 918, aF.
2) Sabina, AE20, Magnesia, Lydia, Cop. 260. F.
3) Caracalla as Caesar, AE17, Nikopolis, Moesia Inferior, Concordia standing. VF.
4) Elagabalus, AE18, Petra, Decapolis, Tyche seated left. Spijkerman 55. F.
5) Julia Paula, AE28, Tarsus, aF.
6) Macrinus, AE17, Antioch, F.
7) Diadumenian as Caesar, AE23, Deultum, Thrace, F, cleaned.
8) Philip II as Caesar, AE25, Anazarbus, Cilicia, Capricorn left. Fair.
9) Divus Valerian II, antoninianus, Altar, VF. RIC 24.
10) Tetricus I, AE minimi, c. 273 AD, gVF.
11) Tacitus, tetradrachm, Alexandria, Eagle right, Dattari 5519.
12) Florian, antoninianus, RIC 57. F, slight bend.
13) Macrianus, antoninianus, VF, slight bend.
14) Diocletian, AE antoninianus, VF.
15) Constantine I, AE3, Sol standing. London. VF.
16) Theodora, AE4, Pietas, Trier, RIC 43.
17) Crispus Caesar, AE3, VF. 18) Fausta, AE3, VF.
19) Constantine II as Caesar, AE3, Campgate, VF.
20) Jovian, AE3, VF.
21) Magnus Maximus, AE2, VF.
22) Gratian, AE2, Emperor raising captive, VF, flat area.
23) Valens, AE3, Victory, VF.
24) Theodosius I, clipped AR siliqua, Milan mint, VF.
25) Aelia Eudoxia, AE3, F.
26) Aelia Flaccilla, AE2, F.
27) Honorius, AE4, Victory, VF.
28) Arcadius, AE4, Victory, VF.
29) Theodosius II, AE nummus, Cross in wreath. VF.
30) Johannes, AE nummus, Victory. F.
31) Leo and Verina, AE nummus, VF.
32) Marcian, AE nummus, monogram, F.
31) Zeno, AE nummus, monogram, F.
32) Unidentified.
LT96224. Mixed Lot, 32 Roman coins, includes scarcer late Roman rulers, Roman provincials aF, the late Roman imperial coins F to VF, a couple have slight bends, several have porosity, the actual coins in the photograph, a dozen with Moneta Numismatics flips and tags, the rest in a mixed bag without tags or flips, as-is, no returns; SOLD

Lot of 150 Greek Bronze Coins

|Greek| |Bulk| |Lots|, |Lot| |of| |150| |Greek| |Bronze| |Coins||Lot|
LT85397. Bronze Lot, 150 Greek bronze coins, wide variety, unattributed to type, no tags or flips, the actual coins in the photographs, as-is, no returns, only $4.47 each; SOLD

Lot of 11 Roman Sestertii

|Roman| |Bulk| |Lots|, |Lot| |of| |11| |Roman| |Sestertii||sestertius|
LT64553. Orichalcum sestertius, 11 coins, unattributed, the actual coins in the photograph, Fine or better; as-is, no returns; SOLD


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