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Kingdom of Persis

Persis was located in what is now southern Iran. "Persians" settled the area as early as the 8th century B.C. From the time after its conquest by Alexander the Great, Persis was most often quasi-independent, under the hegemony of a Seleukid or Parthian king. Immediately following Alexander's death, Persis was subject to the Seleucid Kingdom. About 290 B.C., Persis regained independence. The coins produced during this period were Greek-inspired, but inscriptions were Aramaic, symbolic of Persis' rejection of the Greek ruling class. Sometime between c. 250 and 223 B.C., the Seleucids regained control. Mithradates II later incorporated Persis as a sub-kingdom of Parthia. Under Parthian domination, the coins and appearance of the kings depicted on them assumed the Parthian style. The last King of Persis, Artaxerxes, defeated the Parthians and founded the Sassanian Empire.

Kingdom of Persis, Ardashir II, c. 50 - 1 B.C.

|Kingdom| |of| |Persis|, |Kingdom| |of| |Persis,| |Ardashir| |II,| |c.| |50| |-| |1| |B.C.||drachm|
SH06330. Silver drachm, Alram IP 570/573, aEF/VF, weight 3.82 g, maximum diameter 23.6 mm, die axis 325o, Persepolis (Fars Province, Iran) mint, c. 50 - 1 B.C.; obverse crowned king right, dot within crescent and other symbols behind; reverse king right of fire altar holding scepter, Aramaic legend around; nicely toned, some earthen fill on reverse; SOLD

Kingdom of Persis, Manchihr III, c. 150 - 200 A.D.

|Kingdom| |of| |Persis|, |Kingdom| |of| |Persis,| |Manchihr| |III,| |c.| |150| |-| |200| |A.D.||hemidrachm|
SH01371. Silver hemidrachm, Alram IP 644, aEF, weight 1.45 g, maximum diameter 15.0 mm, die axis 45o, Persepolis (Fars Province, Iran) mint, c. 150 - 200 A.D.; obverse bust left in Parthian style tiara, Aramaic legend behind; reverse bust left wearing headdress, Aramaic legend around; minor flan crack; SOLD

Kingdom of Persis, Pakor I, c. 1 - 50 A.D.

|Kingdom| |of| |Persis|, |Kingdom| |of| |Persis,| |Pakor| |I,| |c.| |1| |-| |50| |A.D.||drachm|
SH06332. Silver drachm, Alram IP 588, aEF/EF, weight 3.100 g, maximum diameter 28.5 mm, die axis 140o, Persepolis (Fars Province, Iran) mint, c. 1 - 50; obverse diademed bust left;; reverse diademed bust left; large diameter scyphate flan; SOLD



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