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Coins of Turkey

Islamic, Seljuqs Sultanate of Rum, Ghiyath al-Din Kay Khusraw II bin Kay Qubadh, 1237 - 1246 A.D.

|Islamic|, |Islamic,| |Seljuqs| |Sultanate| |of| |Rum,| |Ghiyath| |al-Din| |Kay| |Khusraw| |II| |bin| |Kay| |Qubadh,| |1237| |-| |1246| |A.D.||dirhem|
The source and meaning of this sun and lion design is uncertain but there is a popular (although unlikely) explanation. The sultan was madly in love with his beautiful Georgian wife and wanted to put her portrait on his coins. His advisors disapproved, however, so he put his wife's horoscope on his coins instead - the Sun in Leo. The Ilkhan descendants of the Mongols copied this design on a copper fals nearly a hundred years later. After that it became a popular device with which to ornament the copper coins of eastern Anatolia, and particularly Iran where it eventually became the country’s national symbol.
IS95340. Silver dirhem, cf. Mitchiner 983, Izmirlier 464, Album 1218 (none with these controls, date on our coin uncertain), VF, toned, weight 2.987 g, maximum diameter 22.6 mm, die axis 270o, Siwas (Sivas, Turkey) mint, AH 637 - 641; obverse al-imam al-mustansir billah amir al-mu'minin (the Imam al-Mustansir, Commander of the Faithful), sun in radiance above lion passant right (the sun in Leo), pellets between rays of sun, no stars or crescents (controls), pellet (control) below lion; reverse in central square: al-sultan / al-a'zam / kaykhusraw / ibn kayqubad (the Supreme Sultan Kaykhusraw ibn Kayqubad); around: mint & dates (struck in Siwas, in the year [639?]) ; ex Specialty Stamp and Coin, Champagne, IL (2002); scarce variety; $100.00 (€92.00)

Turkey, 1999, Food Security Commemorative

|Turkey|, |Turkey,| |1999,| |Food| |Security| |Commemorative||50000| |Lira|
Tarhunta was the Luwian and Hittite god of sky, thunder, and storms. He was also known as Taru, Tarhun, Tarhunt, and Tarhuwant, names derived from the Anatolian root *tarh "to defeat, conquer." Tarhunta was assimilated into the Hurrian Teshub by Muwatalli II, ruler of the Hittite New Kingdom in the early 13th century B.C. Teshub reappears in the post-Hurrian cultural successor kingdom of Urartu as Tesheba, one of their chief gods; in Urartian art he is depicted standing on a bull. The depiction on this coin is from a monumental relief found at Tyana, an ancient city in the Anatolian region of Cappadocia, in modern Kemerhisar, Nigde Province, Central Anatolia, Turkey. It was the capital of a Luwian-speaking Neo-Hittite kingdom in the 1st millennium B.C. Tarhunta Sculpture
WO91894. Aluminum 50000 Lira, SCWC KM 1103, UNC, weight 1.5 g, maximum diameter 20 mm, die axis 180o, 1999; obverse TURKIYE CUMHURIYETI (Republic of Turkey), 50.000 / LIRA / 1999 / d, all within wreath of grain on left and laurel on right; reverse XXI CENTURY . FAO. FOOD SECURITY, half length figure of the sky / thunder / storm god Tarhunta (Tesheb) standing right, bearded, wearing cap, grape vine in right hand, grain in left hand; SOLD



Krause, C. & C. Mishler. Standard Catalog of World Coins. (Iola, WI, 2010 - ).

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