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Coins of Turkey
Crusaders, County of Edessa, Baldwin II, Second Reign, 1108 - 1118

|Crusaders|, |Crusaders,| |County| |of| |Edessa,| |Baldwin| |II,| |Second| |Reign,| |1108| |-| |1118||follis|
Baldwin II was Count of Edessa from 1100 to 1118, and King of Jerusalem from 1118 until his death. He accompanied his cousins Godfrey of Bouillon and Baldwin of Boulogne to the Holy Land during the First Crusade.
CR98527. Bronze follis, Metcalf 115; Malloy Crusaders 12; Schlumberger pl. I, 12, aVF, light deposits, slightly rough, overstruck on an Islamic fals, weight 3.646 g, maximum diameter 22.3 mm, die axis 0o, Edessa (Urfa, Turkey) mint, 2nd reign, 1108 - 1118; obverse Count Baldwin standing facing, wearing helmet and chain armor, sword with blade upright in right hand, long cross in left hand, B/[∆-N] (Greek abbreviation: Baldwin) in fields; reverse nimbate bust of Christ facing, pellet in each arm of nimbus cruciger, [IC - XC] (Greek abbreviation: Ihsos Xrists - Jesus Christ) flanking; ex Leu Numismatik web auction 16 (22 May 2021), lot 4212; $450.00 (427.50)

Islamic, Ottoman Empire, Ahmad III, 1703 - 1730, AH 1115 - 1143

|Islamic|, |Islamic,| |Ottoman| |Empire,| |Ahmad| |III,| |1703| |-| |1730,| |AH| |1115| |-| |1143||abbasi|
From 1722 to 1735 (1135 - 1148 AH), the Ottomans occupied parts of northwestern Iran, as well as Armenia, Georgia and Tabriz.

Sultan Ahmed III was curious and intellectual in nature, spending most of his time reading and practicing calligraphy. His poems manifest profound knowledge of poetry, history, Islamic theology and philosophy. After wars with Russia, Venice and Austria, his grand vizier, Ibrahim Pasha, determined limited finances necessitated avoiding war as much as possible. This suited Ahmed since he had no wish to lead military campaigns, and his interest in art and culture made him reluctant to leave Istanbul. Ahmed became unpopular due to the excessive pomp and costly luxury in which he and his principal officers indulged. On 20 September 1730, a riot of citizens and military, lead by Janissaries, swelled into an insurrection. Ahmed voluntarily led his nephew Mahmud I to the seat of sovereignty and paid allegiance to him as the new Sultan of the Empire. He then retired and died at Topkapi Palace after six years of confinement.
IS98733. Silver abbasi, Jem Sultan 1783 (R), Album 2708, Wilkes 3283, Nuri Pere 532, VF, marks, dark spots, reverse off center, weight 5.370 g, maximum diameter 24.6 mm, die axis 315o, Tiflis (Tbilisi, Georgia) mint, 1722 - 1730; obverse Toughra above Arabic inscription: Tiflis (mint) over 1115 (AH ascension year); reverse Arabic inscription in four lines: Sultan of the two lands and Lord of the two seas, the Sultan son of the Sultan, within a wire border within a dot border; ex Classical Numismatic Auction XX (25 Mar 1992), lot 1153; very rare; $110.00 (104.50)



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