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Other Ancient Weapons and Tools
Roman, Bronze Figural Chest Hasp (Herm), 1st - 4th Century A.D.

|Other| |Weapons| |&| |Tools|, |Roman,| |Bronze| |Figural| |Chest| |Hasp| |(Herm),| |1st| |-| |4th| |Century| |A.D.|
To learn about Roman padlocks, Roman chest locks, Roman door locks, and similar Roman chest hasps, see Donald| Jackson's Roman| Gallery| of Locks| Keys| & |Seals in NumisWiki.
AS111507. Bronze small chest hasp; cf. Jackson Roman Locks type 1, 5118, Collectible, missing hing loop at back of the top and lock bolt or bolt slot slot at the back of the base, 5.47 cm (2 1/8") long, crude figure in the form of a herm, incised hair and facial features, five punched annulets (Celtic circles) on chest, male genitalia at the midsection; ex The Time Machine (Mark E. Reid); $250.00 SALE PRICE $225.00

Roman, Bronze Repousse Plaque with Centaur Holding a Bow, Lorica Sqaumata Armor Plate(?), c. 1st - 3rd Century B.C.

|Roman| |Antiquities|, |Roman,| |Bronze| |Repousse| |Plaque| |with| |Centaur| |Holding| |a| |Bow,| |Lorica| |Sqaumata| |Armor| |Plate(?),| |c.| |1st| |-| |3rd| |Century| |B.C.|
Likely used in some legionary application; perhaps as a lorica squamata legionary armor plate segment.
AA59779. Roman, bronze repousse, 1.75 x 1.75 inches, c. 1st - 3rd century A.D.; sheet bronze hammered from behind in repousse technique to raise the figure of a centaur holding a bow, remains of two rivet holes where it was attached, tear on body, rare and interesting; from a New Jersey collection; $230.00 SALE PRICE $207.00

Roman Empire, Bronze Key, c. 1st - 2nd Century A.D.

|Other| |Weapons| |&| |Tools|, |Roman| |Empire,| |Bronze| |Key,| |c.| |1st| |-| |2nd| |Century| |A.D.|
To learn about Roman keys, padlocks, Roman chest locks, Roman door locks, etc., see Donald| Jackson's Roman| Gallery| of Locks| Keys| & |Seals in NumisWiki.
AS111472. Roman bronze pin tumbler key, cf. Jackson Roman Locks 227, 46.7mm (1 7/8") long, Choice, nice green patina, light corrosion, light deposits, ex London dealer (2015) with AIA∆ (Association of International Antiquities Dealers) certificate of authenticity (3A-4-5-2015); $200.00 SALE PRICE $180.00



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